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  1. I did this some time ago, however it added quite a noticeable drop in performance which might be unacceptable to many people and would cause more problems that it would solve. If you fancy testing it for me, let me know. We may need to make it a toggle option rather than forcing the change on users.
  2. Have you tried disabling Israel's farm just to confirm the issue is not coming from the airport?
  3. This looks like corrupted textures during conversion. My only suggestion at this stage is to completely delete TE GB South and also inside Orbx Central delete the temp folder and backup file it downloaded. Then attempt a full reinstall...
  4. I'm at a loss over this... if it was a LOD issue, the lights would sort of pop in slowly over a distance and not just completely appear like this If after trying Sentry11's fix, if this still fails, the only thing I can suggest is to report this bug to Laminar Research (along with the videos).
  5. I don't think it is.. I don't recognise what this object is even supposed to be, and just looks like a detected building gone wild
  6. Changing the order is just swapping the problem to Paris or elsewhere, e.g. the OP will now see a control tower in Paris where the Musee D'Orsay would be Once fixed by us or Aerosoft, the order won't matter.
  7. We've worked out the problem here, and it'll be fixed. It's nothing more than copy & paste where both we and Aerosoft used the same GUID from the SDK documentation for one of our objects. I'm sure others have probably done the same by accident as well and are yet to find out
  8. It sounds highly improbable, almost a 1 in a billion chance of it happening, but seems we and Aerosoft somehow have used the same GUID number for an object. I'll look in to it and issue a patch if this is the case
  9. Thanks for chiming in here guys... Couple of issues I think here. Quite a few of the gateway airports don't include proper exclusions for facades (or even exclusions at all). We've tried to resolve these in later TE releases such as Florida by including as many default airports as possible with the scenery and fixing them (these eventually make their way back in to X-Plane), however it's strange you're seeing in this at such a major UK airport, unless people really never use the gateway version so nobody ever noticed or cared (which surprises me). TDG's airports often a
  10. It's not "officially' possible at present. Some users have been reverse engineering the files used to modify the mesh and have made products from the hacks, but Asobo don't offer any supported way to do this
  11. Oh, that's interesting... Out of curiousity, what plugins are you using?
  12. This is an extremely odd bug... I also can't reproduce it, even if I start from a distant airport and fly to it This quite possibly could be a bug for Laminar Research... as presumably something is conflicting or fighting to load with GCLA. As Jon suggested, do try a full clean install removing any modifications you made as well as updating xOrganiser which supports our sceneries better now. If this continues to happen, then it might be one for LR to look at
  13. In FlyWithLUA, do you install any scripts to mess around with LOD... There are actually a lot of these around, so this could be the culprit
  14. Hi John I'm a Mac user (and developed GB North on a Mac) so will try to help you here When you downloaded and installed GB North, Orbx Central will attempt to convert all the textures to DDS files (they actually come down as jpegs). If these fail to convert then you would get missing texture errors. First, in Orbx Central, check the Temporary Location as below and make sure "Check disk space before installing": In my case, mine is empty as I recently cleared it, but make sure you clear it out, or move it to somewhere where you actual
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