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  1. Thanks Anthony Hi Adam Good day thanks Patrick
  2. Yes scenery ORBX for snowing this piece of land it's a very nice concept seasonal ..
  3. Hola que tal .... hermosas imagenes
  4. Normal jack they don't have the scenery LEBB thanks Rodger
  5. Hi Jack did you see on the 8 screen some friends don't have LEBB ORBX scenery .. where is the name BILBAO on the right side Hello Victor Hotel Kilo Delta Kilo thank thank adam Merci Lain
  6. Thank you lifejogger nice flight tonight ... thnak John .
  7. Hi no the problem is from me i don't change the plane in the connect appli . and by the way . not a good contacts points of this plane . thank you thnak Lain As always Jack for VFR that is amazing 3 times a week . lovely sound of the beaver..... without dam thank Pete Thank Adam nice to reed your comments .. yes John here some beaver from Milviz and aƩrosoft .... thnak Patrick
  8. MMMN to LEBB tonight P3Dv4.5 with friends connect .. Patrick
  9. Yes all planes are friends flying with me .. thanks have a good week lifejogger hello thank Wain
  10. OMG a lot of mini PARAGLIDER on the runway Adam
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