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  1. Beautiful set of shots Jack The last One is super !!
  2. mikee


    Thank you very much zinj
  3. mikee


    Beautiful shots Zinj Where did you find this nice repaint for your Diamond ? It looks fantastic !! Thanks , Mike
  4. Thank you very much Ultrich ! ( thanks again for your vote , much appreciated ) !!
  5. Hello Stewart ! To be honest i have no idea if REX EF Overrides or works side by side with PTA !! Maybe they are in conflict which other , who knows ! I search through Sim Tweaks forums , but they don't know either ! I have them both installed into my P3DV4.5 and i think they are working very nice together !! Sorry that i couldn't help you , Cheers Mike
  6. Hello Stew , Yes i am using both REX EF Plus PTA ( From Sim tweaks Version 2.67 of PTA ) ! They both work together Nice without any issues !! Mike
  7. Impressive shots Jack ! Very nice plane to fly around
  8. Another set of great shots , well done Jack
  9. Very nice shots Jack , i like them all
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