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  1. You can buy PC Pilot at the larger WH.Smith `s Regards
  2. Hi. The current `Computer Active magazine` p8 . Has highlighted what appears to be a potentially serious flaw with WIN7 and XP . I am using WIN10 but I know many of you are still on WIN7. It appears to be serious enough for me to mention it here . The fix for WIN7 is at www.snipca.com/31648 and for XP www.snipca.com/31647.. Perhaps some one who is more computer able that me could give better advise . Regards
  3. Hi Dadtom65 , Yes I do mean second hand equipment , I am a Radio Ham and we have sales of second hand equipment at most rallies. Regards
  4. I always go and enjoy it but apart from PCs there isn't a lot of hardware ; I would like to see a `bring and buy` Regards
  5. I have just updated my Nvidia driver and was presented with this , if anybody buys it please let me have your opinion .
  6. If you are on a fixed income you options are much reduced .
  7. I enjoy the forum and look for interesting subjects anything that will make my old PC work like a new PC but haven't found it yet .
  8. I remember those nice patterns the ice made on the inside of my bedroom window . But don't miss them .
  9. I am also not interested in FPS , just smoothness . I have an annoying issue that I have had for a long time, for which I have previously been given advise by this forum without any success. Whilst flying I see in the distance, scenery and cars etc jerk into existence , and I find myself looking for the problem instead of enjoying the flight ( I know its stupid) . I have low FSX settings and antivirus turned off . I am hoping that PD3v4 might fix this for me . Regards
  10. Thanks Ozboater I will have a look at the pics , I am still thinking .
  11. Hi Stewart. I don't know a great deal but running a flight sim teaches you a lot . The PC was made by Chill Blast about seven years ago and its been a great PC, and its still running well with FSX perhaps because I only fly GA aircraft . if I had the money I would buy another from them . I perhaps need to reconsider updating my motherboard and CPU. I might learn how to build a PC . Thanks again
  12. Thanks Stewart. My Graphics card is a GTX 660 TI 2048 MB. my i5 is overclocked up to 4.6GHz. but it looks like I am on the edge of being serviceable , Thank you again Regards
  13. Hi all. I am researching prior to purchasing PD3V4 ,and there is perhaps too much information for my old brain to take in . My first worry is that my system appears to be just slightly under the recommended specifications . I have a separate 500gb ssd for FSX , and an Asus P8777 motherboard , I have attached what I hope is enough information. Is there some body who has a similar system who can give me there opinion on if I should be able to run PD3 v4 . I have for FSX ---> REX, ASN, Tracker IR , VFX , all my scenery is ORBX . Regards
  14. Hi all.... I asked the same question twelve months ago and its still work in progress . Sadly for me my family want to do it all themselves without using my account . I would need to transfer from a holding account in to my account. regards
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