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  1. I use PayPal or a credit card for online purchases. That way there is always some degree of protection if something was to go south. I can’t imagine using my debit card, yikes!
  2. I have the same issue. Flying along the valley from Concrete Municipal roughly half way to Israel’s farm the sim (P3Dv4.5 HF2) will stutter badly and occasionally freeze momentarily. I have tried the scenario numerous times in different aircraft. I have eliminated complex weather, etc. Any direction in that general area the stutters always happen. It’s frustrating because that area is so nicely done by Orbx.
  3. I realize everyone’s system and situation is different but thought it worth posting just in case.Nvidia’s latest drivers 442.59 had a significant impact on FPS in P3Dv4.5 on my PC.Even with reduced settings it became a slideshow in some instances.Most significant impact was panning with TrackIR.I have since reinstalled 442.19 (clean install) and my FPS is back to normal.Cheers, Bernard
  4. I had to run the “Delete Generated Files” script in P3Dv4.5 to resolve an issue. This has obviously reset all of my .cfg files. Is there a simple way to reinstall my Orbx scenery? Verifying files and Resynchronize Simulator doesn’t seem to be doing it.
  5. Thanks Nick for taking the time to explain the situation, much appreciated. Cheers, Bernard
  6. Just checking in again. I would really like to try Buildings HD but as stated before I have REX Airports HD. If there is no update yet, has anyone come up with a work around for now? Cheers and Thanks.
  7. I had read earlier that there was a conflict between Global Buildings HD and REX Worldwide Airports HD. I have held off purchasing Buildings HD until there was a solution. I have searched the forums but can’t seem to find any info on this. Has there been an update or work around for this? Cheers and Merry Christmas!
  8. Happy Birthday John! Cheers from Canada!
  9. Looking for a little guidance relating to my ORBX addons. I’m contemplating a new clean install of P3D to rid myself of some addons I no longer use and start fresh at 4.5. I have a lot of ORBX products and would prefer not to download them all again. I did not create a backup of each when I first downloaded them. Can I save the ORBX folder, place it back in the new install and use ORBX Central to make it all happy again? Thanks!
  10. I restarted FTX Central and as noted the update process started all over again, quickly at first but progressively slower as it scanned all the files. I have discovered a solution though...... We went to the Texas Roadhouse in Tonawanda NY. I had the 16 oz Ft Worth Ribeye (medium), loaded baked potato, Caesar salad and two double Jim Beam bourbons (I wasn’t driving). When we returned home the update was complete. Apparently patience and a great dinner is the solution! Hope this helps.
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