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  1. We're aware of the colour issue in this area and this was how we got this imagery from our provider. It seems it was taken when then was frost on the ground. We've tried adjusting the colours but often it just made it worse. Sadly until we get more up to date, cleaner imagery taken in the summer for this area, we're stuck with it.
  2. What happens if you change the time of the day, do the spots move? (Use Shift+K and Shift+V to shift the time)
  3. It looks like you have another scenery installed in the area, perhaps your own Ortho4XP tiles or an airport addon? As Jon suggested, a reorder of your scenery_packs.ini file should fix it.
  4. When I generate the overlays I clip out anything that's inside an airport boundary, including roads. I'm not 100% certain yet what caused this as I'm still looking in to it, but I'm sure it's our bug and nothing you've done or installed
  5. Noted as bugs, especially the oversized bridge. For the missing roads, it seems an airport boundary has cut out all the roads during generation
  6. Yep this is correct. The issue is that the coastline around Miami is very close to the tile border. If we include the neighbouring tile which is mostly water then we also have to find imagery and data to include part of the Bahamas which is not an easy task. I can include low resolution blurry imagery for the islands but the issue is that people who actually want to fly there from Florida will be quite angry to see a blurry mess. This is a big downside to the 1x1 degree tile limit that X-Plane enforces, making problems like this very difficult to fix.
  7. Many thanks to Angelique van Campen from https://www.x-plained.com/ who has written a very detailed and comprehensive review of GB North Her full review can be found here: https://www.x-plained.com/scenery-review-orbx-trueearth-britain-north/
  8. There is the WorldTraffic plugin https://store.x-plane.org/World-Traffic-v3_p_683.html It can read the routes generated with airports and add AI traffic.
  9. It's very likely the number of POIs here and the textures somehow exhausting your GPU's memory and causing the slow down. However for such a powerful GPU I'm really surprised to see this since I only have a 1080 and I'm not seeing anywhere near a drop like that. I don't think you mentioned whether you're using the HD or SD version. The SD version will give better performance at the cost of lowering the texture resolution. If you have the HD version, you can also use the SD version. If you go to Miami and then open your settings, XP should tell you just under the texture settings just how much memory is being used for textures. If this is higher than what your GPU has, then you'll get stuttering and slow downs.
  10. Hi, please see the topic and discussion here:
  11. One of the reasons for the longer loading times is the large amount of small files needed for the tree/roof colour matching. All those files have to be loaded from disk, and if it's on a mechanical disk then it's going to take longer (especially if the disk is fragmented). SSD drives will fair much better, but I realise this isn't practical for many. I have 3-4 minutes loading times on an SSD disk. I've had a discussion about this with Laminar Research about possible ways to improve loading times in TE regions, i.e. Using single archives instead of thousands of files. Hopefully it's something they'll look in to after the vulkan update is out.
  12. You don't need any mesh installed for this area if using TE Florida. As for the condos, I didn't have detailed height data for everywhere in Florida so not every building has height information. Most of the major cities do, but a lot of it is algorithmic based on government land use data, which is actually just marked as residential housing (hence the smaller buildings). I'll see if I can improve the appearance, but it's a tricky because it might end up making too many tall buildings as well, which could look worse
  13. No, it looks like the sim is really struggling to load the scenery (hence the blurred scenery and long loading times) What are you system specs and what is the drive you have this installed on, it seems to me like the drive is really struggling to catch up
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