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  1. I love the monthly screenshots competitions, but finding the right shot is, as always, a work of great patience. Here are some of the ones I rejected for June...
  2. OK, no problems. I was rather curious though - and RTFM is anathema to me
  3. In cockpit view. Operation of pedal toe brakes - no pedal animation. EXCEPT double toe brakes and/or left toe brake cause the brake lever to lift. Right toe brake has no animation at all. Also, the hand brake lever does not lock unless ctrl "." is used. What is the RW brake system? Pull the handle? Seems wrong to me, but hey, I hve never seen an Optica IRL.
  4. Thanks for cllearing that up Ed. I was rather concerned for a moment there.
  5. 'Morning all! I just had an e-mail from you describing "Staff Picks" special offers, I like some of them so I went to Orbx Central and imagine my surprise when I saw these. Her are just a couple of comparison screens showing the Orbx Central pricing for staff picks on the left and the e-mailed pricing for staff picks on the right. No further comment needed I hope.
  6. Instead of something "normal", how about a collage? Zell, Caernarfon, Elstree, Stapleford, Booker and Shoreham all in one.
  7. But if you do want to try the DH52 go to this page
  8. Just like my dogs! It's been widdling down all day here in Sherwood Forest...
  9. Places like Caernarfon, Elstree, Booker, Shoreham, Stapleford et al really have made msfs a truly georgeous environment. The scenery itself and the buildings, the airport life (especially when they are well visited, like Elstree - that seems to have the most AI so far), the atmosphere... So I decided to answer a question earlier: how far is it from Elstree to Booker. Well as the moth flies, around 20 miles - or a percieved lifetime with a strong headwind as it turns out. (OK, it's an FSX import of Ant's Tiger Moth that crashes msfs if you try it in VR, but...) We are getting to the stage
  10. What a pretty little heli- airport. First pleasant surprise was to see another (AI) Bell 47 on run up: And then those wonderul helicopters stuck into the gtound by their tails next to the runway - get a Herc in there guys! What raving lunatic put a pair of 300 foot high windmills slap bang in the middle of an airport? Oh well, nowt so strange as folk...
  11. This is just too weird! Today it's working...
  12. Awwww... it's just a cuddly teddy b..........................aaarrrggghhhh Erm. Is it animated? Question: last time I flew Bell a few weeks back, there was a huge terrain glitch (elevation fault line near the dam north of the region. Does this affect your Bella Coola? Ithink it's a terrain tile edge.
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