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  1. I am an old guy on a fixed income, my Pc wont run Prepar3D , so I don't have any choice but to stick with FSX . I suspect technology will catch up with all of you one day . So enjoy it whilst you can. Regards
  2. Hi I have transferred Precipit FX into Orbx but it goes directly onto my C drive , I have all my Flight Sim items on a separate G drive and there isn't an option to select where it goes . I have tried copy and paste into the G drive but cannot open it from there . Regards
  3. Gollum

    Precipit FX

    Hi Ben , Thank you for the response , I have now managed to install Precipit FX thank you . It seems my problems were caused by ; I wasn't using latest version of Orbx central , also I have all my Flight Sim stuff on a separate hard drive not the C drive, which meant that I needed to change some things manually . Regards Gollum
  4. Gollum

    Precipit FX

    Hi I am trying to transfer Precipit FX into ORBX . I have uninstalled Oldprop products and deleted VFX CentraI ; I can see it in ORBX Utilities , if I try and open it in ORBX central I get the following message:- `Yu`ll need a new app to open this ORBX link . Which I cannot get ; If I try and download via ORBX central , I get the same message . If I try a manual download I get the message `This product does not have a full build download available ` Some where in my attempts to sort this out I have also had this message , `OldProp products were added to your account. PrecipitFX could not be added as you already own it. ` As you can see I am thoroughly mixed up, and expect some where along the line that it will be my own fault, but I have really tried . Need help Regards
  5. Thanks Roger , I will try again. I arrived at the page where you said what type of plane you flew . I selected a single prop plane , but it wouldn't go to the next page . UPDATE Tried again if you select " Single engine private" and then "Most of the Time" when you get to `next` it wont take it Thanks again
  6. I have received an email Flight sim survey , I cannot get past the page that askes what type of plane do I fly . I am only putting this here to find out if I am the only one ?
  7. You can buy PC Pilot at the larger WH.Smith `s Regards
  8. Hi. The current `Computer Active magazine` p8 . Has highlighted what appears to be a potentially serious flaw with WIN7 and XP . I am using WIN10 but I know many of you are still on WIN7. It appears to be serious enough for me to mention it here . The fix for WIN7 is at www.snipca.com/31648 and for XP www.snipca.com/31647.. Perhaps some one who is more computer able that me could give better advise . Regards
  9. Hi Dadtom65 , Yes I do mean second hand equipment , I am a Radio Ham and we have sales of second hand equipment at most rallies. Regards
  10. I always go and enjoy it but apart from PCs there isn't a lot of hardware ; I would like to see a `bring and buy` Regards
  11. I have just updated my Nvidia driver and was presented with this , if anybody buys it please let me have your opinion .
  12. Hi Ecosse, I cannot answer your question, however when ever I have ran the verify file, the process `appears` to reinstall the product at the latest level . I am sure that you will be given a more accurate answer but perhaps you should try you products and if it works don't fix it . Regards Ray
  13. If you are on a fixed income you options are much reduced .
  14. I enjoy the forum and look for interesting subjects anything that will make my old PC work like a new PC but haven't found it yet .
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