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  1. Byron Farrow

    TEGB North in the Vulcan XP11.

    Stunning shots Iain, just did my first proper flight over North (I know!) And my it looks good, but you make look perfect!
  2. Byron Farrow

    xp11 Edinburgh Arrival.

    Stunning Filou, as always.
  3. Byron Farrow

    TrueEarth GB South - SP1 - new POIs

    Please put any future POI requests in the POI forum, I'm more likely to see them there. The pier and the stadiums are slated for the next service pack. I've added the additional Birmingham landmarks (my university town) to the lists, but may not make next service pack. Cheers, Byron
  4. Byron Farrow

    TrueEarth GB South - SP1 - new POIs

    It's on its way ...
  5. Byron Farrow

    TrueEarth GB South - SP1 - new POIs

    The Service Pack for TEGB South hasn't been released yet. Salisbury Cathedral should be there when it is Cheers, Byron
  6. Byron Farrow

    TrueEarth GB South - SP1 - new POIs

    Yes, should be
  7. Byron Farrow

    TrueEarth GB South - SP1 - new POIs

    Both are due for inclusion in the upcoming service pack. Cheers, Byron
  8. Byron Farrow

    TE - GB North - My first shots

    The oil rigs form what's known as the Cromarty Oil Rig Graveyard:
  9. Byron Farrow

    Orkney Islands - TE GB North

    Did you see the Italian Chapel, it's tucked away on Lamb Holm, a converted prison-camp hut https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_Chapel
  10. Byron Farrow

    TrueEarth GB North XP11 - Edinburgh

    I used to visit Vienna and the rest of Austria frequently - looking forward to generating some POIs there. Look out for a thread in the POI forum!
  11. Due to the way Xplane does tiles the far North and East of Northern Ireland (including almost of all of Belfast) will be included in TEGB North.
  12. Byron Farrow

    UK Peak District

    Hey squire, Sorry - I hadn't remembered this post (please post POI suggestions in the forum here! https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/275-community-airport-poi-requests-and-photo-submissions/) It may be too late for the first Service Pack, but I will certainly flag the Cement Works and Chatsworth as items for inclusion as POIs as soon as possible. I lived in Chapel-en-le-Frith for a few years in the 80's (in my early teens) so the area has much sentimental value to me also! Cheers, Byron
  13. Byron Farrow

    TrueEarth GB South - SP1 - new POIs

    Hi Pod, Some of these look like good inclusions, although they may be a bit late for the first service pack. However, please could you add your post - and any others you're interested in seeing to this thread here: Adding KMZ files (pins from Google Earth Pro) would be very useful as well! Thanks, Byron
  14. Byron Farrow

    EGSG XP11 My Final Shots.

    Looking good Iain! (I was flying over Barrow just now in X-Plane - searching for my mate Simon's house in Stank - and I recall you come from those parts don't you?) Cheers, Byron
  15. Byron Farrow

    UK Peak District

    Good work on the Gateway! With regards to other landmarks (Cement works, towers, etc), please take a look at the area in the sim and, if there isn't currently a custom model, make a post in the POI forum. Any other, similar, visual landmarks would be good as well. I'd love to pop over some time, but - for better or worse - I live and work in China, and my parents (when I visit) now live in Edinburgh, so the distances are significant! Cheers, Byron