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  1. Hi, Please see our Refund policy found here https://orbxdirect.com/refunds
  2. Hi, Just wanted to inform you, The Sale Price is greater than the Student Discount, we do not offer both. A good deal currently
  3. Thanks Scott, this was my 5th attempt at YBUD to take off I will stick to the 404 and 406 I think
  4. Indeed, I took advantage of the Freebie Mark
  5. Do you have an old Scenery File in your library? I remember two Freeware Versions of YBCG available some years ago
  6. My last deployment, I traversed the East Coast of AU and PNG, am now in Perth, everywhere I have been this last month has shown Panic Toilet Paper buying. The only sane place I visited the last month was PNG, which is odd. I am home for a month happily suffering from the Kirin Virus
  7. Hi, I took these today at AYPY, I learned a lot about the challenges the Pilot faces going into Tapini on RPT ect. Good Chat
  8. Hi Gumby, https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework
  9. My first Pc was an Amstrad, thought it was cool because it was black with coloured keys. I got it in Coburg I think, anyway I spent so much time on it, my Father threw it out because I did nothing else (adictive personality) I remember playing something like a flight sim on it.
  10. Thank you for the recognition, Orbx Developers do work very hard to give customers the best experience possible.
  11. Hi, We do not provide Support or Advice on other Developers Products at Orbx, this topic is better suited either with the Developer or another Forum.
  12. Hi, We also have plenty of Orbx Products for Xplane found here https://orbxdirect.com under Products/Xplane Global Range Europe North America and Oceana
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