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  1. Thank you so much Doug! I really appreciate your help sir.
  2. Hello friends, I'm having an installation issue with EU Germany North. I've verified the files multiple times as instructed, and uninstalled/reinstalled the product 3x. Rebooting system after each uninstall. Same issue. Error message keeps saying (1) file failed to extract. Please advise how I should proceed if possible. I cannot figure this out. The installation path was decided by Orbx Central - I didn't alter anything. And ideas what I can do to fix this? Thank you for any advice. -Glenn This is a fresh, fully updated install of Windows 10 Home. SteamEdition-FSX was i
  3. Hello Friends. I have FSX-SE installed and working beautifully with FTX Global + Vector. Fully updated. Latest Library installed the new FTXCentral2 app. Then I started the process of installing PNW + the patches 005 and 008. I loaded FSX-SE immediately after installing PNW... before I installed any PNW patches. Default flight is Friday Harbor. There are thousands of fir trees EVERYWHERE, floating in the water, etc. Blocks of waterclass are on the land as well. I downloaded the FSX Registry repair tool, and ran it, pointing the FSX path to G:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX. I was hoping this wou
  4. My friends... I am happy to report that these last two ideas by Tim and Adrian have saved the day!!! I was not aware of the wrapper using the C:\temp folder prior to the installation process. Everything appears to be okay now, and the SAK Alaska scenery has been installed at last! Thank you - Thank you - Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! your assistance and help has been much appreciated, and I am so happy to finally have this scenery installed. ~Glenn @Adrian: The available C:\ disk space was approx. 4GB, but I cleaned it up using the Windows7 utility, and everything appears to be o
  5. As stated above, after months of wasted downloads and the recent additional $20.00 purchase of a 'FlightSim Store recommended' Download Manager program, I was reduced to spending more money on this effort to get the Alaska scenery installed, and I had finally purchased the $9.00 Digital-Media Disc option from the FlightSim Store as a last resort. This afternoon (Tuesday Dec. 17th, 2013) it arrived in the post. I was excited to get it installed, but unfortunately the 'real-world' had other plans for my time, and so it is now after midnight before I could try it. I restarted my system. I
  6. UPDATE: A few weeks ago I ordered the SAK scenery on Digital-Media format for $9.00 from the Flightsim Store. Just waiting on the disc to arrive. When it does, I will update you all on what happens. Hopefully, this will take care of everything. Keeping fingers crossed. ~Glenn
  7. I know. I did delete it. And then I would download the file again from one of the different server options listed on the Flightsim Store webpage of download links. I have downloaded the Alaska file from every single link option with the same results. It has been frustrating. Sorry to be so negative sounding.
  8. Yes sir. Each time I delete the entire set of folders (everything) and I have even gone so far as to restart the machine... still no success.
  9. Thank you so much Adrian for your assistance. I downloaded the suggested file (WinMD5) and checked the download values. The MD5 values do not match between the actual files and the website MD5 values listed on the download webpage. I have lost count of how many times I have downloaded the Alaska files already, so I guess at this point I will just need to spend more money to get this product to work. Hopefully this last method of buying it on DVD-copy will prove workable. Thank you again so much for your help. have a great day my friend! ~Glenn
  10. Hello Friends, I purchased the FTX NA Blue Southern Alaska scenery in July 2013, but I have never been able to install it yet due to repeated extraction issues (all the same issue). I have spent many, many hours downloading the SAK files from the different download web links offered by the Flightsim store with no success. I even finally purchased a separate Download Manager (GetRight) for an extra $20.00USD yesterday that the Flightsim store recommended buying to assist in a positive & successful download. Still no luck. Every single download continues to fail during the un-wrapping/ex
  11. Dear Customer Service, Can someone please provide me with assistance on this still unresolved issue concerning the beautiful KBVS Skagit scenery. My DVD still refuses to install. I have followed the only advice given to me thru the FTX Support Forum many, many times with no success @ all. The advice was to try a different DVD-ROM to copy the disc contents. I have used several (different) DVD disk drives... the KBVS DVD remains unreadable at approx. 9-11% of the installation process. It usually happens in the human lib. section. I have included the link to the Forum post I have alrea
  12. Totally confused @ this point why there has been no further advice or offers of support options on this issue that is now (1) year old. My Skagit airport DVD is still not usable (cannot copy files off of it) and I still have never been able to enjoy the scenery I paid for. Am I the clutz here somehow by asking for assistance in this FTX Forum? Is there another Forum, or separate website I am supposed to be asking for help on other than this one? Just amazed this amount of time has lapsed wth no solution. What did (I) do wrong in my quest for a solution? ~Glenn
  13. Hello friends, Does anyone involved @ Orbx have any new ideas for this problem? I'm still waiting for some help on this issue. I have tried copying/moving/sending/dragging the Skagit airport files located on the original Orbx FTX DVD over to a different hard drive, and also a USB flash drive... using 4 different DVD drives at this point, from 3 different computer systems (one was Windows XP Professional 32-bit -- the other two were Windows 7 Professional 64-bit systems + swapping my current drive on my personal computer out with another new drive) and I still have the exact same problem.
  14. PCAviator.com (order# 48950) Guys, I still need help with this issue. I have tried moving / copying every file/item on the installation DVD over to my hard drive, and even to a portable USB drive. I get an error message with every effort, saying the file cannot be copied. Every attempt to run the installation using the DVD results in the above mentioned issues. Is there anything that can be done about this problem? I grew so frustrated with it initially that I just quit on it for a while. But, I really want to use the Skagit airport (it's the only one missing from my FSX scenery tha
  15. I'll give it another try Alex. I tried copying the .exe setup application to the desktop last night and reinstalling the airport. I got the same message, only faster, at about the 6% mark. I'll try moving everything to a different hard-drive and let you know what happens. Have a great day!
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