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  1. Being banned for a reason, do not counter post here again Doug. Topic Locked
  2. I removed the comment dominique. No need for such remarks in this Forum.
  3. Hi Falconer, I do not see an issue with it, although please do not advise your Followers you are Acting on or are Employed by Orbx Systems Simulations in any way shape of Form. Also, any written, Image and or Video associated within this Forum, FTXCentral, or our Website including Sales Material is the Property of Orbx Simulation Systems. Have Fun
  4. No need to get Nervous Macca, we have more than one platform to cater for. Share the love mate
  5. Hi Geoff, You need a Transaction iD and or FSS Order Number to gain access, and looking at your account, please Open a Support Ticket and I can sort this out for you. https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  6. I do not understand why one is not upside down?
  7. Hi All, I would like to remind you that this is a Preview of a paid product, please refrain from external links or suggestions of " Other Developers and or Vendors" products. We are here to showcase our product, there are other Sub Forums that are created for utilising such suggestions, as helpful as they may be.
  8. Gday, All good mate, I do think it is best to Open a Topic with any issues one may have so the Development Team can take a look and have issues fixed if needed. I am sure Jarrad's influence on the area will be pleasing.
  9. I have adjusted the Topic Heading. I have seen a few posts regarding customer dissatisfaction with Perth and its surrounds, perhaps instead the approach being taken at this time, a customer and or customers may consider creating a Topic in an appropriate section of this Forum with screenshots and Coordinates. This will enable Moderators and Developers to have a reference as to have issues fixed like the tile above.
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