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  1. Rod: Thank you for getting back. I just got done flying with the A2A Misfit MP Squadron (great flight in Connies from Cilipi Airport in Croatia (LDDU) to Innnsbruck, Austria (LOWI), and after the flight one of the guys showed me how to find that P3D v5 caret and get things rolling. I'm now installing all my regions and will soon install all my airports. Not only that, but it appears that once you get to that v5 option, the only products you can see and the ones that work with P3D v5. So all is good! Looks like I'll be able to fly our next flights on v5! Thank you ATB
  2. Guys: I've been running P3D v4.5, with tons of Orbx scenery, and it's working great. Yesterday I downloaded and installed P3D v5.1. I have the latest beta Active Sky and ASCA working, and I got the A2A J-3 working as well. Almost there! Now I need to get all my compatible Orbx scenery working in P3D v5. Right now it looks like I'm back in the old FSX days. I used to have all my Orbx scenery in C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Orbx. A few weeks back, I installed a second 1 Tb SSD in my Jetline computer, figuring that would be for Orbx scenery, thereby freeing up space on the 1 Tb SSD C:/ drive. A couple weeks ago I migrated all my Orbx scenery to a new library on the new SSD, at D:\Orbx Library\p3dv4. Well, not quite all. The various folders associated with Orbx Base didn't want to move over to the new library on the D:/ drive. The folders include: Config, Dependencies, FTX_AU, FTX_Global, FTX_NA, FTX_OLC, FTX_PI, FTX_VECTOR, Scripts, SODE_Data, Troubleshooter, and User Documents. Everything is working great in P3D v4.5. Now I need to get all my Orbx working in P3D v5.1. I've looked at "Getting Orbx Central to recognise Prepar3D v5." I'm in the Fastlane program. I've got Orbx Central. When I got to Settings -> General I see Prepar3D v4 as my active sim. How do I get Prepar3D v5 as my active sim?" When I first view my Orbx library in Explorer, I didn't notice a folder for each simulator, so I created a p3dv5 folder. I plan to keep P3D v4.5 until the early bugs get knocked out of v5, and until all my A2A aircraft are working in v5. Please tell me where to go from here, to get my scenery installed, identified, and working in P3D v5. Please make it one step at a time, in "cookbook" fashion. Also, I have a final request. It would be very helpful for us if you could identify which Orbx products don't work in P3D v5. That would really help folks who have a lot of Orbx products to know which ones they shouldn't copy or move into a P3D v5 folder. Thank you ATB
  3. Nice shot! Did you have to do anything special to get the MJ C-47 working in P3D v5? I remember I had to do several things to get it working in P3D v4, and I'm hoping that it'll just go into the P3D v5 simobjects\aircraft folder OK.
  4. Guys: I carefully read the links posted above by Mfannee, and tried some of the stuff that was discussed. First I tried verifying all my Global scenery files. I even downloaded and started FTX Central 3. It showed that I need to update several scenery elements that apparently were up-to-date with ORBX Central. I didn't update anything because I had to start getting ready for a multiplayer flight with the A2A Misfit Squadron. We get together every Sunday at 1800 Zulu, and I didn't want to miss it. So I loaded up JoinFS, Discord, Active Sky, then P3D. As P3D launched a popup asked me if I wanted to delete ORBX central, so I deleted it. Started with a default aircraft and then switched to my A2A T-6 at the designated airport. The scenery in the Bahamas looked OK, but it was hard to tell for sure, because our flight was mostly over the ocean as we hopped from island to island. After our flight I moved my T-6 back to my normal parking spot on the ramp at Arlington, and my buildings were back! Right now everything is working fine. I wish I knew exactly what I did to bring it back, but I can't say exactly which thing was the thing that did it. Maybe just flying around in a completely different area let ORBX Central shuffle and fix my local autogen stuff. So, my crisis is past. Thank you for your help. Seeya ATB
  5. Thank you for getting back. I followed the links. Now I know that I'm not the only one. Hopefully "somebody who knows something*" will provide a simple solution. *A never-to-be-forgotten phrase uttered by my wife during a particularly nasty plumbing adventure many years ago... This is a whole 'nother story. Seeya ATB
  6. Yesterday I opened ORBX Central to check for updates, and saw that KTVL had been updated, so I figured it was safe to install Hotfix 2 of P3D v4.5. I uninstalled the previous client and installed the HF2 client. I uninstalled the old then reinstalled the new, HF2 content, then the scenery files. I launched P3Dv4 HF2 and flew my A2A from Anacortes to Arlington, Washington. I noticed that the scenery looked a bit flat, but otherwise, the flight went fine. The scenery looked really flat while flying the pattern around my home field, Arlington (KAWO). I must have done something wrong during the uninstalling and installing described above, so I completely uninstalled HF2 and went back to the previous version of P3D v4.5. Uh-oh; still the same. I tried uninstalling that, then installing P3D v4.5 HF2, and the result was exactly the same - no better, no worse. At least the problem with funny bumps all over South Tahoe (KTVL) are fixed, but it's a drag flying over my Snoqualmie Valley with all the houses gone. Here are a couple comparison shots: Before: After: I've got Global BASE Pack, Buildings HD, Trees HD, Vector, Open LC Europe, Mesh SA, NA, and SA, all the regions in the US, and just about all the airports in the Western US. I haven't changed the location of the library or changed the order of anything in the library from what it was when it was working. Everything was working great until I did that bit of deleting, the reinstalling, client, content, and scenery of P3D v 4.5 HF2. Any thoughts as to what I did wrong, but more importantly, how do I get my scenery back to where it was? Thank you ATB
