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  1. Witchcraft Adam... Fantastic conjuring done here! Amazing shots.....
  2. Just a heads up for others. Airport is perfect with no problems for me. I deleted my rolling cache and created a new one before i tried Newcastle. Only noticeable glitch was double windsocks at both ends of the rwys. Cheers Rick
  3. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bing-data-causing-crashes-with-add-on-airports-or-scenery/364649/49
  4. Doing a medical flight into LOWI from Geneva. Gotta love Orbx and MSFS in 4K
  5. Yes most of them work.
  6. @Matteo Veneziani Can these simple overlooked mistakes be fixed?
  7. Many liveries on the baggage carts are backwards, Found all around the main terminal, Also taxiway lights are intruding onto the runway which is not realistic. See pics. Cheers Rick
  8. Wonderful shot Martyn. Perfect ride for some low and slow. Cheers Rick
  9. Wow Adam, What kind of Sorcery have you conjured up? Amazing shots
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