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  1. Okay, excellent news and thanks for the warning! So it is NOW time to go for a new SSD...
  2. Sorry, a bit late but may still be useful for today's presentations: https://fselite.net/fsexpo19/ Many happy landings! DocBird
  3. Looks like you are having a good time! Must be great to meet people in person who you work with online for a long time. For all of us who are unable to attend: There is a live stream coming from the conference. I am not sure if I may post the link here. So maybe one of the moderators or a team member can do this (or let me know). Looking forward to an interesting weekend! Have fun and many happy landings! DocBird
  4. This looks like a big step ahead! Another suggestion: Could this tool also include a automatic update function for third party addons like weather tool, third party libraries and/or maybe even the core sims themselves? I often have only very limited time to fly per week and sometimes it is eaten up by running updates of the simulator, the Oculus software, the weather tool, the weather connector, a library here, an airport there... Very frustrating... It would be great if one software could run all those downloads (downloadspeed here in Germnay is about 8 Mbit/s) and updates over night.
  5. Look at those mountains in the background! This is amazing.
  6. This is great! The mesh looks outstanding (as well)! The mountains are sharp as a knife ! Wow!
  7. Wow, this is what I dreamt of when I bought FTX PNW eight years ago! FTX PNW was a terrific product and I had hundreds of hours of fun fine education with it until I changed over to X-Plane. But now look were we (Orbx) have come to! Outstanding! I am curious to see how this will run on my PC in VR. One question though: It is my understanding that Orbx will not touch the XP-default-airports, strips, and seaplane basis, right? But does this also apply to the helipads especially those on rooftops? There are quite a lot of default rooftop helipads in that area. I didn’t go through the impressive long list of POI. So the question is: Did you (Orbx) model those buildings and the helipads?
  8. Hi Explorer, Why don't you start to build them yourself? Download WED (the X-Plane world editor) and create the hospitals yourself and share them with the whole community. But be careful: This is addictin!!! Many happy landings, DocBird
  9. Wow! Mouthwatering! I am waiting for TE PNW, however. Bring them on! Many happy landings! DocBird
  10. @John V. I remember that in the early days of FTX PNW there was a free demo area of the Olympic Peninsula. How about a demo area of one of the True Earth areas? I have no doubt that the combination of the free demo of X-Plane and of a TE- area would get the last naysayers to get to the new platforms...
  11. Do I assume correct that this means TE PNW? And do I further assume correct that airports will be ported over to XP11? I currently use the freeware photo scenery for Washington but I am really looking forward to have the ORBX quality in XP11! And with all the airports it will be like coming home after some years abroad.
  12. This is really great stuff! Absolutely amazing to say the least!!! May I ask what framerates you get? Is there any chance to fly this in VR anytime soon with modern hardware?
  13. Great news! I never took the step to P3D V4 but shifted over to XP and now fly exclusively on XP11 in VR! So I am looking forward to see all my Orbx stuff again over time. Can't wait for PAKT and PAJN! I am currently working on populating the XP Scenery Gateway with default sea plane basis and strips in the remote areas of Alaska. 33 done and only some hundreds to go...
  14. Sounds like a fair offer! I am away from P3D (now using XP10 and now XP11) but I always missed the Orbx airports in the PNW and Alaska. Looking forward to have it "back" in XP11.
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