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  1. Hi, We do not Transfer from SimMarket to Orbx Direct. Thanks Richard
  2. Hi, There is no apparent issue with the payment option you have stated Sir, we have not received payment for Vector for P3DV5. I would suggest you contact your Financial Institution and enquire as to why the payment has not gone through, we only accept payment if the provider you delegate approves the purchase. Apologies for any inconvenience caused out of our control. If you have any further enquires regarding payment, please submit a Ticket. We are always here to help. As to the discounted price, once the Discounted price for a product and or products has finished in the
  3. Hi, I am the individual who responded to your Ticket enquiry, the reason you have not been refunded as stated in the Ticket is because you have installed the purchase of WSSS you made at Orbx with Central. Please see our Refund Policy here. https://orbxdirect.com/refunds Thanks Richard
  4. Hi Stuart, It is unfortunate I am not able to help you Sir, however as explained to you in the Ticket, there is no viable reason for you to receive a Refund or transfer the product to the Market Place (We can not actually do that) based on the reason you have outlined. As to the the Blunt remark, I can only reply with facts, nothing more. Thanks Richard
  5. Hi Fulvio, With each announcement of a Partnership, typically, at the bottom of a particular product Orbx have partnered with if available you will see something like the image shown.
  6. Hi, Please make every effort to have this issue resolved with the Technical Support Team here on the Forum, if a resolution can not be made, we will issue you a refund provided the Scenery is uninstalled. Thanks Richard
  7. Hi Rob, I can not speak for Orbx on this one, I have done 4 airports myself, it is a long learning curve for sure. From what I have gathered, a lot of reading and trying things out, I get stuck on something, I do not give up until I have it in the bag, then I go back and re do it again and keep notes on my process. FSDeveloper is your friend, there is a plethora of information on there and most if not all do the hard yards, occasionally you ask the right question and get the answer you are after and that one thing now suddenly all makes sense. I am now using Blender sinc
  8. Lol. Where I am from we have a Big Potato as our Landmark, although for sale atm. Says a lot.
  9. You can contact the issuer of the card online and enable International Transactions. Not all pre paid cards have International Transaction ability.
  10. PNG would have to be the hardest place in the world to get imagery without clouds. Broken at 6000ft AGL is pretty normal.
  11. Hi Ken, Please submit a Ticket and I will help you https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Thanks Richard
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