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  1. That is a beautiful part of the state and I visit at least twice a year near there..Usually Paso Robles wine country and Cambria just on the coast near Hearst Castle...I wouldnt want to have to pay the taxes on it though!
  2. That looks like Vandenburg AFB near Lompoc with the rocket gantries there...The big rock is Morro bay, and I think that house is Hearst Castle... Very nice!
  3. Will the Washington Scenery ever be released for P3D?
  4. Hello! I was wondering if ORBX will be releasing the Washington Scenery for P3D in the future?
  5. Absolutely beautiful! The best thing is to see the passion you have for your home city and your ability to express it in your artwork here! you should be proud! I can't wait to see it in the sim!
  6. oh thats cool! Thanks for the reply! looking forward to seeing it!
  7. I have so many scenaries, its difficult to remember which ones I have and dont have- I have to launch the FTX Central and go through it to see if I have a particular one I havent flown in some time. I remember seeing the kml file for Google Earth that is around- Is there a way to export the FTX Central 3 list to a file that can be opened in a map view? It would maybe be a cool feature for FTX in the future perhaps... Any thoughts?
  8. KMRY and the bay area are always nice- you can see alot of farms and other highly detailed areas...
  9. Absolutely stunning! Great work Matt! The San Diego skyline at night is amazing!
  10. My brother in law’s, uncle’s, 2nd wifes’ step-father has a friend who’s daughters’ boyfriends sister-in-law has an extremely rare virus known as necropenguinitus, which is contracted from eating large amounts of poorly stored pickled penguin beaks apparently. Anyhow, they live in Santa Barbara where she worked in a “Hats for Cats” factory knitting small hats for cats and very large and confused lemurs. To make a long story long, she is laying on her deathbed as we speak, and I went to visit her last week…Although she is only 11 years old, her eye (she has only one) was bright and shiny, and she tried to stand up on her wobbly leg (she has only one as well) but sat back down, too weak to barely speak. She managed a slight smile displaying her perfect tooth (She has only one) and her final words to me were this.. “All my life I’ve only knitted cat hats and flown flight sim (P3D v4)and my dying wish is this…Please burn all my cat hats as they are completely worthless and I never sold a one….My other wish, way more important, is to plead for ORBX to release the KSBA scenery this year…Oh, and please water my plant” (She has only one..) If you could find it in your heart to help this poor girl out, I think she would appreciate it and may even heal her back to full health..I’m sure of it…KSBA!!
  11. Great video and the music is perfect for it! excellent job!
  12. Its great to see what can become of an entrepreneur who is driven by their passion for something! Great things do come from it! Thank you for sharing your story with us John! Jon Las Vegas, NV
  13. Hi Ken! I live right next door to Boulder in Henderson, so its about 8 miles away. My brother works for Boulder PD and one of the areas he covers is the airport. I have a decent camera, Nikon D700 with numerous lenses and a tripod. I'd be happy to see what I can get you and work with you on this. Let me know if you need my contact info and we can work something out on the details.
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