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  1. We already have FS Economy which is free, and AirHauler by JustFlight. Paid subscription is a no for me.
  2. Me as well, AF2 will really shine with this new tech!
  3. I too am curious about what will be offered with this versions release! I'm REALLY curious about the graphics, meaning most new games that are running DX11 graphics look nothing like FTX graphics. A few pages back where posts of Battlefield 4 I think and FTX doesn't look even close to those. A flight sim with Battlefield 4 graphics and depth would be a game changer. So like everyone else, we wait!
  4. First let me thank you you ALL for a superb product! Well Done! My question is this: With the upcoming OpenLC (regions), will the airport borders be removed or fixed so the Airports will "Blend" into the surroundings? This is the only thing that kills the great work you have done, nothing like spotting a field from a 100 miles away. Thank you for your time, my area of the world has never looked so good!
  5. Thanks Kent, but I need the Mac Pro for work anyway, hoping to kill two birds with one stone this time around!
  6. Would you guys care to share those tweaks for running on your Macs, I'm just waiting for the new MAC PRO to be released! Thanks
  7. So, so many NEW places to explore! It will be like having a new sim! Congrats to ALL involved!
  8. Congrats Howard! I just received a 3 year anniversary message from Jay Kae, boy time flies when your having fun Orbx and staff has made this sim the best possible experience anyone could ask for!
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