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  1. Wow! Mouthwatering! I am waiting for TE PNW, however. Bring them on! Many happy landings! DocBird
  2. @John V. I remember that in the early days of FTX PNW there was a free demo area of the Olympic Peninsula. How about a demo area of one of the True Earth areas? I have no doubt that the combination of the free demo of X-Plane and of a TE- area would get the last naysayers to get to the new platforms...
  3. Do I assume correct that this means TE PNW? And do I further assume correct that airports will be ported over to XP11? I currently use the freeware photo scenery for Washington but I am really looking forward to have the ORBX quality in XP11! And with all the airports it will be like coming home after some years abroad.
  4. This is really great stuff! Absolutely amazing to say the least!!! May I ask what framerates you get? Is there any chance to fly this in VR anytime soon with modern hardware?
  5. Great news! I never took the step to P3D V4 but shifted over to XP and now fly exclusively on XP11 in VR! So I am looking forward to see all my Orbx stuff again over time. Can't wait for PAKT and PAJN! I am currently working on populating the XP Scenery Gateway with default sea plane basis and strips in the remote areas of Alaska. 33 done and only some hundreds to go...
  6. Sounds like a fair offer! I am away from P3D (now using XP10 and now XP11) but I always missed the Orbx airports in the PNW and Alaska. Looking forward to have it "back" in XP11.
  7. Wow, great stuff! Great plane and great people! I wonder, how close it was between the wing of the aircraft and the "tower" of the carrier in the last landing when the C-130 came slightly of the center line ...
  8. Yes indeed! This Looks amazing! Even in the distance the mountains look crisp! Usually mountains that are far away do not look that crisp and sharp in P3D, don't they?
  9. Not too bad. I have been away with another flight simulation lately but this is a must buy. Looking forward to flying there. Till
  10. ... it depends on the new sim ... Almost ten years from the start of FSX until today is a very long time for software (and hardware).
  11. Don’t stop with Oculus! The future would be to see a combination of Oculous and this „Leap Motion“ technology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gby6hGZb3ww#t=12 Also see details here: https://www.leapmotion.com/product/vr They may not be completely ready for a 3D-Virtual-Reality-Cockpit but this looks amazing!
  12. Great news! Great product! And once it is out of your door, could you please do the same magic to the autogen buildings and to the ground textures? I mean: sharper textures and better performance would do no harm there.
  13. Scott, This looks really like a big improvement of scenery that is very good anyway (Orbx). Any chance that we see not only the "normal" wide trees but also those nice slim nothern trees that are so typical for BC, Tongass Agrea and Alaska? That would improve the sceneries even more! Happy Landings! DocBird
  14. Very, very nice! Has there been a coverage map anywere? I would like to know what are the boundaries of this project. Thanks, Maurizio!
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