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  1. Now if only i could get a Connie stuck on my head just like that
  2. Gone the churchs , the city is now called 'Wobblyville' ... I feel for the people on the eastern side of the city , the suburb was tidied up and really did look a place to start looking very inviting but now just simply a mess . Returning from that side of the city week , driving past the mid area one part was 3 rugby field size ... diggers and demolition machines and trucks still cleaning up and still plenty to be done . Traffic wardens are now out off work .. plenty of parking for everyone . Regular the shakes are i'm on the flightsim ... we get a wobble , i just look over my shoulder and .. sorry ladies and gentlemen .. a little turbulence .
  3. Avatar , thats really me , bloody guy on the wing ...... not sure who he is ..
  4. This flying stuff can really get dangerous No man or plane was damaged ... Christchurch Earthquakes .. Yip me hitting the ground again
  5. @ alan2 , they really were a bunch off tough buggers. @ Cathy , your more than welcome save share and to adjust yourself. @ Dags60 and Skypilot , its the memory off all from all sides. This is a must for ANZAC
  6. Australia - New Zealand . The Pacific War ANZAC Day A salute to all .
  7. cyberpilot now that aircraft is very .. um now when did i fly that , last night maybe .. or the night before
  8. Cathy , every good Aircraft Carrier person Knows it was the Sara that ended her days at the bottom of Bikini , Ole Big E went the big apple and got cut up , ole 65 , Wonder what Jim Kirk would say
  9. Thanks for the reply,s guys , I have found this area is really the only part that gets affected , I questioned this in the New Zealand forums , one member there mentioned Ultimate Traffic 2 works without issue . The reason i asked was in case you may be working on changing the texture package to suit , I will purchase this and that will me quiet
  10. Hi ya chaps , look not sure if this has been posted as yet , I use the DX10 Win7-64 bit Quad core with GTX295 graphics card , all your but some AI loose their textures , is there ab update for your ORBX-AI or currently be worked on ?
  11. CRIPES Thats my house John ..... only slightly kidding !
  12. Iain , I couldnt help myself either , gorgeous screens , with that scenery you swear your back in the Solomon Islands
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