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  1. Hi Guys, Can anyone advise if Manchester Barton, for FSX Steam is still going ahead, or has it been shelved? Thanks!
  2. I think the writings on the wall for good old FSX, I think its days are numbered...sad but its had a good run!
  3. Hey John, Are you still doing Barton for FSX SE? Thanks...
  4. With reference to my previous comment, sorry guys I was just dissapointed because Ive been looking forwards to this commng out for FSX for years! Apologies, and please disregard earlier comment!
  5. How dissapointing to find this well sort after UK airfield has been released on X-Plane first, and the old fathful FSX has been brushed aside!
  6. Nice video John, it looks wonderful...even though AirDaily X's review "slaggs off" this airport and surrounding scenery no end, overall he's not impressed! Cheers,
  7. Fantastic, will you eventually include your Dover sceneries in future packs? Thanks,
  8. I got the free version, because I bought the dreadful Flight School last year, and after installing and some flight time, I un-installed because of the poor performance, I know my rig is outdated now, but I expected better from this. In FSX SE I get 25 FPS (set at 25) with all Orbx stuff installed. I thought the ground graphics are poor, the only thing I liked are the weather effects, the rain graphics are brilliant, I'll try again if I upgrade my computer, but for me it's very dissapointing, and in my opinion if it's not dramatically improved over the next 12 months, I can see this going the same way as the previous dreadful Flight School.
  9. Installed, had a quick look, my old rig can't handle this i'm afraid, too slow, just un-installed, and happy to stick with FSX!
  10. Another great freeware scenery, thanks and well done! Cheers,
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