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  1. I have updated to HF3 and wish to confirm what steps are necessary to ensure all my Orbx products are working correctly. So far I have done the following. -Sync Simulator -Verify files on Global Base and all openLC products. Do I need to do anything with Trees HD, Buildings HD or Terra Flora? Have I missed anything else? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your help gentlemen. I thought I would post this question here because a lot of knowledgeable flight sim enthusiasts frequent this forum. My reluctance is with performing a W10 upgrade as opposed to a clean install. At work and at play I’ve had some bad experiences with W10 upgrades. My W7 / P3Dv4.5 PC is working well and I don’t want to risk upgrading it to W10 as I don’t have the time to start over with it at this point if the upgrade goes south. Many of it’s components are a little dated so an updated system with a fresh W10 install is the long term plan. Current world events make it foolish in my case to spend thousands on an entertainment item when those funds are best saved for unexpected circumstances. That said, I thought it might be interesting it install v5 on this system to try it out, hence my original question. Cheers and stay safe!
  3. Wondering if anyone has managed to install P3Dv5 on a Windows 7 system?
  4. Yup, should have known that! Thanks Doug! I’ve got them all working now. I’ve got a bunch of new stunning scenery to explore!
  5. There is more to this story. This problem surfaced after installing Buildings HD. Since I have installed OLC Africa, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs. All are installed in a Library outside of the root folder. Just realized they are included in the scenery library list but are unchecked, how the heck do you fix that? All the XML installed scenery can’t be checked or unchecked.
  6. I am personally thankful to all at Orbx for the Stay at Home sale, but I’m glad it’s over! I bought way more stuff than I should have!
  7. After purchasing and installing new Orbx products (airports and OLC Africa) P3D will hang on the initial start screen. In task manager you can see the process isn’t doing anything. P3D application shows running but will just sit there indefinitely. Using task manager I stop the P3D application, not the process and P3D will continue loading and function normally. After this P3D will start normally until I install another Orbx product. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Not a big deal because I have discovered a work around but would be nice to discover the cause. Cheers and Happy Easter!
  8. In what is becoming a truly global economy it does indeed seem strange that a bank would restrict international purchases. I have no trouble making purchases of all sorts from many countries with either my Master Card or Visa. We are also protected from fraudulent purchases made by others with our credit cards. Always a simple and secure method to buy what you want/need. I also use a credit card regularly for local and international business purchases.
  9. Thanks Carlos, I have already removed/renamed the 3 .BGL files you mention. I learned long ago to always search through the Orbx compatibility forum before buying or installing any non-Orbx scenery. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to fly the virtual African skies since installing this new airport. Sunshine and real flying was the priority today! Cheers, Bernard
  10. I have purchased AS Kilimangaro, at first glance it looks nice. I haven’t had time for a good sightseeing flight around there yet. Will report back when I do. Thanks and cheers!
  11. Thanks very much for the info, I’ll spend some time looking for a few of these this weekend! Cheers!
  12. A quick note to thank the team for such an upgrade to Africa. I'm really enjoying Orbx Africa OpenLC, so much new to explore in P3D. Unfortunately the default airports suck! Any suggestions for some nice payware of freeware airports to spruce things up?
  13. I use PayPal or a credit card for online purchases. That way there is always some degree of protection if something was to go south. I can’t imagine using my debit card, yikes!
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