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  1. OK - thanks for that hint - don't know why, but the Default Terrain was missing at scenery.cfg ......
  2. disabling Base001 scenery will fix PAEN and Base0101 PAJN + PAKT issues ...
  3. PAJN and PAKT are effected too ... MOD - please move this to FTX support ...
  4. Have the same issue: http://prntscr.com/kp7rvd . Did all the suggested solutions with no success including reinstall . here a screenshot of all PAEN files on my desk ... http://prntscr.com/kp8eqb SIM is Prepar3D V4 with FTX Global, VECTOR, OpenLC NA, + all FTX NA areas
  5. Hello, i have a issue at Utah too, here a look from KSLC Runway 34R with disabled Vector CVX folder: and here the same place with active CVX folder: there are a lot more of such "tower montains" around KSLC
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