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  1. Hello Don ! If you are referring to FsMovMap2 by rahsim , as far as i know it is Not msfs 2020 compatible !! I have it installed for my P3DV5 and it works Great ! However i bought for 3.50 euros another Map called : FS Map Tool for my LG Android by Riccardo Lardi and it Works Great Mike
  2. A Perfect Trio of Shots Adam ! Well done
  3. Great set of shots Roger ! well done
  4. Finally i managed to fix my issue !! Very Happy I followed Quantum Amiga suggestion to search for any detail1.bmp files ! I found 4 .bmp files in four Other addons from Other Developers ! I Replaced them with DD Grass and everything worked Perfect Thank you all for your help , much appreciated guys !!
  5. Great set of shots John ! Well done Is this Pilot Plus Bristol ? And if yes , how is it on Frames ? I used to have it and i Uninstall it because i used to get low frames , around 12-20 max !!
  6. Perfect Couple Adam well done
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