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  1. I read that DD Landmarks Seattle may conflict/have issues with Orbx KTIW. Is that correct? I want to buy Landmarks Seattle but not if it messes up my KTIW. Thanks
  2. I am thinking of buying this pack but am wondering if it will conflict with the coming UK World Update in January. Anyone know? Thanks
  3. According to this page (https://orbxdirect.com/product/ftxglobal-demo) the Iceland demo isn’t compatible with v5. Can anyone with Orbx confirm that? Thanks
  4. Hello, I am trying to get Iceland looking better. Is the Iceland demo available for p3d v5? If so, can someone kindly point me in the right direction? Also, is the BIRK payware sold on this site compatible with all of this? Thanks, John
  5. Thank you, Iain. And sorry for the oversight... John
  6. Anyone know the size of the final file? I’m seriously considering buying during the sale. Thank you.
  7. Hello Devs, Has the KPBI (Palm Beach International) project been ditched? I thought it was going to be out by October but haven’t heard anything about it. Thanks.
  8. Great news. Thanks. I’ll wait for the Orbx version
  9. I saw that, but I’d rather buy a better version from Orbx. That’s why I asked the question
  10. I hope Orbx plans to release a KEYW (Key West) for MFS. Can the developers perhaps comment? Also, speaking of South Florida, any update on KPBI? Thanks
  11. I believe Orbx said KPBI is first coming to P3D, then MFS, then xplane.
  12. I must say that things do feel different than in past years and that at least from my perspective Orbx’s purpose and long-term focus seems much less clear. In the past JV would publish roadmaps 1-2 times/year and we would know which way the company was headed and which kinds of projects they were focused on. I don’t recall seeing any roadmaps recently. I realize the early release of MFS (and the evolving SDK) has probably muddied the waters, but it would be good to know what is on the horizon. With the popularity of MFS is Orbx going to focus more on airports and city packs than regions? Or is
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