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  1. LAN friends flying with me Adam thank
  2. Nice and you make a short Landing welldone Jack
  3. Thank you for your comments John, Adam and Jack
  4. J3 J3 pas traduction in inglish I believe i don't believe pinch me i can see a yellow Jack acrobatic flyer and good pics ..
  5. YES this is the more easy approche of LOWI Very nice screen and plane ..
  6. Nice pics Adam and this is the end of Flybe Cie
  7. yes ..! i'm waiting for my package with the nesting dolls
  8. Paris Orly to Fiumicino 737 / 800 with friends last night enjoy Cheers Patrick
  9. Many thanks Adam Yep for this i say THX to ORBX to do this Phenom POIS in germany a good work on landscape Gracias Pitufo cheers Patrick
  10. After a research on GloGOoGLE i find your special flowers i have never seen before ... Patrick
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