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  1. Great! i found the sync simulator and it worked for me, thanks.
  2. Morning. Having trouble getting the Orbx line to work within p3dv5. At first I copied across the TEGB package, but didnt verify and it didnt work. Second attempt was made by just allowing central to download and install TEGBnorth. Under the Prepar3d v5 option, it shows as North being installed along with GB libraries, Orbx Libraries and ObjectFlow. In the sim, there are no active add-ons or Orbx products within the scenery library. What am I doing wrong? JC
  3. Good Morning. In beginning the process of copying folders for v5 integration, I noticed that the Orbxtemp folder is sat there with 84.9gb of data, is the temp folder needed or can it be removed? Kind regards. Jp
  4. I also have really poor road textures, or just poor ground textures on a whole really.
  5. Hi all, During the process of converting from W7 to W10, I set up the orbx library system to avoid having to download hundreds of gigabytes. My problem is that I set it up on a spinny drive, rather than an SSD... How would I go about moving it? Jack
  6. Hi there, I am a little confused to whole the back up and restore malarkey. I am planning on upgrading to w10, but I need to back up all the orbx stuff to avoid downloading them again. Can I migrate everything to library (separate internal disk) and restore from there once P3d is reinstalled?
  7. Not sure if you have changed something, but its now downloading 35gb instead
  8. Thanks for the response Nick. fingers crossed it wont take too long to mitigate the problem
  9. Operating system: Windows 7 Simulator: P3dV4.5hf2 Screenshot: Issue: Is the update for GB south really 75 GB? I feel I have set up FTX central incorrectly, I would have hoped that my current 73gb install of GB South would be used but FTX central doesn't recognise it, or I have set it up incorrectly. central.log
  10. Im a p3d peasant, just waiting for it to be ready for p3d and you will get some more of my pennies. Jack
  11. I was hoping for a better representation of the city of Leeds. I can see i the distance of some pictures that leeds is depicted well in regards to the high rise and cranes to which I assume is part of TEGB North. The high rise buildings are good VFR landmarks on approach to EGNM and considering that LBA has no star charts, they are good for IFR.
  12. Airport looks great and all, especially the sloped runway. Disappointed that the surrounding area is not better represented. Also, it is not in the Midlands.
  13. Since the hotfix, my performance has increased to more acceptable levels. Still some tweaking to find that sweet spot.
  14. David, we TEGB on 4.5 users are hoping that the LM hot fix will fix the the FPS issue, I was down as far as a single frame per 30 seconds. My system is beefier than yours and I cant run it. I would disable TEGB until the hot fix is released, and certainly don't waste money by upgrading the PC yet.
  15. Using p3d 4.5? if so, its knackered and waiting for LM to fix something.
  16. My problem is that no one from OrbX seems to have acknowledged the problem, especially when it was mentioned on the release of 4.5 that none of your scenery's have compatibility issues, I get that the test team was probably small and could well have been missed. But it still doesn't alleviate concerns as a customer that my problems where taken seriously before LM had found the problem.
  17. 2 Weeks after posting this, Orbx has still yet to acknowledge any issues with TE GB south, and just leave this post and many other like it, unanswered. Can someone please give an explanation, other than see the LM forums as they found a fix as I fail to see why bad FPS in TEGB is LMs issue.
  18. Thing is, its not just this thread, there are multiple threads within the v4. catergory, It would be nice for something to be acknowledged by someone at orbx.
  19. Ejoiner, There does seem to be something wrong with TE GB S and 4.5.
  20. Good morning, Having updated to 4.5 with a fresh install and cleaning out all the folders. Using only TE GB south, I get around 20fps at the default Heathrow, but soon as I start panning the camera in cockpit or spot mode, the FPS drops down the 0. level, even to the point where the computer completely hangs and prevents anything from being used. I have used JVs settings to see if it made a difference to which it didn't Below is my system spec, but the cpu is @4.5, I do have an issue with my memory being rinsed, p3d is currently using 11.5gb o
  21. If you want a Cessna 172 then look no further than a2a, the $50 one, not the $800 one.
  22. I didnt think FTX provided any aircraft for P3dv4+, where is this folder you're referring too?
  23. I have worse performance in 4.5 with less addons installs including UTlive. A lot less memory usage, but performance in the pmdg 777 at uk2000s egkk with utlive was running around 40fps, now i get 40fps in the default piper club with no traffic. Using JVs settings too.
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