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  1. Yes, all the airports will be ported. Some will be ready for release Well, it won't work with the Seattle City scenery because we both cover the same area, so you can't have both enabled at the same time. You could put Seattle City XP on top of Washington TE and it would block out our cityscape, POIs etc, and wouldn't be recommended (of course we'd rather you use our city which is made to fit in with the terrain). However, for the airports, I understand they have a custom mesh, so I've bought a copy to test and work on this. You won't be able to use their custom mesh as it will completely block out the entire area including Seattle city centre, but the airports should work fine (and hopefully DD will patch any issues their side as well)
  2. Noted, we missed this one it seems. I've added into the list to be done for a future update.
  3. Get well soon Renault, I've enjoyed your screenshots and contributions and hope you have a speedy recovery.
  4. It is indeed, it can also be quite hair-raising as well when it's windy or turbulent
  5. My personal votes would be (from personal experience): - ENBR (Bergen) - NZQN (Queenstown) - NZWN (Wellington) - LOWI (Innsbruck) - ENGM (Oslo) - ENVA (Trondheim) - YMHB (Hobart) - YAYE (Ayre's rock) Norway and New Zealand are just eye-candy to me, no matter which airport you fly into.
  6. 90fps....... pffff, more like 200fps.... This sim has insane performance
  7. Nope, this is actually correct. The tree placement and variety was improved in SP1, so you're not imagining it :-)
  8. Not only this, the colour correction was done so that everything all matched nicely, i.e. Tree colours to match the trees on the orthos, etc. Taking the overlay and putting it onto your own orthos would not give good results if say the 3D trees were green, but the ortho trees were a different colour (e.g. tinted blue like they often are) or lighter/season I also think expecting users to download their own orthos (which is a legally questionable practice) is not something that the majority of simmers want. I believe the majority of simmers just want a complete package that does everything they expect. Also, what happens when Bing/Google decide that they've had enough of users downloading TBs of imagery and block it
  9. Great post Michael, glad you're enjoying the scenery and discovering it like it was designed to be flown over :-)
  10. Try to fly under the ones in Newcastle, that's going to take some skill :-)
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