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  1. I require copy of ORBX Global Vector

    Hi Jim, Still, a no go, this should be conducted through the Ticket system, only takes one or two minutes. https://orbxdirect.com/support Almost at the bottom of the page.
  2. I require copy of ORBX Global Vector

    Hi Jim, It appears it did not go through due to you having your PM's disabled, please open a Ticket with Proof of Purchase details and I can help you from there.
  3. I require copy of ORBX Global Vector

    Hi Jim, PM sent Sir.
  4. Flight Sim 2017 Cosford - Some pics

    Not a bad spot under the Comet, good turnout?
  5. Happy birthday Doug!

    Happy Birthday Doug
  6. DVD Crossgrade problems

    Proof of Purchase issue now Resolved.
  7. DVD Crossgrade problems

    Hi, I have looked over submissions, please reply via Pm with the email used for this account or submit a ticket to follow due process.
  8. DVD Crossgrade problems

    Hi, If the image, and or images are not visible then yes , it will be rejected Sir. What format are you submitting the proof of purchase as? If a submission is rejected, an explanation is always given.
  9. Crossgrade Successful

    Hi, No problem, thanks again for you patience Sir.
  10. Happy birthday Jarrad!

    Happy Birthday mate
  11. Still Hoping

    Hi Jerry, The transfer system is currently being worked on and tested, this is a very complex system and hopefully should be up and running soon, thank you for your patience. Hopefully not long now.
  12. HB Nick Cooper

    Hi all, Happy Birthday Nick Cooper, the Gent who helps everyone, constantly!
  13. I thought openLC Asia was #3, so what happened?

    Hi, I think in light of the map provided, the question has been answered.
  14. Open Lc SA

    Hi Jack, I always run Vector Config after installs, Open Lc has no relevance really, its just good practice, if you have a Mesh, the Sim will derive the highest LOD from memory, as to floating buildings, that is just a flaw in code, a reboot of the sim should fix that up.
  15. Open Lc SA

    I like the little details.