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  1. Love it John. The 19 minutes would have been only 10 without the likes and you knows. I actually watched most of this and it seems that he found that the fuel was full of bits but decided to fly anyway? Wadooino?
  2. Hello, if you move your entire HD installation out of the folder where you put it, Orbx Central will let you install the SD version. You can only use one at a time.
  3. Thanks. I had understood that from your post 26. I think this can be closed now.
  4. Hello, if all your product licences are at Orbx Direct, then you need do nothing except reinstall, if that is necessary. Probably you would get away without reinstalling anything, depending on what you plan to do with the drive that presently holds your simulator.
  5. Hello, on 7th August Freccia13 posted a topic requesting that his forum account be closed . This request has now been implemented. He still has access to product support.
  6. Hello, yes, there is no limit on the number of copies of the software on the same PC. This is at variance to the letter of the EULA but the EULA was written when there were products for only one simulator.
  7. Thanks. Here is the link, always useful when posting other content. It limits the speculation to the content instead of the source as well. There are several hundred posts of speculation about the potential new simulator at the Avsim forum and no doubt many others. As this forum is really intended for Orbx products and their relationship to the simulators that they are made for, I would ask that if speculation is entertaining for you, that you visit them instead. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I do not see anywhere a claim that this has anything to do with Microsoft. It is presented on a "Microsoft Form" but anthing can be. In any event, company policy would be unlikely to be formed on the basis of 640 samples, a niche hobby though this may be. Like the rest of the hot air surrounding this project, unless it is clearly from Microsoft it is best treated with a pinch of salt. Microsoft themselves are using a very large number of words in their announcements to say very little indeed.
  9. Hello, like Richard, I have also given this some thought and my answer would also be that it is out of the question. Flight simulation forums are littered with support requests alleging that the latest change to their PC, regardless of what that might be, is the reason that it no longer works as expected. Some times it is so but very often, it is just the "straw that broke the camels back". In the event that a "technician" was to be allowed access to a customer's PC, the almost inevitable cry of "it is your fault" at every subsequent malfunction would be deafening.
  10. Hello Don, if you go to the last page if your attachments lists, when you have the chance, you will see lots of bmp files from last year. The list includes the size, so you might choose the larger files first.
  11. Hello Don, sorry that you have been unwell. Because Orbx is not an image hosting site, each customer has an upload limit of 50 MB and you have used yours up. The main reason is that last year you uploaded a great many bmp files, which are huge compared to jpg files. If you click on your name at the top right of the page and select My Attachments, you will be able to cull some of them and make yourself more space. Better still, use Imgur.
  12. I see. I would wait a little while yet. there is no hurry and even if the control panel was working for the auto-configuration, migrating the files returns the whole Vector installation to default. By all means try Orbx Central but my advice is the same as the developers', there is no need to migrate or update anything at all.
  13. Hello, as far as I am aware, from Skagit onwards you do need Orbx Central. Also as far as I am aware, you can still buy all the other products as Orbx Direct and install them with FTX Central. The answer therefore depends on which products you intend to buy.
  14. Hello, most unlikely, new and potential customers would have nowhere to go. It seems to me that purchases can be made either at the site or using the "app". ( I hate that term) Either way, they both arrive at the same Orbx Direct account.
  15. Hello, welcome to the forums. You need an application to install the products. You can choose Orbx Central but which simulator are you using and which products did you buy?
  16. Hello, welcome to the forums. This question has been asked and the developers have responded that they will be providing a choice in an update.
  17. Hello, each time there is a bunch of releases for one simulator, there are complaints from the users of another simulator of neglect and bias. Here is a list of releases leading up to 1st July this year, today being the 14th August. Frankly these remarks, always unfounded, have become tedious.
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