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  1. We are working on a new model for Alcatraz (the entire island), so expect that in a future update.
  2. As mentioned above, many sceneries include the plugin in their own installation to add the cars, it's a common thing with bridges. However, the plugin only works over a small radius per scenery package, so we could only add traffic to one bridge in all of North California, and to add more we'd need to split it up to many smaller packages. If the goal of the scenery was only a San Francisco cityscape, then it would make sense to add it, otherwise the logistics behind adding large numbers of separate packages to just add cars to bridges is just too difficult. I can't remember what ex
  3. Our bridges have never had traffic flowing over them, to do that would require the groundtraffic plugin which is limited to small areas. Basically, for every bridge we would want to add traffic to, we'd have to create a standalone scenery for it with a plugin. X-Plane's road traffic doesn't care if a model is hard or soft, the cars won't drive over it. You would need to model the bridge exactly around the default X-Plane roads for that to work. My only guess in this situation is that you were using a third-party addon or airport that added it, possibly something from Mi
  4. We already do this, and it has mixed results. Many complain it's too colorful, or not correct. It's impossible for us to get a balance that pleases everyone. If you check satellite footage of Tenerife (and I've also been here many times in real life), you'll notice it looks oddly quite green. If you look at ground level photos it's often more red/orange and desert looking. We only have aerial/satellite imagery to work with and most of the imagery we have used is taken from planes flying at 10,000ft and all we did was enhance the saturation so it stands out more in X-Plane.
  5. Out of curiosity, what are you trying to do? This doesn't sound like a support request and outside our usual requests for support. For X-Plane, you can use nvcompress from nvidia, or xgrinder from Laminar Research, both will have the same result. I've also tested xnconvert and that works correctly as well? However, you probably should be taking this sort of question to a developer forum and not as product support.
  6. Larry is correct.. It depends on whether the textures in question have an alpha channel or not. Ortho imagery doesn't as it has a seperate mask, so they're normally DXT1 format.
  7. No, this wouldn't cause black squares, it's a missing 3D object for the roads. No, these are HD/SD textures for the POI objects and nothing to do with the terrain/black squares I see 2 possible causes: 1) Corrupt install. These look like single DDS tiles that are missing or corrupt (due to their size and dimensions). It does look like a corrupt install, but the odd thing is nothing is showing in the log that would indicate they were corrupt. 2) Do the tiles eventually load or vary at random? If so, then it's not likely to be a corrupt install
  8. The issue is lack of data, we don't really know what roads should have lights or not. Motorways in the UK generally don't have lights unless it's approaching a junction or running through a built-up area, so normally we have to take a guess. The default roads put lights on every motorway section which is very unrealistic, so we took the lesser approach and assumed they didn't unless it was a junction or passing through a residential area. The area around Birmingham airport isn't marked as a residential area, hence no lights were generated here. So sadly, it's not going to be 100% a
  9. We'll need more information to work this one out. Your X-Plane log file and machine specifications would be useful. Also, any reason why you are not running X-Plane 11.51 + Vulkan, it will make a big difference in terms of performance?
  10. Yep, this looks like a corrupt texture that made it in to the install somehow. Noted as a bug
  11. The Eiffel Tower wasn't our model, so in order to make it light up at night we had to add various light point sources around it.. the sim does the same thing along roads and buildings to add spill lights to objects that don't otherwise have night textures. The bad news is that we have no control over how far away these lights are visible or not, this is likely due to your settings and draw distance and likely something only unofficial hacks or tweaks to the base sim could resolve.
  12. I did this some time ago, however it added quite a noticeable drop in performance which might be unacceptable to many people and would cause more problems that it would solve. If you fancy testing it for me, let me know. We may need to make it a toggle option rather than forcing the change on users.
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