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  1. I'm just happy that someone thinks about geology while posting a nice screenshot!
  2. Thanks for your comments, gentlemen. Patrick, it is the RCS B-25 in P3D.
  3. Yes, but is slow work, very slow, not sure I will reach half a dozen..
  4. This one has been uploaded to sim-outhouse, not yet on avsim
  5. Is this better? jk0591
  6. jk0606 jk0603 jk0607
  7. still working on it, but getting closer:
  8. jk8916 jk8917 jk8925
  9. Thanks for your comments, guys! It is, by Milviz Sure, I made it myself. It still needs some work though, but that's hopefully done next weekend
  10. porter003 porter002 porter005 porter006 porter008 porter010 porter011 porter012
  11. excellent shots! I managed to get a seat on one of her last flights in the Netherlands 20190501_131816 together with my daughter Catalina IMG-20190501-WA0021
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