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  1. Forgot how stunning Jarrad`s Bozeman scenery was! Departing for Potatoe land over them hills....
  2. You get a permanent ongoing discount that never ends, It`s called AU$, all products are sold in AU prices, where most if not all other developers sell in US/EU, So when Orbx has its annual sales you get even bigger discounts on Orbx products?
  3. Took some advice and decided to enter this for this months comp... Over Mt Ngauruhoe in NZNI Good luck everyone.
  4. rick66


    Cheers Pat, I`ve sorted central, an update came through last night and it seems all is good for now... Cheers Rick
  5. Just making my way through NZNI... busted out of some bad weather at 8500 ft and was greeted with this! Gotta love Orbx Cheers Rick
  6. rick66


    Hi Pat, yea got NZWN as well, i`m having ctd`s right now so trying to nail the cause... lol I`m using Lorbi addon scenery organiser instead of the Central, it seems to be broken right now.
  7. rick66


    Got it already... Cheers, If you could pm your scenery order i`d appreaciate that immensely, I`m having flashing textures around the apron and Rob said it was the Orbx scenery order that creates it, i`ve messed with it all day to no avail?
  8. Been away lads for 5 years or so, just testing the Orbx waters again in P3dv4... I like it very much, just approaching NZCH from NZAA. Cheers Rick
  9. Fantastic Martyn, and you didn`t even call in for a Virtual Beer at my local....!
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