  7. Two things: 1) I'll have to look again to see what improvements I'll get from Hotfix 2 vs. what I've got right now P3D v4.5 from May 19 and decide if I want to update just the client. 2) I have to run ORBX Central to see if there's an update, right? So every time I run it to see if there's an update, I have to re-order my Vector entries. That's a drag. Please let me know if there's an update. Oh yeah - one thing I forgot to mention in my post above is that the KTVL looked great after I reverted back to the earlier version of P3D v4.5. Then I took off in the Mustang and started out toward Furnace Creek. The scenery had many strange rectangles. I started ORBX Central and reconfigured Vector and then Libraries, and started the flight over again. The scenery looked great, all the way down to Furnace Creek, except for a few black partial rectangles on the shorelines of some of those lakes along the way, but they weren't too bad. Thank you ATB
  8. I just uninstalled P3D v4.5 Hotfix 2 (Prepar3D_v4_Academic_4.5.13.32097) and reinstalled P3D v4.5 from May 2019 (Prepar3D_v4_Academic_4.5.12.30293). Full uninstall and full install. The delamination problem at KTVL is totally gone. I didn't take a screenshot, but it would look like the last picture above but with ORBX KTVL turned on and way more of that fine ORBX detail. So it appears to be something that ORBX doesn't like about P3D v4.5 Hotfix 2. I've got so much ORBX scenery that I'll just stick with this version of P3D until the issue is resolved. Seeya ATB
  9. Yes, I have a lot of ORBX, including, but not limited to: Global BASE Pack, VECTOR, Open LC North America, all the NA Regions, and most of the airports in the Western US. Seeya ATB
  10. Guys: I installed P3D v4.5 hotfix 2 last week. Decided to fly my Mustang from South Tahoe (KTVL) to Furnace Creek (L06). Noticed that the terrain was not flat, and some of the nearby parked airplanes were on the non-ORBX surface, while my P-51 was on a semi-opaque, higher surface. Here is a screenshot, showing my Mustang sitting on the higher surface, with shadows being cast on the higher surface and the lower surface: Here's the external view at "ground" level: Here's another view, from the back of the airplane: Here's what I get with my ORBX KTVL scenery turned off: I have flown into and out of ORBX KTVL several times before, and it's always been OK. I tried reconfiguring Global BASE Pack, and Libraries as recommended in another thread on this subject, with no difference. Turning the KTVL scenery works pretty well, but I consider that to be a temporary fix, seein' as how I paid for the airport scenery. Any ideas? Thank you ATB
  11. Doug - you did it! Thank you! I verified both the BASE pack and the Library, and Germany is looking good! I sure am glad that I decided to pre-run our MP flight that is scheduled for tomorrow, and that I found this thread, Thank you ATB OK, now back to flyin'!
  12. Cool! I see Sundancer beat me to it with the "Piece of Cake" reference. Way to go! Way back when, when I was starting out with DC-3 airways, the final checkride included flying a DC-3 through the big dirigible hangar at Moffett Field. Seeya ATB
  13. Oh man - I do remember those drag races. Super stock automatic MOPARs! Yeah! They have the shadows fixed now, and everything is great with KHAF. My T-6 really likes the place. Seeya ATB
  14. Misha: Very cool. Thank you! I used to live in San Bruno, California, and rode my 1950 Harley Davidson Panhead to Capuchino High School (Class of '64). One day in 62 or '63 I read in the newspaper that a somebody had landed a Staggerwing Beechcraft wheels up at Half Moon Bay Airport and the airplane burned up. I rode over there on my Pan, and saw the smoking ruins. I also met a kid that went to my same high school. His dad, Frank Sylvestri, ran the airport. I got the full tour. Soon I was working there on weekends for flying time, to the scale of a half-hour of instruction in a Cessna 140 or 150 for a day of work. The job consisted of rolling out the Cessna 150s and 140s in the morning, gassing and washing airplanes during the day, sweeping out the hangar, and ended up with carefully stowing all the airplanes back in the hangar, and other duties as required. After I accrued 13.5 hours of flying time, I figured that flying was too expensive, so I asked to be paid in money instead of hours. Five dollars per day. Lots of good stories over the years. Many AN-grade fasteners found their way to my Panhead. If I showed up 15 minutes late for work, Frank would growl, "Good afternoon!" He ran West Coast Aviation and the airport operations like a WW2 fighter base (he flew P-47s in WW2). Years went by. I moved my family to Pugetropolis. More years went by. Snoopie got painted on the roof of the hangar. Every so often I'd get back down to the Bay Area, and would stop in at Half Moon Bay Airport. The old Waco biplane was still being rebuilt in the north wing of the main hangar. Last time I saw Frank was in June 2011, when I rode down there on a BMW K1200S. We were all a lot older by that time. I shook Frank's hand and thanked him for letting me work at the airport and all the experiences. Last time I was at the airport was in 2015. My wife and I went out to dinner in nearby El Granada with my now life-long pal and his wife. Plan was to drop my wife with my pal's wife at their nearby house so they could chit chat, and I drove over to meet my pal at the hangar. It was late in the afternoon and all the work was done. We rolled the hangar doors closed and my pal poured us each a glass of scotch. I got the full tour. You can see why I bought KHAF within hours of it coming out. Thank you ATB
  15. I purchased Half Moon Bay Airport on 1/14/2018. I noticed that the shadows are double for airplanes where the shadows are cast on the apron, but not where they're cast on the surrounding areas. Take a close look at your screenshot with the twin Beech parked out in front of the terminal building. Two shadows. Take a look at my T-6 parked near the edge of the apron at KHAF. Only one shadow where it's cast onto the grass, but two shadows where it's cast onto the asphalt apron. Thank you ATB
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