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  1. Yes, really pleased with another East Coast US airport...day1 but!! Thxs for all the hard work Devs & Orbx Team!!! Lebanon NH would be wonderful...terrific elevate approach R25
  2. ...or we could wish for TE New England. The sandy beaches and rolling farm lands of CT, RI and Cape Cod MA. Then the lakes and mountains of NH & VT, with Vacationland ME with it's rugged coasts and 100 miles wilderness. One day I hope. Love seeing KBHB port over in the meantime
  3. The P3D version of LLH Courchevel blends beautifully with Orbx Global and Vector. It's amazing flying there right now with the autumn leaves and snow capped peaks.
  4. In an continued effort to understand further this SODE issue I'm having at Minute Man 6B6...I've been researching the XML files. I've confirm that I do not have "iBlueYonder_2B2.xml" and "iBlueYonder_6B6.xml" as I uninstalled the iBlueYonder ver of the airport. Should there now be a replacement Orbx_2B2 & Orbx_6B6 .xml files in my C:/ProgramData/12bPilot/SODE/XML folder?? Any other owners of Minute Man 6B6 not experience working T Hanger, duplicate & overlayed windsocks, non-operational pilot controlled lights? Many thxs!!!
  5. Today I hopped back over to Minute Man 6B6 and noticed I have double windsocks and the SODE hanger doors are already open, rather than opening as I taxi close to them. picture attached with areas of concern highlighted. I reinstalled SODE and 6B6 with no effect. THXS!!!
  6. Great shots Jack, I think I flew over KACK while you were there. Can't wait for an ORBX New England Region
  7. Love flying in this area and do a KACK KSNC Plum Island route often. I hope this vid doesn't go against forum rules. It shows to magic of Chester (KSNC) Enjoy
  8. Great shot!! Nice jumping off point for Rangley and the Carrabassett Valley
  9. One of the 1st things I thought dynamic lighting would be good for was replacing the rotating beacons. I'm sure it will happen all in good time, the developers toolbox has opened up a lot with P3Dv4
  10. Yes the last service pack for openLC NA. Happy flying
  11. Hey Jack, Thanks, I to really like that 1st one, the perspective looking down the valley was what I was going for!! Between ORBX and LLH airports quick flights in the Alps are amazing!!! Yes using PTA with HDR off, for me and my monitor setting I feel that it provides a more realistic colors. I was coming up 3yrs on a AMD R290, the 1080 has helped a fair amount taking some of the load off the 4970K cpu. 35-45 FPS are the norm know in high detail areas and the flight feels much smoother. By the way, did you see the Cape Cod canal is now modeled...nice to see it there when flying south of KBOS or KOWD.
  12. The immersion of the Orbx LC and regions keeps blowing my mind. With the release of LOWI I went in on Europe LC and can't get enough of the Alps now. Here are a few pics of ferrying a clients PA46 from Innsbruck LOWI to Chambery LFLB. Still dialing in the GTX1080 to make the VC text more readable. Enjoy
  13. Thxs Nick, correct I did add the wrong screen shot with the default airport. I went back to KOWD and noticed I overlooked that there are 2 control towers...clear sign of overlapped scenery. I tested by renamed two files with an extension of BGLalt, this looks to have resolved the issue BR2_KOWD.BGL - MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Scenery AF2_KOWD_ALT.BGL - Prepar3dv3\Scenery\World\Scenery I know have under FTX GLOBAL... FTX_FTXG_KOWD_object.bgl ADE_FTX_FTXG_KOWD_CVX.bgl ADE_FTX_FTXG_KOWD>BGL Under VECTORS.... ABP_KOWD.bgl Thanks,
  14. Afternoon, It's been 3 months since I've departed KOWD. This week I updated NA LC and Vectors, as well as ran the AEC auto config. I'm noticing ground elevation above the runway. It's visible when flying below 4000' above which the full runway can be seen. I reinstalled NA Freeware and issue still persisted. Thoughts & guidance on resolving would be appreciated. Simon
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