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  1. Gday, All good mate, I do think it is best to Open a Topic with any issues one may have so the Development Team can take a look and have issues fixed if needed. I am sure Jarrad's influence on the area will be pleasing.
  2. I have adjusted the Topic Heading. I have seen a few posts regarding customer dissatisfaction with Perth and its surrounds, perhaps instead the approach being taken at this time, a customer and or customers may consider creating a Topic in an appropriate section of this Forum with screenshots and Coordinates. This will enable Moderators and Developers to have a reference as to have issues fixed like the tile above.
  3. RAAF Pearse looks just as awesome in or out of the sim when flying overhead.
  4. It would be best to just go check it out on that site, we do not need opinions spilling over.
  5. Hi Patful, I have edited your post, posting links to other Developers creations in an Orbx Product Preview is not allowed.
  6. Hi Aussie, I have made edits to your post regarding Domestic Politics. Politics has no place in this Forum. Cheers Richard
  7. I am surprised with ASL2 on the Goldy Macca, sorry I do not have a size estimate at this time.
  8. Hi, You could always install IDM and Manually Download, IDM should push that number to 1mb/s and at least it can also save where the download is up to if the download cuts out, there is also a free 14day trial.
  9. Hi All, Occasionally, we receive a request to Transfer Orbx Products from one Orbx Direct Account to another that has been purchased by another customer. This is not allowed and will not be tolerated, we take our EULA very seriously. If you purchase Orbx Products in your account, they will not be moved to another account, we will not allow a customer to Sell their account and or products to another customer. Thanks Richard
  10. Hi, I have changed the Colorful Metaphor to Wow. Please do not think it is ok to swear here, as excited as you may be. Thanks Richard
  11. Hi Tdog, You will not be able to install Orbx Products into XP10 only XP11, and the various ESP Simulators, simulator version dependant. A good way to check is to head over to the Home Page/Products and have a look what is available to be installed given the particular Sim you have. Image below as an example.
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