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  1. Same question here. I have a couple of versions of XP11 installed on various hard drives. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and many happy landings! DocBird
  2. +1 for Alaska! Florida is not my place to fly! The Orbx South-East-Alaska package would be great! But I am afraid that the digital images up there are not good enough. My orth4xp results for Alaska are - unfortunatelly - questionable... Well, maybe Tony and Orbx, may accept the challenge...
  3. Looks great! Now off to make Zermatt! That would be stunning! It is, however, only a heliport but certainly worth it. Surrounded by a lot of 4,000 meter high mountains (incl. the famous Matterhorn) and a lot of huts with helipads this is one superb place to fly! Been there and made a touristic flight in a Eurocopter AS 350 “Squirrel” and that was one of the best things I ever experienced! Many happy landings! DocBird P.S. here is a link to the local helicopter company https://www.air-zermatt.ch/
  4. Looks good! Will the helipads on ships and houses be "hardend" in this scenery? In Washington it is impossible to land on the ships and also on some helipads in the mountains which is a pitty! Many happy landings DocBird
  5. What a nice surprise! A release without the "Final Shots"-Warning! I hope Iain is well!? Yesterday I received my new 1TB-SSD One question though: In the P3D-Version there was a little wooden helipad up in the montains above the village. Is that also included in the X-Plane version?
  6. Great shots! Many happy landings, DocBird
  7. I love it. Can you, however, do something about the blue roofs on a lot of buildings in the cities? If you fly over Seattle there are a lot of flat roofs that look strange and (light) blue. Such fix would make it even better!
  8. Indeed a long way from the early eighties... I remember that in my hometown there was a computer store that had a PC on its display. And on the monitor there was a sequence of flight simulator running and a F-18 took off from an aircraft carrier and folded its gear away. I was absolutely flashed by the look of that folding process since on my brothers ATARI there was nothing like that. I took some more years before I could buy my first own PC for gaming... For me the most important change was the discovery of VR last year. When XP 11 offered the VR-experience I bought a Rift 1 and was completely flashed. It is like being there right inside the cockpit. Pushing the buttons and grabbing the yoke, looking out of the window to see the beautiful scenery is amazing. WOW! And now I sit here and wait for the download to complete (8 Mbit/s…). Should be finished tonight after 12 hours of loading. I hope the rest of the process can run over night so it will be ready for a first flight tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to see it with my own eyes.
  9. I know there was the possibility of "preorder" back at the early days of Orbx and I remember the reasons why that was ceased... It would, however, be great if we could press a button to purchase and then go to bed or to work or shopping and return home to find that the download has started and the sim is about to be ready for action. Certainly too late for TE Washington but it might be a feature for the new central!?
  10. Great shorts, Ian! Is it intentional that the DHL-Logo on the fin of the airplanes in the third shot is invers?
  11. Is there any information (please) on the actual download size and the headroom on the HD to install this?
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