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  1. Nice music & Vid Robert thanks .. shoot down ... Patrick
  2. Go to the gate ...
  3. Hello I vomited all my breakfast .... with eggs Tapini chiken & bacon ... good VID ...
  4. As you know Ozx area are out of download today ......! have you include the area of it in this version with the libs etc ?? all in one ..! Aussiex the spearhead of ORBX best regards Patrick
  5. Olbia di Olbia da life goes on brahhh Lala how the life goes on nice pics Stewart regards
  6. Wat is the flavor of MArshmallow coptère Jack regards Patrick
  7. Nice Pics Jack what is the white smoke on screen 4 on the road or pipe in background ?
  8. I hope you have a pipe to blow some O2 to the carbu great Shoot
  9. Nice view from concret city Lain
  10. Hi Jack MAGNIFIQUE screen and landscape nice clouds
  11. Hi Jankee a revenant .... Nice paint over this flat landscape
  12. Siroco embiental color for spring ......... why not ..! nice pics Patrick
  13. Nice environnement for this part of region good screen indeed
  14. Well look great and detailed airport
  15. Lok good as they sayed they are no reptitive clouds .... Patrick
  16. For the moment i don't purchase this Addons REX what is your impression VS PTA ..... or TOGA ENVTEX .... good screen Adam regards Patrick
  17. Hi Jack : the plane in front of me is connecting , after connect all it's OK , i just screen it for the fun Thank Adam ... Regards Patrick
  18. Thank Lifejogger Hi Wain, the time connecting his plane some worth thing get on the plane, after complet connected the gear down and no fire under the wing ,,,,, all get correct Thank Patrick
  19. a flight whith friends yesterday
  20. Very bad....................................................... isn't P3D good screen ... Pat.
  21. You rize up over the mountain EMM Good Spirit flying Patrick
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