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  1. I'm afraid I'm a bit baffled. I can take off from them without problem, but landing on them is a different story (and this is more to do with my ability to land helicopters). What I suspect is that the collision model is messed up on it. I've set the top of each model to be a hard-deck so your helicopter can sit or land on them, but many of the helipads also include surrounding structures that may be causing it to mess up and cause X-Plane to think it's colliding with something when it isn't there. Just to clarify, are you saying it works in some helis and not others?
  2. Sorry, yes it should be copied in to Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_South_TrueEarth_Overlay/roads/
  3. roads.net.zip You can try this hack to remove all powerlines. Download the attached file, unzip and place it into "Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Overlay/roads/" overwriting the file that is there. Let me know if you see any difference
  4. Thanks for testing. Sadly, there is no setting available just to remove the powerlines. The only way to do this will be to mask out all powerlines with blank objects, but as I mentioned above, I'm not sure this will actually solve your problem as technically they'll still be there and just transparent. I'll see if I can find a way to do this easily and post back here.
  5. I'm not convinced that the problem is the powerline farm, but rather I think your problem is that you're trying to run this scenery on max texture settings on a system that isn't powerful enough. Zooming in on areas as you are doing is what is causing your FPS drop as I believe your card only has 4GB of VRAM? You'll likely maxing this out very easily causing sudden framerate drops, and using Metal won't help in this case, but rather it will likely make everything blurry. Other tell-tale signs you're running out of memory are frequent pauses and sudden drops and rises in FPS for what appears to
  6. Scenery doesn't need to be changed to work with Vulkan, it works exactly the same and I've been testing this since the first alphas of Vulkan was made available to developers. What is currently not working are things like GroundTraffic that needs an update to the plugin and will be rolled out.
  7. It's not a high priority fix at the moment as there are other issues in SoCal that need to be addressed first such as helipads and mesh problems which are more urgent. However it is on the list of fixes needed to be done for SoCal.
  8. Yes it's compatible, I'm on a Mac also and Florida works here. Can you post your log and a screenshot of what the error message is?
  9. At the moment it's not possible since neither X-Plane or P3D will let us do this. Of course if that changes, then we can review it
  10. This is somewhat a limitation of XP in that XP's mesh is fixed in stone and doesn't increase or decrease in quality as you approach it like it does in P3D. Think of it as a fixed 3D model compared to P3D that draws it on the fly. The downside is that if the entire mesh was at maximum detail it would reduce your framerate to 1fps or worse, so it's a compromise that the mesh is higher detail around airports and the coastline and reduces in other areas so that it's usable. It's unfortunate, but this is just a current platform limitation we have to live with on XP
  11. TrueEarth Balearics is higher resolution than the HD version (let's call it UHD). It's approx. 60cm/px imagery with a higher definition mesh. Because it's a smaller area, the detail on the ground and mesh is higher as it doesn't upset performance as much as it would over a big area. The HD areas for TrueEarth are approximately 1m/px, which offers good detail and is perfect for low-and-slow flying over much larger areas. The SD version is around 2m/px, and is better suited for flying about 4000ft (such as airline pilots).
  12. Once I get permission from Aerosoft I'll see if I can distribute a modified DSF file to add exclusions and fix the ortho issue
  13. @benweston Technically you could delete the orthos yourself from the package using WED (https://developer.x-plane.com/tools/worldeditor/) since it seems the package provides the .WED file with it. You can open up the airport in WED, select the orthos folder and delete it. But you'd lose the orthos completely then. The best bet as I posted above is for us to work with Aerosoft to get a solution. If Aerosoft give me permission then I can distribute a fix here.
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