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  1. Superb shots TTM, I'll have to try out this freeware, it looks great
  2. Great shots Phil, the preset you're using really brings out the colours
  3. Thanks Jack, I'm really glad you're enjoying it
  4. Thanks Dario, I'm really glad you like it :-)
  5. It is correct... Welsh is an inflected language, i.e. Words change slightly based on context/grammar: Dw i'n dod o Gymru- I come from Wales Dw i'n byw yn Nghymru- I live in Wales I won't pretend to speak any Welsh I don't, but a quick Google search will show it's correct
  6. You could probably do it yourself using a photoshop batch if you know how to do that..... Basically you'd record an action to change the colours as you like and run it across the images... However, you'd have to first convert them to .png files, run the batch, and convert them back again... quite a bit of work
  7. Hmm, actually the Westminster bridge isn't ours but Laminar Research's default... Check your scenery order and make sure London Landmarks is higher up..as it's likely it isn't Sorry for the delay doing this.... Yes, it has been fixed but there are other patches pending for the service pack. GBS is the first one to get a patch out as soon as SoCal is out which shouldn't be too much longer.
  8. Yep, I remember this as well, but I don't think it was a helicopter, it was some sort of biplane if I remember... They since moved it inside the museum and changed many of the buildings, knocking down the old RAF control tower and building a new one. Anyway, I've made this airport as it looks today, all new buildings have been added, but also the numerous old ruins and relics from the RAF base are dotted around to be explored
  9. Thanks a lot guys, the big 40.... strange times indeed, but the positive side is that I'm actually at home with family for my birthday for a change
  10. The only thing that comes to mind is the scenery order, if Global_Airports is below GBS in priority it will block out most of the buildings if the airport has them. It would be best to post your scenery_packs.ini file here from your Custom Scenery folder in X-Plane so we can work it out.
  11. Currently Southern California is undergoing beta testing, and yes we're planning on making more US and non-US regions for both XP11 and P3D
  12. It's not an in-house airport (i.e. Made my Orbx in the UK dev centre), but an independently (i.e. by me) made airport. John's statement stands true for airports made in-house
  13. I took a photo that I used as reference, but you're likely right, I'll double-check the photo again
  14. It's actually an old coastal fortress, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Belan and a small harbour.
  15. Yep, it's wrapped in plastic. Not sure what use they are, but they seem to leave them there, probably so it's really obvious that you don't land there The 3D models aren't the problem, I can just re-export them. The issue is simply a) My lack of experience making airports for P3D as opposed to XP, b) The XP specific tech and ground polys. It's possible, just takes time and a bit of head scratching
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