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  1. I'm from here ...! living to Palma de Mallorca ... a huge tourristic destination people comming from Russia, China, Norway, England, Germany the most, Sweden, Austria, French..... etc ... I'm Waiting you for a Mojito and Tapas
  2. Love it welldone Adam
  3. Very spécial plane Adam
  4. i Like the Diamond Glass tower Jack very spetacular Architecture ...
  5. Grat Shoot gerold and the plane mercy childs ...
  6. Thanks Jack........ U2
  7. Hi Adam he is telling me too i can fly look my arms Thank Musterpilot
  8. P3DV5 HF2 Extra .... Orbx south AM
  9. Thank Jack Thank Adam i Can Do Nothing for the transition with TE washington Eberhard ..
  10. Hi early morning on tarmac Queenstone and AI moving .. thank Caluma65 Thank John Like your imagination JACK , but i don't find the ring so .. Thank Gerold . there is, a lot of Alpes in the world here NZ they are wonderfull .. Nore more time to wait Wain this week is on thank Many thank Adam as you see without Laminar4
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