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  1. Looks amazing! Can you tell me what PTA preset and HDR settings you use here?
  2. Really nice! How do you like the Cheyenne? Thinking about buying it too...
  3. Wow, absolutely amazing work! What PTA preset und what sky textures do you use here? The combination of those with LOWI looks quite stunning!
  4. Hey Is there already a possibility to get the download license for old box products within the new FTX Central 3?
  5. I think I solved it by changing to default flight to a flight with winter date. Now it loads the snow textures correctly. (Previously, the default flight took place in fall and it didn´t change the textures even if I switched to winter...)
  6. Hey! I am using FTX Global+Vector+LC EU+LC NA+ Central V3 and even mid january, there is snow while the airports are covered with it. The shot below is in EDDF. Is this the way it is supposed to be or is there anything wrong with my installtion? Thanks in advance! ;-)
  7. Could you share your settings (ASN, P3D)? Your P3D looks amazing!
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