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  1. Hi all, I am certainly looking forward to this release, and it looks to be very close indeed. Out of the box with stock scenery it could be fsx but more stable and hopefully taking advantage of the hardware of modern computers. But add to that all the ORBX stuff and REX as well as other excellent quality add ons, I think this will be a sim of the future.
  2. hi everyone, Wiith fsx being the best it has ever been and prepar3d looking good also, i was wondering if the team at orbx has ever thought about bringing their own vatsim software out for prepar3d. Something on the levels if fsinn but a more modern feel and up to date software, what do you think, is it possible or not really? Peter
  3. Ah thanks guys for your input, I only run ORBX stuff mainly on my flightsim, I will download only the few that you recommend john as it always looks and feels better in the sim if it blends together. Thanks again Peter
  4. Hi all, I just discovered this website whilst looking around on google. />http://www.alanblencowe.com It seems to offer some good freeware WA airfields. Let me know what you all think about these
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