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  1. Looks that way. https://mailchi.mp/275c85851a52/rex-customers-of-the-flightsimstore-441369?e=1a164b4fd9
  2. Thanks Petfy for the link. Looks like that would be the solution but unfortunately I have no idea of where or even if WOW64 exists on my 64 bit Windows 7 installation. Or how to use it if it did.
  3. Thanks for your reply Ken The "network fix" works by putting Simkits and a copy of FSX (don't need to run it) and running FSUIPC Wide FS Client on the 32 bit system and then running FSX from my 64-bit system. That's how I run my FSX now. That helps me run FSX a little bit longer before the OEM happens because I have 32gb of memory on the 64 bit system and only 8gb on the 32 bit system. I can't do the with P3D v4.2 because it would require a copy of P3D to be installed on the 32 bit system and that is not possible. Thanks Ken I'll check it out. I was looking at simPlugin's Panel Maker but I have not been able to get the demo to work yet
  4. All of the instrument are from Simkits and they work great in FSX but . . . . . . with all the ORBX products I have installed, my FSX is unable to run for more than 10 minutes or so without running out of memory. So the solution to running a simulator without running out of memory problems is to go to P3D v4.2 which I have done. OOM Problem solved. However Simkits Instruments is a 32 bit application and they will not work in 64 bit Windows systems. And Simkits will not write 64 bit drivers for the CCU board that runs the instruments. So if I want to run P3D v4.2 I can no longer use this panel. ergo: WHITE ELEPHANT
  5. Congratulations Nick . . . You have always been my go-to guy!
  6. Hi Benny I copied my FSX Airplane folders from the FSX/Sim Objects/Airplanes folder into my P3Dv4 /Sim Objects/Airplanes/ folder and most of them worked. i just deleted the ones that didn't work.
  7. Hi Dale Finally got Prepar3D v4 installed. Had problems with first download. Would not let me activate. Said I had wrong activation password. After much frustration I uninstalled the program and downloaded it again. The second download worked. I had no problems downloading the 22 programs that were available for v4 in my FTX Central 3. I'm one of the lucky ones with download speeds of up to 8.3MB consistently so it took relatively little time to get those done. I hope they release some of the airports soon so I can see how they compare with FSX. I am new to Prepar3D (didn't have any previous versions) so I have to find out where to get some tutorials on how to set it up and install stuff into it (like my airplanes and other scenery), p.s. Just finished successfully loading all of my PILOT's scenery into P3Dv4. Now I can do some flying and check out how great (I hope) P3Dv4 is!
  8. Hi Renault Beautiful! Love the shadows and the half-moon in the upper right. Just made it my desktop image. . . . (hope you don't mind)
  9. Thanks Triplane (and jjaycee) That's the route I'll take!
  10. Hi jjaycee1. Thank you for your reply and the link. If you have FSX or FSX:SE installed but don't have Prepar3D installed If you have decided to make the move from FSX to P3Dv4 and *dont* have earlier versions of P3D installed you must download all the Orbx products which are P3Dv4-ready using FTX Central. Your products installed into FSX cannot be copied to P3Dv4 - they are different builds and not compatible. Looks like that should set me straight!
  11. Thank you Doc_Z for your prompt reply, I do not have a previous version but I do have backups from my installs into FSX. I have all of them that were released prior to the May sale date. Would I be able to use those or will I have to download them over again?
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