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  1. GO Navy. Customers that have no interest in paying extra for DVD service, then having to activate that DVD, will find something else to do. Human nature.
  2. I'm just throwing this out there. My FSX hangs every now and then with any type of scenery. Only when I "alt-enter" will it solve the issue. Sort of the reverse of Bert's problem. The only thing I can think of is these issues may be video driver related. I'm currently using NV 306.23. GTX 560 Ti. Nvidia Inspector
  3. For me, this type of decision creates a slow-moving stream for "Orbx Global" plus "Updates", as well as specific sceneries. I dislike the idea, but will adapt and find temporary solutions.
  4. EGBT large hole
  5. Howdy, I'm visiting these particular aiports to observe the placement of the static Vulcan Bomber community add on. This issue is resolved after reapplication of both patches plus latest library.
  6. EGSH mesh issue, and wondering what's in the circle, is that supposed to be a parking lot?
  7. bump, no difference after reapplication of existing patches.
  8. I have holes at the 2 airports in ORBX UK I've visited so far. Fresh install, latest patches, latest library installed "after" latest patch. I've recycled the scenery a few times, issue remains. These are the only 2 airports I've visited so far after a fresh install. I'm in the process of re-downloading the 2 UK patches, and hope to resolve the problem by patching again. EGMC Southend EGCD Woodford
  9. FTX Australia - OzX Oz WA - Katanning_YKNG. FTX PNW - OzX NA Oregon Coast - Tillamook_S47. Willamete Valley - Starks Twin Oaks_7S3. My signature is a copy of the FTX Central report.
  10. I hope an ORBX Lite DVD package will be available at some point as my internet is prehistoric.
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