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  1. A 2.00am flight in the year 2000 from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to Moscow. Actually departed in the Aeroflot Tu-154 (which was cool) at 4.00am. I was on the back row .... where the smokers congregated as soon as reached altitude. A couple of hours later a guy a few seats ahead of me, travelling with wife and child, stops moving. Heart attack. Emergency divert to Samara, but too late for this chap (RIP). Sat on the ground in Samara for a couple of hours. Miss my connection to Budapest. I don't have a Russian visa so they will lock me in an airport hotel until the next morning, but my travelling companion manages to blag us seats on a Maglev (RIP) flight back home. Luggage arrives a week later. Well, half of it ....
  2. Good evening, Can anyone point me towards a KMZ file of the POIs for True Earth Great Britain Central? I would really like to get into suggesting POIs but really need to know what is out there first!
  3. Byron Farrow

    TrueEarth GB NORTH! - First sneak peek ...

    If you download the KMZ file on the POI thread it shows that the Shetlands Isles are included.
  4. Just flew the Twotter from Birmingham to Heathrow - not the most exciting scenery in the world, but still wonderfully REAL thanks to True Earth.
  5. My old stomping grounds - very cool. Good to see Belmont there - are the distinctive tower and dishes of RAF Stenigo present (https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/raf-stenigot) or shall I add them to the POI's request list. And, while I'm here, the second-world war mast at RAF Elsham Wolds (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Elsham_Wolds)
  6. Byron Farrow

    UK Peak District

    I flew with the Derbyshire and Lancashire from Tideswell may moons ago (1992-ish?) on a week long gliding course. Good times, good times. Looking forward to visiting the area again in X-Plane
  7. I just wanted to chime in on this one - to echo what Mr Lichfield said above. It was mindblowing to fly over places I've know and X-Plane, installed for the first time, was a revelation. A bit to gt used to, but so much to love. I flew an almost random flight from Bournemouth to Netheravon earlier today, just a 20 min hop in the late afternoon, landing at dusk. I shut down the aeroplane at the end of the runway and just looking at the woods on the low hills it was almost as if I was there. Not spectacular, it's not the Pacifc Northwest or the Serengeti ... but still beautiful in its own way. -- Byron
  8. Byron Farrow

    Open LC South America - 2nd Batch - P3Dv4

    Hey TTM - do you have any mesh recommendations for Colombia? -- Byron
  9. Byron Farrow

    CEF4 Airdire and SP1

    Looking great Vlad! Thanks for the updates, great customer service and after-sales support. Cheers, Byron
  10. Byron Farrow

    More Northern Ireland

    I love the windfarms. It's not exactly exciting fjord landscapes - but sometimes a calm, tranquil flight is what I need after a day at work.
  11. Byron Farrow

    EU Northern Ireland.

    But even in Scotland we got Dundee to higher level than the 'default' FTX airport (which are, of course, a vast improvement on the default, default airports!) And Northern Ireland is - what - 1/4 to 1/3 the size of Scotland? Anyways - we wait and we will see, I'm excited!
  12. Byron Farrow

    EU Northern Ireland.

    Good to see and certainly something I'll be getting - and, given the bijou nature of NI in terms of FTX regions, will we be seeing something special? I'm thinking like EGFF in Wales, or a super detailed Giant's Causeway ... ?
  13. Seconded, but default areas of North America and Europe do have significant errors and - commercially - I guess you want to start with the biggest sellers. I'll be getting the whole set for sure, and hopefully the follow-on vector and water packages
  14. Byron Farrow

    MilViz T-38?

    Thirded Thoroughly recommended. Cheers, Byron
  15. Thanks for these - I like to see the comparison shots!