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  1. Hello, welcome to the forums The problem seems to be the simulator, KTIW is only compatible with P3D v4. Please submit a support ticket and request a refund.
  2. Thanks, you seem to have done everything that I suggested and that usually fixes this problem. Could you attach your scenery.cfg file please?
  3. I have now persuaded Steam to install a new and virgin version of the beta. I see a frame rate increase from 32 to 44 with Vulcan enabled in the same scenario.
  4. Hello Hans, I have never tried to use Global Vector on its own and as it is an accessory to Global base, I am surprised that is is working as well as it seems to be. The green lines are, I believe, supposed to be the "firebreaks" under a row of electricity pylons. I am very pleased to say that I do not see them.
  5. Hello, welcome to the forums. You can use Orbx Central.
  6. A file with a name beginning with 3D should be left alone. Most airport files begin with ADE or FTX in this case.
  7. Hello Graham, typically, regions' airports will be contained in the 05\scenery folder and a search for the ICAO code in question will typically product three files.
  8. Hello, here is a demonstration for you. If objectflow is active in your P3D add-ons menu there may be something else affecting it.
  9. Hello, can you say that this crash does not occur if the product is disabled?
  10. Hello Denis_C, one post in one topic is enough. I have moved the second one here. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I would advise against doing either of those things unless you have a version of P3D older than and you do not mind disabling every default airport in Sweden.
  12. Hello Jon, it's probably because I just allowed Steam to update it, rather than make a whole new installation. Either way, it looks like it's not ready for daily use yet, even as a beta version.
  13. Hello, this is why there is little point in supporting beta versions of simulators.
  14. Hello Dale, these errors are usually very difficult to tie down, largely because there are so many possible causes. Please search the forum for terrain.dll and you may find some useful advice.
  15. Hello, welcome to the forums. You appear to be still running FTX Central, at least that is what produced the log file that you have attached.
  16. Hello, the blank buildings question has been asked many times and indeed answered by the developer. It has apparently been fixed but not released. Perhaps we can ask @Tony Wroblewski again?
  17. I expect that was it. To be honest, it would be simpler to just make a decision and stick to it.
  18. Hello. Much of the scenery has been moved to Orbx Central, so the answer is please try it. I am aware that none of the True Earth products are available that way.
  19. Hello, if you had installed the files into an Orbx central Library, then to change between the versions is to simply move the HD folder out of the Orbx Central Library into storage elsewhere and move the SD folder into it instead. There is a version text file that tells Orbx Central which one is installed.
  20. Hello, as I understand it, you should see green lights on the centre line and blue edge lights just at sharp turns. Other customers had complained that blue edge lighting everywhere did not reflect the real world situation. Perhaps you disagree, I personally have no local knowledge.
  21. Hello, there is no problem at all in identifying the problem, it is quite straightforward. 1. Autogen descriptions are contained in the Autogen\default.xml file in P3D. 2. Gaya's airport contains an Autogen\default.xml file that contains ONLY the autogen description for their airport product. 3. Because their Autogen\default.xml file is used instead of the Autogen\default.xml file in P3D\Autogen\default.xml, all other descriptions are overridden and autogen no longer displays as it should. This is an issue that was identified some time ago in a few other developers' products and resolved but the resolution has not yet been applied to the freeware version of Gaya Kos. It arose from a misunderstanding that P3D could now merge autogen descriptions, as at version it cannot do so. This is why the alternative solutions of either removing the Gaya Autogen\default.xml file from the equation or the Autogen Configuration Merger work. In the first solution, the Gaya influence is simply removed. This is good for the rest of the simulator but bad for the product. In the second, it is all good, as the autogen description is merged with those of the rest of the simulator and it all works.
  22. Hello, it is there for the Milviz aircraft. Basically, it is advanced effects for the VC windows, as its name suggests. In its original destination, the TFDi Boeing 717, it depicts rain and misting up effects.
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