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  1. yah, no one has ever done anything in CT for FSX also have you flown back to KGON recently because the airport has been taken over by a new company and have added at the end of the runway saftey stopping concrete at the end of the runways. The airport will also soon have a new airline flying in soon. Just yesterday I heard 3 massive jets take off and two land.
  2. I love the FTX products I think you guys have turned FSX from being a boring flight simulator into almost reality! I have an airport around where I live that I fly from. Its a medum sized airport. Its Groton-New London Airport (KGON). This airport is located in Groton, CT. The area around where the airport is an amazing place. Unfortunetly in FSX it doesnt look anything like the real airport. There is only one update/fix for it and well it still makes the airport suck. Groton is home to the US Sub Base, Pfizer, GE, General Dynamics, Groton is know as the submarine captial of the world. I d
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