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  1. The plane paint it's very nice just a touch of yellow on the birds
  2. Great flight Jack nice landscape showing ..
  3. Many thanks and good sunday ... Patrick
  4. Hoo regon ...! do you see ghost-boat at the edge of the lake
  5. I'm very happy with this ORBX Central all in one ,the switserland knif
  6. very good lights ..
  7. << Smoke on the water the fire into sky....! >>
  8. Thank Lain Hi Jack thank you hello John ye it is flying over here
  9. YEs Hi Jack where is the BBQ place ?? By ORBX
  10. Crossing MONO LAKE turn right to half moon yosemite national park
  11. a good touch of the day screening Roger Welldone
  12. Very nice Pics Dario and colors
  13. Wow good shoot and coments Renault Patrick
  14. Hi Adam Many thank just to present something different in MTO
  15. Thank Mikee YEP thank Karoly Hi no way John, i just landing on the airport coming from CYMX Hi Jack As you said....... it's my first time i see this MTO made by REX SF , very impresive to see a twister with the big crown of cloud all arounf the cell in the center ...
  16. Real and Orbx are good good trip Helio Gerold
  17. that it's my first time in the sim i see that OMG ORBX N AM Rex skyForce v4.5
  18. Jack With the high effects Wallabies sliders on right Yhea low ..!
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