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  1. Hi. The current `Computer Active magazine` p8 . Has highlighted what appears to be a potentially serious flaw with WIN7 and XP . I am using WIN10 but I know many of you are still on WIN7. It appears to be serious enough for me to mention it here . The fix for WIN7 is at www.snipca.com/31648 and for XP www.snipca.com/31647.. Perhaps some one who is more computer able that me could give better advise . Regards
  2. Hi Dadtom65 , Yes I do mean second hand equipment , I am a Radio Ham and we have sales of second hand equipment at most rallies. Regards
  3. I always go and enjoy it but apart from PCs there isn't a lot of hardware ; I would like to see a `bring and buy` Regards
  4. I have just updated my Nvidia driver and was presented with this , if anybody buys it please let me have your opinion .
  5. If you are on a fixed income you options are much reduced .
  6. I enjoy the forum and look for interesting subjects anything that will make my old PC work like a new PC but haven't found it yet .
  7. I remember those nice patterns the ice made on the inside of my bedroom window . But don't miss them .
  8. I am also not interested in FPS , just smoothness . I have an annoying issue that I have had for a long time, for which I have previously been given advise by this forum without any success. Whilst flying I see in the distance, scenery and cars etc jerk into existence , and I find myself looking for the problem instead of enjoying the flight ( I know its stupid) . I have low FSX settings and antivirus turned off . I am hoping that PD3v4 might fix this for me . Regards
  9. Thanks Ozboater I will have a look at the pics , I am still thinking .
  10. Hi Stewart. I don't know a great deal but running a flight sim teaches you a lot . The PC was made by Chill Blast about seven years ago and its been a great PC, and its still running well with FSX perhaps because I only fly GA aircraft . if I had the money I would buy another from them . I perhaps need to reconsider updating my motherboard and CPU. I might learn how to build a PC . Thanks again
  11. Thanks Stewart. My Graphics card is a GTX 660 TI 2048 MB. my i5 is overclocked up to 4.6GHz. but it looks like I am on the edge of being serviceable , Thank you again Regards
  12. Hi all. I am researching prior to purchasing PD3V4 ,and there is perhaps too much information for my old brain to take in . My first worry is that my system appears to be just slightly under the recommended specifications . I have a separate 500gb ssd for FSX , and an Asus P8777 motherboard , I have attached what I hope is enough information. Is there some body who has a similar system who can give me there opinion on if I should be able to run PD3 v4 . I have for FSX ---> REX, ASN, Tracker IR , VFX , all my scenery is ORBX . Regards
  13. Hi all.... I asked the same question twelve months ago and its still work in progress . Sadly for me my family want to do it all themselves without using my account . I would need to transfer from a holding account in to my account. regards
  14. Hi all I am also 71. I plan to do my final update on my PC over this Christmas . Computers and update are getting more expensive and at some point less and less people will be able to afford to improve their systems , so I would suggest that it will be more beneficial for ORBX to make there new products run better on older equipment rather than target the need to have high end equipment to run them ? Regards
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