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  1. Willie was one of the cartoon characters of US artist Bill Mauldin during WW2, and several of his dogfaces served as noseart for B-25's of the 340th BG, based on Corsica. jk4725 jk4715 jk4714
  2. always nice to see a spitfire
  3. Oooh, I love that first one!
  4. jk0689 jk0690 jk0693 jk0695 jk0704 jk0707 jk0708 jk0709
  5. jk0684 jk0682 jk0683 jk0680 jk0673
  6. jk0630 jk0635 jk0636 jk0643 jk0644 jk0648
  7. I'm just happy that someone thinks about geology while posting a nice screenshot!
  8. Thanks for your comments, gentlemen. Patrick, it is the RCS B-25 in P3D.
  9. Yes, but is slow work, very slow, not sure I will reach half a dozen..
  10. This one has been uploaded to sim-outhouse, not yet on avsim
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