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  1. Ship Hunting

  2. Hi renault Jack don't be afraid is a reckless man as long as there is a yellow Patrick
  3. OMG what a beautiful Screen with tiger moth Patrick
  4. Hi a scary sky for this flight but rich in colors Patrick
  5. Over Ice and Water

    for a time ago i do a flight Ketchikan to Homer with 737 Ngx
  6. Yellowstone - KWYS

    Hi the 2 is awesome Patrick
  7. More Pago Yellowcoptering

    Hi all Bush trip are awesome in TAP, helio is very easy to land on ... good weather in your shoot . Patrick
  8. Hey Dude - Where are you ? .

    Yep lady in red name is Ingrid , do you know name of avatar ?? great shoot Patrick
  9. Over Ice and Water

    The lancair yellow it's Jack 's honey . very wonderfull landscape under your yellow Patrick
  10. Iberocruceros the Funship

    Nice pics with mexican ferry Patrick
  11. Anchorage to Homer Alaska

    Yeha in Yellow this trip is awesome Jack and color sky from ASK dream . Patrick
  12. one from Portland Oregon

    hi jack is my choice for MTO selected Hi nope it's snow Thank LOL Thank Hi scott i send my teléphone MP can Picafort is an Alcudia bay, i'm Palma city
  13. I could not resist, Jack...!

    YEp a guy try it ...........but dig the grass Patrick
  14. A trip Walter Stutton to Hobby 77S

    many thanks always enjoyed flying in this beautifull area with details also i thanks ORBX with the sceneries since Australia for the first addon i learn the géography all days Hi JJJ this is a real MTO in the area overflaown hello Lain thanks Hi Jack thanks hood it's a big mount thanks Adam yes trees are burn but cork oak protect by their bark in spring they are green . Patrick