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  1. Great news on the update, is there a changelog and is one of the fixes, being the removal of jetways from uk2000 airports?
  2. This looks just incredible, its my neck of the woods too, if anything would convince me of buying xplane, its this.
  3. Hi there! Lets start off with something positive, What you guys do within the world of FSX is nothing short of legendary. The visuals and the FPS are everything that anybody could ask for. I do own EGHR, But I am probably going to hold off on the other airports until a sale comes up. That being said, about the future planned airfields... Why are they all in the south of the England?
  4. hey congratulations, I stopped on the 1st of January, it wasn't a new years resolution. The girlfriend decided to take champix to quit, so i thought Id just see how i got on. Im 29 days in, Had one drag of a cigarette on the 15th and it did not taste nice. I dont often think about smoking these days and the cravings have pretty much gone. The fact that I am commenting on this thread is making me want to smoke! Hurrah for willpower!
  5. If you look at the list, the airports are in the south of the UK, or that below that imaginary north/south divide. They will move north as time goes on
  6. The train up Snowdon actually moves? (simple things, as this, would be a surprise!)
  7. I haven't encountered any issues regarding FTX:england and UK2000 sceneries.
  8. Good value for money for the TV license? They sack a guy after how many days in charge yet give him 400k for his trouble... The roads are a little bland in FTX:England. But I guess with too much detail and the FPS goes out the window.
  9. WIth the release of FTX:England and my first purchase of Orbx software, I have been thinking and figured I would put it paper and see what other people think. After flying around a little bit and noticing that, its a more highly detailed and vibrant version of the default FSX. I think that OrbX may do well to take advantage of micro-transactions, in the form of charging for specific area sizes of more detail. For example. Id like my little village created in more detail, its less than 1 square mile, so for 1 square mile, Id pay you say.. £20. But if i wanted my street and surround area modelled, which is about 180 square meters, Id pay you £5. and to go even smaller, if someone wanted a specific building modelled, like their house, or bridge, you could charge £2. I do however realise that in doing this would take your workforce away from their current job and undoubtedly you would be inundated with requests. So perhaps with that in mind, you could have a set number of micro-transactions per week/month and based on a first come first served basis and to be paid for before work commences. In order to publish them, they are released as one installer to everyone every month just to add the area to the game. Just thinking aloud! Jack
  10. Any chance you can make a video of FTX England in the same way the you (i think it was you, can't find the video anymore) made the FTX Aus video where the cessna flew through a 'window' from default Austrailia to FTX Aus?
  11. Dont forget this />http://www.nextlevelsimulations.com/ Its been in the making for a long time, I'd guesstimate around the 3 year mark.They turned off their forums about 18 months ago due to the amount of 'when will it be released' posts. I have been looking forward to it for so long and it just doesn't feel like it will ever be finished.
  12. Really pleased that you're taking time work on the big airports, and they are nice.. compared to some. So lets be the first to be negative... will it possible to de-select specific airfields on installation or through a control panel for those who have more detailed airport sceneries?
  13. aww someone beat me to it, I was looking at the refinery thinking.. Did he read my post and want to show it was there? I shall be buying FTX ENG and the rest of the United Kingdom when you release it. Next on the list should be The Republic of Ireland, just so its another island finished.
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