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  1. Nice Shoot Lain far away from his country
  2. Happy landing from IBERIA i flight with CRJ1000 also +/- =
  3. hello morning I yawning and I stretch my arms in the air splendid screen
  4. What ? Vive la France ......... you just miss Camembert(full fat soft cheese), baguette (bread) and a liter red wine ... http://blogart31.canalblog.com/archives/2013/03/25/26717943.html
  5. Love trucks i look at show from Montreal last week Nice Pics Stewart and the Ford é bike on the snake'road mountain Patrick
  6. Hi Magnifique DOLF ... Patrick
  7. Thank Lain Many thanks of your comments best regards Patrick
  8. Many Many Thanks Renault Good day Patrick
  9. No i change for TERRA FLORA ....
  10. Thnak John Thank Calum Thank my frined thank Lain Hi My friend that is nice Hi yes at Dusk thank Merci Richard Hello thank
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