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  1. Any update on how KPBI is coming along? Any screenshots you could share at this early point? Thanks! P.S. Really hope KPBI will be portable into MFS...
  2. You need to Verify Files on the Gold Coast CityScene. That finally fixed the issue for me.
  3. Great to hear. Thanks. I’ve been waiting for a good KPBI for p3d forever. Used to live there. Day 1 purchase for me. Hoping for some Palm Beach County scenery with it...
  4. Oh very cool! Are these airports for p3d or xplane?
  5. Hello, I’m having the hardest time keeping YBCG above CityScene Gold Coast in the Scenery Library so the airport displays correctly. Every time the sim rebuilds my Scenery Library it puts YBCG below Gold Coast, causing trees to show up on the taxiway and in other areas. Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated. I’m on v4.5. Thanks, John
  6. Nick, Thank you for the apology. Accepted and moving on... Regards, John
  7. I first ran Sync Simulator. The problem didn’t go away. Based on instructors from Orbx personnel I then went in and deleted all text in OF_Config.xml and saved the file. That’s editing a file. I then ran Sync Simulator again. The issue seems to have disappeared now. I work in client relations. When a company makes a mistake (as this was) they should just own up to it and apologize. It makes things better for everyone
  8. I understand the work around. But with the amount of money we pay Orbx (developers can check my account history if they want) we shouldn’t have to go in and edit files. The patch shouldn’t have been released if it was causing a missing file/error message.
  9. So is this causing an actual error in the sim or just an annoying pop up message saying there is an error?
  10. Using FTX Rockies and P3D v4.5 the ramps and taxiways at CYLW have a grass texture issue before reaching the runway. See pic below. Can this be reproduced and fixed if needed? Thank you! John
  11. I’m still on v4.5. Do these updates help on there as well?
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