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  1. Hello Gérard, perhaps it would be simpler to just leave the version number off the Orbx Central page, so that it reads Chaseplane is installed, then this minute attention to detail would be unnecessary. For me, Orbx Central reports the version that it installed and this does differ from the later version the Chaseplane has updated itself to. However, there is no notification in Orbx Central that an update is required, as of course, one is not required.
  2. Hello, please open Orbx Central version 4 and you will see the Discovery tab at the top.
  3. Hello Bill, the process is not an update but a replacement. Please download the Orbx Central installer from the "Get Central" link on any Orbx Direct page and when prompted, uninstall FTX Central.
  4. Hello, can you send me a PM and tell me what e mail address you use for Orbx Direct please?
  5. Hello, anyone who is testing the new simulator is bound by an NDA. Anyone who is not testing it has access only to the same information that you do. You are therefore equally able to make up your own mind and in any case, we discourage comparisons of this nature in these forums, especially with something that for most of us, does not yet exist. Thanks.
  6. Hello, as before, I cannot replicate this at all. With open LC Europe and Vector enabled, I see this: If I disable Scenery\EURE\Scenery\Moscow.bgl, which contains the default model, I see this: Logic would suggest that anyone seeing two versions of the Red Square must, somewhere, have a second model that should not be there.
  7. Thanks. Can you attach a copy of the Central.log file please? You can open it in Orbx Central and make a copy from there.
  8. Hello, the topic is about the proposed Microsoft Flight Simulator. Please do not derail it any further with speculation about other developers' intentions or indeed questions about the simulator functions that have not yet been answered by its developers and wish lists that have no relevance until the full details of the simulator have been published. Thanks.
  9. Hello, can you show a screen shot of your "My Products" list in Orbx Central please and also attach a copy of the Orbx Central log file. Thanks.
  10. Hello douh, you can find it on the "My Account" page in Orbx Central.
  11. Hello, A. FSX-SE is ideally suited to this solution. B. You should copy the entire FSX\ORBX folder to your secondary drive, along with all its contents and leaving the entire file structure intact, or this will not work. You should then delete the original FSX\ORBX folder and replace it with a symbolic link to the folder on your secondary drive. C. The files will be accessed at the speed of the drive that they are on, regardless of the speed of the drive where FSX is installed. This will possibly make the initial loading time a little longer, if the primary drive is an SSD, but will have no effect on the performance of FSX once it is running.
  12. Hello, welcome to the forums. There are some ideas here but no answer as yet.
  13. Thanks, it looks like your library is at C:\Users\FLIGHT SIM\Orbx Library. Can you try creating a new library somewhere else and see if the products will then install please?
  14. Hello, you will now need to verify files for Global base and any openLC products that you have installed.
  15. Hello, welcome to the forums. Here are a couple of recent topics from this forum that you might find helpful.
  16. Hello, welcome to the forums. Could you try the advice on page 32 of the User Guide first please?
  17. Hello, welcome to the forums. Do you think that you could attach a copy of the Central.log file , as requested in your first post please?
  18. Hello, there are also a number of products which can adversely affect the display of autogen. What do you have installed in areas 1 to 20 please?
  19. Sorry, typo, now corrected. Have you yet verified the files, as Carlos suggested?
  20. Hello, install P3D v4, run it once. Close P3D v4. Open Orbx Central, select P3D v4 from the drop down menu that you will now see. Install your products into P3D v4.
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