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  1. Hi, If you purchased any Orbx titles from MSFS Marketplace, you are not able to "Port" them into your OrbxDirect Account or Central. Thanks Richard
  2. Hi, Please submit a Ticket using the Link below, you will need to Uninstall the product first, then choose a product of the same (equal value) or less and let me know in that Ticket please. The product must be an Orbx Title, not a 3rd party add on. And Thank you @Jon Clarke https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  3. 3090 is ideal for 4K, if you want to max out 4K. 8K is still in its baby stages.
  4. Hi John, This is odd as I can see it was previously enabled due to you submitting iD, I have just re instated the Seniors Discount. I have not however received a Ticket from you for some time. I will ask a the Developer as to why your Discount keeps disappearing.
  5. I tested the 3080 for a local outfit here in Perth, who were curious as to the performance gain for FlightSims, 20% gain on my Rig with MS2020, closer to 30% gain with P3DV5 and Xplane. I will be sticking to my card until there is enough of an improvement. Also to mention, the 3080 was a Founders Card, so not bad I guess, I usually stay away from those. Interesting times for the Sim Community
  6. Hi All, Please have an opinion, although do not assume it is ok to go back down the path of Sim bashing. That is how topics are Locked or Removed. And unnecessary comments because you do not agree with a users opinion will not be tolerated. Please keep the discussion civil.
  7. Just my Opinion, Like most things in life, you move with the times and trends on some things, and not on others. Orbx may or may not go down the Subscription path (Who Knows) However, at least it is an option, and some customers may prefer a system like that, others may not. Being flexible is from what I can see, part of good business. We do appreciate customers expressing there views here, politely of course.
  8. Hi, I can see LGKO for MS2020 was a successful Transaction and you have downloaded the package on the 10/09/20. We will need to investigate this further. Thanks Richard Please open a Ticket found here https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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