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  1. ...but the screens are still clean! Looks like something Old One-Eye would fly in the PacNW on his supply runs of Uncle Elmer's #5 moonshine...
  2. I've been meaning to point this out for a while: Why is the snow plough at LOWZ clearing snow unnecessarily from the grassed area beyond the hangars? It's not exactly used most of the time? Like I say, I don't think it's a bug per se, but it does seem you are working the groundsman on trivia.
  3. I have found that I can fly through/under a lot of the bridges, but this is annoying... So, Orbx, are you using your model in the scenery addon or are you allowing the default msfs bridge through? Also I note that although I can fly through some of the other bridges, there are some that cause a "thump" as you pass under - it's as if there are parts of default models mixed in with the Orbx scenery.
  4. My entry (The Golden Ball church and Dashwood Mausoleum are in the Wycombe Air Park scenery)
  5. Yes... In the 70's and 89's, when I flew gliders from there, I did get a chat from the CFI about exceeding 2000 feet agl. (It was less than 100 feet, honest guv, yeronner, sir!) Something about a phone call from some ATC person at Heathrow... Cost me a barrel...
  6. Hight Wycombe - Booker Air Park. It's around 20 miles northwest of Heathrow. EGTB is the ICAO code...
  7. One of my favourite locations... I have flown from Booker numerous times (in Gliders, notably the aerobatic Pilatus P4 and Pirat). Admittedly I was never this close to the scenery, but anyone who knows the Golden Ball Church and the Dashwood mausoleum will wax lyrical about these famous landmarks, oh and the Hellfire caves below the church... This one (above) nearly became my entry for the Feb comp, but West Wycombe does not have those horrible blocks of flats you can see in the background.
  8. Surprise! I can see it now Iain - I don't know what happened, because all that grand help I was getting here didn't seem to work. Who can understand the inner workings of a PC these days anyway? Black magic? Arcane arts? Maybe a spot of devil worship thrown in? Lovely picture Iain.
  9. OK, so who did what? I have done nothing since the last comment. Now I see IMGUR pictures. WTH?
  10. New FF installer downloaded Firefox uninstalled via control panel New installer activated FF installed Bookmarks imported Imgur images still not visible even with MacAfee inactive. Sorry - wits end.
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