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  1. Hello, I find the ground in the two harbours areas is much too bright, therefore it looks very ugly. Is there a possibility to adapt the whole thing more to reality? Peter
  2. Yes, that's right. With base, the autogen is misplaced. The black spots with night lighting I don't have near LOWW, but in the near of LOIK and only by using Open_LC. Me and other users have those black/Night Textures near airport of Florence/Italy and other places in some Italy areas with Open_LC activated. I think neither Base nor Open_LC is really compatible at the moment. This needs to be improved. Peter
  3. because, it cannot be that the incompetent user tells the developer how to do it. What a shame. The next bann will follow! Peter
  4. Hi, is the City of Rijeka included, with the harbour?
  5. The road traffic goes only in one direction except on highways. Is this true?
  6. No! If you use it again you will get the same autogen conflict! I have Slowenia also. But some of the buildings have black walls. In time of P3D v4 I used only photoreal sceneries without Orbx Sceneries installed there where no problems. Photoreal sceneries like Slowenia and all other Photoreal stuff are not really compatible with Orbx seneries
  7. did you installed any scnery from France VFR or run the compatibility "setupAGX64" file? Because it looks like a compatibility setup has been executed. The "default.xlm" when Orbx stuff is installed has a size of 27010.000KB. Yours 7.652.326. Make a uninstall of the Orbx libraries and than a New Install, that should help.
  8. The color of the sea, rivers and lakes in P3D v5 is not good, a tool would be fine.
  9. Altigo's 1st picture is GES with Prealsoft Frankfurt HD City.
  10. that not Orbx, thats Lockheed Martin. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6307&t=137893 and here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/193311-p3dv5-mit-hf1-szeneriefehler-am-bodensee/
  11. Me and some other users too.I think GES and GEN are not compatible with Version 5.
  12. Hello, I have in P3D v.5 with the Terrain.cfg created by Orbx such bugs in the OpenLC_Europe sceneries With the original Terrain.cfg they are not present and OpenLC_Europe is at the bottom of the library in front of the original P3D sceneries Regards Peter
  13. I wrote last week in P3D Scenery Dev. Forum about this mistake and some out of scale Buildings in that area and i've got answers: I'm pretty sure i've got the Ticino spike 'jet fountain' fixed in the next update. What is the ver very big Pirelli Tower? Can you post a screenshot? I'm assuming you mean a custom model that's not that big in real life Thanks for letting me know about those buildings scale, i'll make a ticket for those you mention. I'm aware that a lot of our custom city landmark models are out of scale. Some of these models date back to FS9 (think
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