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  1. tonywob

    Can't let Jack have all the fun!!

    Try to fly under the ones in Newcastle, that's going to take some skill :-)
  2. tonywob

    xp11 TrueEarth & xEnviro 1.10 (beta)

    Really looking forward to this.
  3. The difference is like night-and-day to me. Anyone who enjoys low and slow flying with a VFR chart will find TrueEarth sceneries a big improvement over land-class sceneries. With TrueEarth GB, you can plan a route on something like Skydemon, mark out visual reference points and actually fly the route just like it would be flown in real life. For now, this is just about "as real as it gets". Whilst I'm pretty familiar with the UK and to some degree the Netherlands, I'm not at all familiar with Washington State in the US, but the exact same applies to that. Whilst landclass will somewhat look like the area, if you want to feel like you're flying over the real landscape then the same applies. I think it highly depends on what type of flying you do. For someone who flies over at 35,000ft in a jet, landclass is fine and does a great job, but for someone going along at 2000ft in Cessna 172, I don't think there is any comparison
  4. You can edit your own member title in your profile (or at least some users can :-)). Matthew's is a New Zealand greeting (presumably because he lives in Wellington :))
  5. Coverage area is identical to the XP version. The channel islands aren't include as these are being developed separately.
  6. tonywob

    TE GB North OMG - possible spoiler

    Ha ha, I was hoping someone would find the easter egg :-)
  7. Earth Simulations is not X-Plane, and this is talking about the X-Plane version, whose default airport has flattening enabled. Yes, pretty much the same as the other airports. Edit the default airport and disable the flatten runway option
  8. This is the same problem as other airports such as Newquay. The default airport flattening causes mesh problems
  9. If there are landmarks in particular that you think are needed in other places apart from the major areas above then please post them in this thread: In coverage terms, it will be complete autogen just like the GB TE regions, so it won't be that there are empty cities, but if particular areas have buildings that can't be represented with generic autogen textures and it stands out to make the area unique then we'll likely model it.
  10. Yes, I had this song going over in my head whilst editing the orthos here :-)
  11. tonywob

    EGTR Elstree first hand-on

    Nice shots, a great airfield
  12. If only you could put all this energy into convincing LM that we need new tech for doing seasons . In my view, in this day and age, it seems crazy in any modern game/simulator to provide 5 different versions of the same texture. I remember even reading some time ago that FlightGear (the Opensource simulator) had a concept working (https://home.flightgear.org/tours/simulating-the-ever-changing-scenery/). Not only would such a method make developing airports and scenery much easier, it would likely be cheaper for the customer and much more consistent, e.g. Imagine buying an airport that has summer only textures and putting them into a winter scene, it would look pretty bad and vice versa. Just like with the X-Plane mesh tile limitation problem, hopefully if enough people complain about it and don't just accept it, something will eventually get done. We need progress in our sims so we can take the tech forwards as well, and being stuck in the past is not helping. Looks like we'll be waiting a bit to find out. I didn't notice much difference in AF2 using Vulkan, but then again it already has crazy fast performance. In X-Plane, my hope is that it will speed things up such as loading and make better use of multiple CPU cores. Time will tell, but sadly it seems we'll be waiting a few more months.
  13. tonywob

    L52 Oceano County

    Thanks, glad you like it
  14. Just to mention (in regards to X-Plane), technically it can support seasons in a similar way to P3D. Developers can change the objects in the scenery based on the time of year, e.g. You could replace all the trees with autumn colours between October and November. However, when dealing with orthoimagery, at present it would require the same imagery to be distributed again for each season, so if TE GB South is 130GB, then adding Autumn would be 260GB, Winter would be 390GB, so you get the picture . With winter, covering every single ortho with snow is just unrealistic, snow is patchy, especially in the UK, with some parts of the country rarely seeing snow compared to others. (Incidentally a flurry of snow in the UK causes a national breakdown and everything closes) The crazy part is that often the seasonal changes applied to ortho imagery are just color-tints and saturation, so it's the same imagery. The tech needs to move on, xEnviro at least shows what is possible, so in my opinion, this is the way forward for both sims, and our hard-disk storage space sanity.
  15. For me it's a no brainer, I'd much rather fly over a real depiction than a generic depiction, especially in areas I know well. However, given the choice between just flat orthos with no 3D objects and landclass, I'd choose landclass any day. Now it's the best of both worlds