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  1. Please make sure Screenshots have Orbx Products clearly visible.
  2. Thanks Gents, just arrived at AYPY and on my way to Mt Hagen. Can of SP tonight I rekon
  3. Your A/H is a little confused
  4. Hi All, Please remember this is a Preview and Screenshot Sub Forum, I encourage you to conduct questions in the correct are of the Forum, ie Xplane Forum or the Compatibility Forum Sub Section.
  5. Hi, In my Opinion, there is no need to go beyond 32G Ram, the only thing worth upgrading IMHO is your Graphics Card, going from 8700K to 9900K will produce only marginal results. Have fun
  6. Both myself and Jack have tried to reach out in various ways. He may just be taking a break hopefully
  7. Hi All, Although Excited, please remember this is an Orbx Preview Post of an upcoming title, there is a compatibility section to discuss what goes with what.
  8. Hi, I am loading it up now, I do not believe so, the Lake has not been Pink for 10 Years due Salinity
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