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  1. Hello, perhaps you are not seeing the whole Orbx Central window?
  2. Hello Simon, perhaps there is not enough space on the C drive. Or perhaps you could disable disk space checking.
  3. Hello Romain, welcome to the forums. Can you say where you have installed objectflow please?
  4. No, True Earth is a picture of the same thing. EU England is a drawing of it onto a default texture, which allows for some artistic licence. Unless you are doing some treetop flying, this is pretty much how it looks.
  5. Hello, I have it figured now, my first shot was in EU England. Apologies, I had disabled TEGB South to test something for another customer.
  6. Just the sharpening. I like it at 0.70 but it won't be to everyone's taste. I doubt that is the problem though, it tends to just make the blurred scenery have sharper blurs. What does your Cerne Giant look like?
  7. It looks like it has been drawn on as a POI. Do you have scenery complexity to the right as well?
  8. Hello, Orbx Central follows the registry entry for FSX. You can change it using this:
  9. Probably settings. I use 16x anisotropic filtering, 8 x SSAA and detailed textures. All the other texture sliders to the right.
  10. Hello, I went to some trouble to find it, so here it is anyway. It's called the Cerne Giant and it is here:
  11. Yes, but only the PMDG model. Could it be an AI aircraft, I have none of them installed at the moment.
  12. Thanks, I checked that it is there in the default simulator and updated the post to reflect that. I wonder however, why the runway and taxiway textures are so different?
  13. Hello Mike, welcome to the forums. What kind of problems please?
  14. Hello, I see the same as you except no black 747.
  15. Hello, try either running P3D as an administrator or making sure that your add-ons.cfg file is not read only.
  16. In P3D v5, with open LC Europe active and bearing in mind that it can have no effect on airport signeage, EBBR looks like this:
  17. Hello, here is TEGB South, Tangmere and one of Ian Parker's RAF airports for FSX. You can see the buildings disappear. His flatten exclude autogen seems to be working, there are a couple of trees that survive it but as you can see, all buildings are obliterated. Of course, the airport must be above TEGB in the scenery library.
  18. Hello, to disable a bgl file, the extension must be renamed so that is is no longer recognised as a bgl file. Changing the file name has no effect. Unless you go to your Windows File Explorer settings and disable "Hide extensions for known file types", you will not be seeing the file extension and therefore you are only editing the file name. What you have created is in fact FTX_WA_objects_KBFI_PLC.BGL.OFF.BGL because you cannot see the final ".BGL", as it is being hidden by your Windows File Explorer setting.
  19. Hello, the Vector airport elevation correction does not address mesh spikes.
  20. Hello, I am not privy to all management decisions but I know of no plans to update the airports other than for compatibility with P3D v5.
  21. Hello, if that is an addon airport, they could be objects from the default airport. Most certainly, there are no runway signs in open LC Europe.
  22. Hello, can you attach a copy of scenery_add-ons.xml please?
  23. Hello, thanks for asking again. as products are made compatible with P3D v5, they will be added back into Orbx Central. No amount of asking the same questions will speed this process up.
  24. Yes, the Orbx scenery uses the same database as the simulator.
  25. Try editing <Path>Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_LYBE\scenery</Path> out.
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