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  1. Come on, Iain, trying to pass real shots as screenshots, I never expected this from you...
  2. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. One more shot: jk9239
  3. ..is the French translation of Invader jk0032 jk0034 jk0042
  4. jk9177 jk9185 jk9186 jk9187 jk9189
  5. Excellent shots! As for the Catalina, it has just been sold to the Collings Foundation in the US and will be leaving the Netherlands this year. No more flights, I wanted to do one, but you can't anymore. I did do one years ago though, with my daughter Catalina, fond memories..
  6. my kind of fix! very nice!
  7. Just to show that I was flying over orbx scenery jk9138
  8. jk9161 jk9153 jk9163
  9. I painted a PC saab before, but discovered there were some big errors in my paint, so I updated it, and while I was at it, made another.. jk9098
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