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  1. Hey Buddy, Thanks for taking the time to respond! I am taking the dive! Downloaded FSRecorder. I understand it Fraps is a FPS killer.? As for editing software I have that. I have been editing real world for years. My curiosity was how to make those panning exterior shots. Do they use EZDok, Opus cameras, or setup a camera in FSX? [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4lNZPmf-2Q&feature=player_embedded
  2. Hey guys, Maybe asked here before. Quick search did not find much. Orbx how do you guys make those great videos of the areas? I want to get started down the RIGHT path so what programs do you use to record the videos. I am all set to edit as I do that kind of stuff for a living. Just not sure where to start on getting those outside pans and content to bring onto my editor. Thanks and will post my Orbx videos on these forums.
  3. That's right the Yanks are coming! Lock up your women! Just a logical observation - Fighters can fly out of a Bomber base but Bombers can not fly off of short runways......Just saying....
  4. Wow I could just hug you Orbx (Tim ) Bro hug that is. 1st announcing south Alaska and now WW2. AWESOME! I voted for B-17 base and would be happy to leave it up to the experts here to figure out which. B-17s for me all the way!! 91st - I have been cruising your site a lot lately and once I brush back up on my skills (been practicing nav in smaller AC) will join and look forward to flying out of Orbx base(s). I have a love for navigation/pilotage. (not GPS) Just ordered a set of 5 authentic, vintage WW2 Navy books on the subject: Air Navigation 5 Manual Set US Navy 1943 WWII. Also in my research and to maybe convert some new fans to this idea of WW2 bases check out these great vintage nav training films: (for you little friends):
  5. I am trying to figure out the 2 most recent airports to buy in the Pacific Northwest area that are not too far apart to fly GA AC back and forth from. Since it looks like the PNW (do not own yet) has the most GA Airports this maybe my next area to buy. Or if anyone has an opinion on which two are the nicest looking and are good starting places. It would be nice to have the latest and greatest innovations of as many "Flows" as possible too. Advanced thanks to the wonderful and passionate Orbx people and great people here on this forum!
  6. Any "RAF historical" AF that flew B17s, P51s, or other highend historical AC currently produced by companies like A2A.
  7. This map idea is great and will be very helpful. Also maybe organize the homepage to show airports organized by regions. Thanks for the map creation!
  8. Natural progression: Alaska. Can't wait for their southern AK. Alaska is an awesome place to fly for GAers. That is why they made a TV show about it. http://dsc.discovery...ing-wild-alaska But dreamful areas: #1 Florida Keys - so small but is fun in a floater and add the new Accu Feel for float planes and it would make it even funner. Since now there is a Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and the Islands of FlyTampa already done there are lots of places to fly in Florida. #2 Hawaii. And have it work with FSDream airports. This is another small area. Heck Orbx could do it in a weekend......kidding.
  9. Hey my little simvilians in Ketchikan are way out of control. The police must be on holiday. These guys are all driving way past the speed limit. Seems like I remember JV posting something to bring back civil order to the FSX drivers. On my new install I need it before someone gets hurt. Where would I find it?
  10. I 100% agree with Bruce! Recently save me bum too. (dang it there goes that accent again )
  11. MarkH - That is good info to know about support with the PanelBuilder. Dave - Your drawing has given me ideas (one of those just before falling asleep Ah Ha moments). So over coffee this morning I drew up my idea for a cockpit that might work for my multi-tasking computer. Of coarse it is just in Alpha stage. Barring buying a dedicated work computer it could suit my needs, it might work. My idea is to build a cabinet (I do woodwork "joinery") and make a swing down shelf with my cockpit: Then when I have to work I swing it up into a cabinet:
  12. Nice find. I am also addicted since receiving my Saitek gear last week. My problem is I use my computer for work too so it is a task to set everything up for flights and then move it the next day to work. And now look what you have gone and done. A fourth monitor too...... oh my. Lets stay in touch as we are in the same state of mind lately about cockpits. Keep me/us updated as these are good finds. When I return home from Holiday I will be setting up a second computer, overclocking my CPU/RAM (even more) and fresh install of Windows and FSX on a new SSDs. And now researching more about an actual pit build with your nice find there. Loads to do but can't wait to get at it.
  13. Good to meet you my friend! Looks like you have a budding pilot on your hands.
  14. Howard that is great. I might steal some of your ideas. . I really like the leather idea! Nice integration of the Hawg. And I really like to top with the light. That is something I need since I sim in the dark often. Have fun buddy! Top notch jobby that is mate. (you guys are starting to give me an accent )
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