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  1. Thank you Very Much Tom !! Glad that you liked them It is great and easy plane to fly !! But … it is a standard Carenado plane ! Don't expect the Complexity of Pmdg or fslabs etc !! For me it is a good One . Ii is a simple aircraft to fly around , without having to spend hours reading manuals !!
  2. Thank you very much Stillwater , ha ha probably
  3. Thank you very much John , glad that you liked them
  4. Thank you very much Patrick
  5. Thank you very much Iain
  6. Thank you very much Don
  7. Thank you very much !! It is a great plane to fly
  8. Thank you very much Jack , glad that you liked them Ha ha nice One !!!
  9. Thank you very much Adam Yes it is !!
  10. Super Shots Frank I like them all !!
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