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  1. Fly other people's textures I would assume?
  2. jk0511 jk0517 jk0521 jk0529 jk0530 jk0535
  3. ..that are nearly finished jk0491 jk0486 jk0482 jk0481
  4. I always enjoy Catalina shots!
  5. indeed, where is that? and glad you like the paint!!
  6. Oh, I like that 1st shot!
  7. No, this is the one by AT Simulations, which is an updated Sibwings version.
  8. thank you for your comments, they are appreciated! The paint was still work in progress, here's the final version, which I just uploaded: EX490-04 EX490-06 EX490-09 EX490-11
  9. jk0441 jk0445 jk0450 jk0451
  10. It's the AVRO 621 by Nigel Richardson, available on sim-outhouse
  11. jk0406 jk0410 jk0415 jk0421 jk0426 jk0434
  12. funny contrast, the shots from higher up are very realistic, while those on the ground show rather poor ground textures.
  13. nice lighting in this shot
  14. first and last are very nice, shows how big and menacing the F-4 is..
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