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  1. Yes most of them work.
  2. @Matteo Veneziani Can these simple overlooked mistakes be fixed?
  3. Many liveries on the baggage carts are backwards, Found all around the main terminal, Also taxiway lights are intruding onto the runway which is not realistic. See pics. Cheers Rick
  4. Wonderful shot Martyn. Perfect ride for some low and slow. Cheers Rick
  5. Wow Adam, What kind of Sorcery have you conjured up? Amazing shots
  6. An amazing place... Sad to watch the global tourism suffer, and the locals hit harder. Hopefully it will bounce back soon. thanks for sharing Martyn.. Great shots Cheers Rick
  7. 3 of my Fav airports Martyn in potatoe country are KBZN, KIDA, KJAC(On the border but close enough)
  8. I`ve been naughty.. decided to drag KIDA from v4-v5 for a look.....! Looks great Cheers Rick
  9. From Nick: Quote- Other weather software is available. please don`t waste your time because they do not compensate for the upper wind bug that still exists that will give excessive fuel burns with huge ground speeds. Best to wait until Active Sky quash this bug that was a previous bug in P3dv3.
  10. Hello Wil, I have v5 installed from day 1 and not had a drama yet, most complains that echo in the community are from users hacking incompatible add-ons into v5, apart from the issues that LM seemed to have rectified with the hotfix, i can say it`s stable and gives immense satisfaction having P3d on DX12, But you must tune it accordingly to your hardware. I have both v4.5 and v5 running on the same rig on separate drives, main reason is it makes it so easy to transfer Orbx scenery over to v5 as it comes online. Like all releases it`s a waiting game for other developers to bring air
  11. You can`t ask for any more from a developer... others need to watch and learn... Thank you Raz and your team. Cheers Rick
  12. Are you using Vector from v4.5 in V5.. looks like it?
  13. Thank you Nick. Edit: And done, you mark this solved.. Thanks again Nick.
  14. Fantastic Adam, I`m heading to NZQN tonight for a short hop over to Milford.. can`t wait to try it out myself! The water looks amazing. Cheers Rick
  15. I have both v4 an v5 Orbx library setup outside of both versions of P3d in one shared folder as created by Central on my D: ssd, V5 P3d is installed on my m.2 drive F: and i wanted to move the v5 library also to the same drive. Can i make a new folder and drop my v5 files into this and will Central recognise it, or do i need to create the library first using Central then drag the v5 contents into it. I am OCD about keeping things together...
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