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  1. rlaycock

    Some more Spitfire pics

    Great shots I always say the spitfire is the most beautiful machine made by man!! Regards Bob
  2. rlaycock

    Leaving in a flurry

    well done that is an impressive shot. Bob
  3. Hi all This thread made me chuckle How many times have I done the same thing? As an engineer, professionally, I stick to if is ant broken don't fix it. As a flight simmer, I tend to go with, If I just tweaked this... or updated that...... Only to spend many hours trying to get back what I had before. With a conviction to not do that again. (as triplane noted. till the next time) Thanks for the laugh. Bob
  4. If it is Great Barrier I would be absolutely impressed. (On a clear day I can see Great Barrier from my lounge window) But does it fit the clues? it is in the southern hemisphere Its not that far from the mainland I know that Twin Islander flights did fly there, fairly sure they still do It has 2 runways but the 3rd runway on another island throws me? and its close to one of ORBX great regions However there would be heaps of other islands that would also fit the clues. Best wishes Bob
  5. rlaycock

    Whangarei Tiki Tour

    Hi Adam Now, I just can't figure out why you chose " the beautifully restored NZ Warbirds DC-3: " as the aircraft for this set of screen shots !!! For those that don't know Adam, he and I went on a magnificent flight, from Auckland to Ohakea. to an airshow on the very same DC3. It must have been close to 10 years ago, however both Adam and I have viewed this DC3 at every air show in NZ since. I would say Adam and I view this DC3 with more than respect almost with "lust" However unlike his magnificent screenshots, his photos of the same aircraft are often a little "dodgy". It is not unknown for Adam to get a wonderful shot of the sky with a hint of the aircraft in one corner of the photo. Well done Adam, as you know I do enjoy both your photos and screen shots Regards Bob
  6. rlaycock

    Queenstown test

    Lovely shots Jack Like Bruce I have spent many holidays in central Otago and absolutely love the place. Everywhere you look there is a mountain or a lake. I can also recommend the area for Pinot Nior. Their is a lovely small vineyard called Gibson valley Wines, (its a little North) of your flight and they do a world class Pinot. Best wishes Bob
  7. I agree with the above post. If you have all 4 the landclass, global, vector and the mesh it is very good. Not as good as a full region, but still very good.
  8. rlaycock

    Slowly but Shirley ...

    Hi Adam I see you have made the move to P3d V4 great shots Did you get the cockpit sounds going in the DC3? Regards Bob
  9. rlaycock

    So long, Heidi ... hello Betty!

    I agree, Betty certainly did pass the test, however I still have a soft spot for Heidi (AKA the 337) Stunning shot Adam. Glad you are enjoying the Connie Bob
  10. Now that is what you call a challenging trip. By simple calculations the circumference of the world in around 40 000 km. average cursing speed of the An-2 say 150 kph. So 40 000/150 = 267 hours. Having gone to many air shows with Adam, who always get us lost driving back from Ardmore, this could be interesting Good luck guys Bob
  11. Thanks for the information. I also simply ran the installer and left FTX Central to do its thing and all is fine. Regards Bob
  12. rlaycock


    Thanks Adam. Almost slow enough for me to understand. Bob
  13. rlaycock


    Hi Adam Now can you SLOWLY explain to me what is wrong with these clouds Bob
  14. I have to admit this is a question I would like answered. After downloading do we simply run the installer and all should be sorted? Thanks in advance if you can help Bob