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  1. Nope. Portland / Vancouver will be in the Oregon region which is next up after Washington. See the POI forum for a coverage map and a slightly out of date POI list for that region.
  2. Hi Cargostorm - always happy to hear suggestions for future service packs. Please make a post in the POI Forum: Cheers, Byron
  3. The dedicated POI forum or the support forum would be best. And there are many dozens of wind turbines in the North Sea in real life! But they should be in the correct places. Let us know if not. Cheers, Byron
  4. Stunning shots Iain, just did my first proper flight over North (I know!) And my it looks good, but you make look perfect!
  5. Please put any future POI requests in the POI forum, I'm more likely to see them there. The pier and the stadiums are slated for the next service pack. I've added the additional Birmingham landmarks (my university town) to the lists, but may not make next service pack. Cheers, Byron
  6. The Service Pack for TEGB South hasn't been released yet. Salisbury Cathedral should be there when it is Cheers, Byron
  7. Both are due for inclusion in the upcoming service pack. Cheers, Byron
  8. The oil rigs form what's known as the Cromarty Oil Rig Graveyard:
  9. Did you see the Italian Chapel, it's tucked away on Lamb Holm, a converted prison-camp hut https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_Chapel
  10. I used to visit Vienna and the rest of Austria frequently - looking forward to generating some POIs there. Look out for a thread in the POI forum!
  11. Due to the way Xplane does tiles the far North and East of Northern Ireland (including almost of all of Belfast) will be included in TEGB North.
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