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  1. Thanks guys for your responses. You have given me much to chew over. Cheers
  2. Thanks for that mate .... I have what I recall were "updated" traffic files for YBSU for Qantas, AirNZ, Alliance, Jetstar and Virgin in my "Scenery World Scenery". Can't recall whether Flukey provided them, but I suspect he did, but haven't been able to track down where I got them from ... presume here somewhere. Anyhow, .... has anyone out there got traffic at Flukey's YBSU in P3D4.5 ? If so, would love to get hold of the "Traffic" files that work. Cheers
  3. Whilst on the YBSU subject, my airport does not have any traffic life ... it's completely dead. I have the updated traffic files in "Scenery World Scenery", but they don't seem to be working at all. Any thoughts? Cheers.
  4. Hi guys - seems like the expo went well. Would it be possible for you to put names to the people in the group shot in post #32 .... it would be interesting for us to be able to associate faces with names on the forum. Cheers
  5. Couldn't agree more with all of the above comments. Your dedication to our hobby is definitely worth an award. I for one would not be flightsimming at all were it not for your superb Aus AI package, and am really looking forward to the release of the update. It is impossible for an average simmer like me to get my head around how much time and effort must be required to produce these packages.... we are indeed grateful. Cheers mate.
  6. All sounds good Frank ... will watch with interest. Cheers
  7. Thanks guys.....both those suggestions work well . Cheers
  8. Is there a setting (that I have missed) that displays forum topic replies in reverse order, with the most recent on top? This would obviate the need for frequent visitors to spend much time scrolling down to view new replies. Just a thought .... cheers.
  9. Well done mate - have a great day with many happy returns. Cheers.
  10. This is all very encouraging......just a thought though, I wonder how all this will go when AUSv2 is released - I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
  11. Thanks mate. Any further update you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  12. In your “elevated “ position as OZx Flight Manager Bruce, have you had any contact with Jay at all......is there in fact any real hope of rejuvenation? A lot of us are really suffering withdrawals.
  13. I’m with you Teecee and Gerold. Serious concerns for the welfare of Jay Kae. Any news at all would be better than none ..... hopefully someone out there has some glimmer of information...... anybody ...... Cheers
  14. Thanks jj, will put this in place - much appreciated. Cheers
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