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  1. bonne anniversaire vielle branche! je trinque a ta santé hips
  2. i love it this format 21/9 very nice thank you
  3. On your two first ones comment, your photos do not work i same problem on this scenery
  4. Hello Patrick ! it is a nice video ! congratulations !
  5. laserjet


    Thank you! I am happy that she pleased you
  6. laserjet


    ha ok ! in mode sms thank you
  7. laserjet


    hello Scott ! thank for the visite ! Exactly I have ORBX FTX Trees in my installation! But seen that I have scenery FVFR, I am can be to mix with them definitions Autogen....! What a FYI ? sorry for my bad english Very good view Scott! Made on the movie the autogen was not the good
  8. laserjet


    hello to all ! I had posted this video in a bad column! WA79 ORBX P3D V4 21/9 NDmh-6 ChasePlane Beta EXpMusic Breath The Air Pink Floyd to play with version karaoke France http: // www.version-karaoke.fr/playback-personn alise/pink-floyd/breathe-in-the-air.htm lBattery(Drum kit) to play and to register(record) with Roland TDK-20 by Ricq Pascal
  9. laserjet


    Thank you has all. I prefer ChasePlane because he is easier of use and intuitive, this said he has to be to connect all the time with the network, him(it) know how to make of attractive travelling platform with of beautiful movements,Nevertheless I have to use EZDOC during a decade
  10. hello to all ! little helicopter ride in kmry good flight in 21/9 2K Music Chorale © laserjet
  11. Thank you has all ! good sunday
  12. hello to all !Without available video alteration 21/9 full screen 2K resolution Music Breath The Air Pink Floyd to play with version karaoke FranceHttp: // www.version-karaoke.fr/playback-personn alise/pink-floyd/breathe-in-the-air.htm lDrum to play and to recorder with Roland TDK-20 and C9 by Ricq Pascal I have just seen whom I am to deceive of column(section)! What is that an administrator(director) could make him(it) for me beforehand thank you
  13. Beautiful presentation ! Congratulation for the music and the video editing
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