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  1. glad you like it! I've uploaded it today, together with this one: jk5255 jk5267
  2. jk5193 jk5196 jk5150 jk5149
  3. which is Hurricane in Dutch jk5103 jk5105 jk5107 jk5108 jk5104
  4. They do have helicopters though, Australia that is
  5. 2020-2-4_21-27-36-457 2020-2-4_21-14-22-81 2020-2-4_21-17-31-72 2020-2-4_21-19-8-616 2020-2-4_21-21-20-51 2020-2-4_21-22-51-793 2020-2-4_21-23-27-295
  6. nothing shabby about your default, very promising
  7. somebody needs to mow the runway I think.. Nice shots
  8. Beautiful shots, but why an Australian plane?
  9. jk5028 jk5029 jk5030 jk5036 Hurricane P2765 UP-N of 605 Sqn was flown by Pilot Officer James Humphries RNZAF on 9 September 1940, when his flight was bounced by a group of Me110's, and he received several cannon hits, severely damaging his plane and wounding his left hand. He bailed out at 12000 ft over Borden and freefell to 3000 ft when he pulled his ripcord. He drifted over a Canadian camp and the soldiers started shooting at him, but luckily he only suffered a minor hit. He recuperated in the Cambridge Military Hospital at Aldershot.
  10. This aircraft was built as a highschool project by pupils of the Lycée Sophie Berthelot in Calais, and is current flying with the Association Aéronautique Louis Blériot. jk4990 jk4991 jk5004
  11. jk4943 jk4947 jk4948 jk4952 jk4965 jk4966
  12. lovely shots, cool paintjob too
  13. Nice shots, but that Swede is a long way from home...
  14. It is the Zenith 701 available at Lionheart Creations
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