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  1. Hello, although it is interesting to see the various guises of heavy irony in the last few posts, whether it is intended or not, the debate over whether Windows 7 or 10 is better for flight simulation is as tedious as the debate over which simulator is better. The topic was not a request for help but a statement of frustration and has run its course. Thanks to those who chose to contribute.
  2. Hello, Your name\Account settings\Signatures is where the switch is to be found.
  3. Hello Pete, it looks like you had deselected your view signatures option. I have switched it back on, so you should be able to see them again.
  4. Hello Jack, there is no need to be combative. The strict definition of uninstalling P3D is to remove P3D only. As has been made clear, the installer does not remove any files that it installed in the first place and of course does not delete the folders that those files were in. The whole idea behing the P3D xml addons system is that the external folders are not and should not be deleted, making the addons available to the new installation. If you choose to delete everything, then that is a different matter because you are also removing all addons that have been added and going much further than a simple uninstallation of P3D.
  5. The umbrella is Sherman's. They are carried as insurance, if you have one, it does not rain and indeed it did not. My hat works on a similar principle .
  6. Hell, I have merged your two topics. BradB has kindly replied to this one with your answers.
  7. Hello, my thanks back to you both, Sherman. You and your wife are the most charming couple and it was an absolute delight to meet and spend the afternoon with you. I am not so sure about handsomely dressed, but I'll take it with thanks
  8. Hello, the reason for your problem seems to have been that you had at least two airports active in the same place. Indeed you must disable ADE_FTX_ENG_EGJB_elevation_adjustment.BGL or it does interfere with the UK 2000 product. Care must be taken when disabling .bgl files, because changing the filename before the last . does not disable the bgl. For example, ADE_FTX_ENG_EGJB_elevation_adjustmentOFF.BGL leaves the file active.
  9. Hello, no, there is no requirement to have a backup. It will be an option. 1.5 TB is really very little in today's climate.
  10. Hello, here is mine. I don't know the answer but I would guess that it is yes.
  11. Hello, the symptoms you describe are almost certainly the result of using a higher definition mesh.
  12. Hello Ian, thanks. we can put right mistakes made by customers who come to Orbx Direct and unintentionally buy the wrong product. However, we can do little about a customer who goes to another site and buys a product with a different name and by a different developer from a source that does not sell Orbx products.
  13. That's a shame, I don't think you should use it again.
  14. No, please read the link in the post above yours. Or look at this, from that link.
  15. Hello, it is very easy to replicate this, just by marking all the folders as hidden, please double check that this has not happened. View hidden items ticked would make them reappear.
  16. Hello, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefly_(airline)
  17. Hello, interesting, here is a topic that answers that question, I hope one of the answers is for you. https://www.easeus.com/file-recovery/folder-shows-empty-but-files-are-there.html
  18. Some posts and responses removed. No personal comments please.
  19. Autogen can be removed form any scenery product by isolating the .agn files and removing them.
  20. Hello, welcome to the forums. Here is one solution Which simulator version are you using?
  21. Hello Carlos, I don't have the answer yet but I would assume that they could all be moved. Probably this would only be of value to those with either few products or a large amount of free time.
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