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  1. Hello Sacha , Thank you very much for letting me know ! I will have it mind for future reference , as i have formatted my Ssd and just bought Prepar3DV5 Mike
  2. Hello Manuel , I had exactly the same issue ! It took me some time to manage to overcome this weird issue ! For some reason I couldn't update , install or do anything with Orbx Central ( From the Desktop ) ! Eventhough I Uninstall and Reinstall it some times ! I figure out that if you go to C > Users > Your name > AppData > local : And into : Orbx-central-updater And Run the Application it Works Fine ! I even send a shortcut to Desktop ! Up to now my Orbx Central works perfect without any issues ! Mike
  3. Hello Nick ! I have just bought the new version of Prepar3DV5 and I am about to Uninstall everything from my Prepar3DV4 and start from the beginning ! To be honest I have also installed many many addons from other developers ! Most probably some of those are in conflict with Orbx Products ! I tried again and again to solve the Tree issue problem but with no success ! ( This is the reason I decided to Switch to the New Version and Install at least for a while Only Orbx ) ! You can mark my issue as solved if you wish
  4. Hello , I am about to buy and install the New Version of P3DV5 and I am wondering if this is this is the correct Order to Install my Orbx Products : 1) P3DV5 2) FSUIPC 3) PILOT'S FSG - FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE (P3DV5) 4) Just Traffic (Traffic Global (P3DV5) ) 5) Orbx : 1) Orbx Global , 2) Vector , 3) OpenLC 4) True Earth 5) Regions 6) Airport's ( Sceneries ) 7) Object flow plus Sode 8) HD Trees plus Terra Flora V2 etc... Thank you , Mike
  5. Hello , Today I installed TE Oregon and I realized that I am missing trees in many areas ! This is a flight from S45 To 77s : And another flight from 7s3 to Vernonia : Downtown Portland : I Tried to Verify TE Oregon files , Uninstalled and Reinstalled : Orbx Libraries , HD Trees , Terra Flora V2 and Object Flow Sync my Sim ! Nothing happened ! Any idea what is going On ? Thank you , Mike
  6. Impressive Crisp set of shots Carlos ! Well Done !! I liked them all , thanks for posting ! I just bought TE Oregon ( After seeing your beautiful shots ) !!
  7. Beautiful Shots TTM ! I like the plane and repaint a lot
  8. Hello Nick ! You can mark my issue as Solved Since Yesterday Orbx Central is working fine with no issues ! Mike
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