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  1. OK, thanks ! but why offer Freeware Global Airports as a manual download when it is no longer possible?
  2. hello i just checked your method for manual download! same error message
  3. Hello ! Chance checked your TrafficAircraft.bgl in P3DV4 \ Scenery \ World \ scenery itself in bgl and not in OFF
  4. yes ! the static cam works now ! perfect
  5. Good evening did you think in your online ORBX account clicked on Update account?
  6. Thank you very much RunShotgun ! have a nice Sunday
  7. same with 1.1.54 and tiket is created too !
  8. Hello ! I just updated ChasePlane via ORBX Central to version 1.1.52 S clicked on Regenerate Airport Data and Recheck Configuration Files! but still no Static views
  9. Hello successful ChasePlane transaction and finalization for ORBX Central! I was able to keep all my cams! except the Static cams, it does not work with me, the software asked me to do a scan after scrolling all my ICAO codes at 100% I may put the range at 300nm it still displays No Airport in range
  10. Hello it is me to arrive for the putting has in the daytime of FTXvector! It is necessary to go to see this comment! And also to go has C/USER/name/AppData/Local/ORBX/and to empty the file Metadata
  11. bonne anniversaire vielle branche! je trinque a ta santé hips
  12. i love it this format 21/9 very nice thank you
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