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  1. Hello, if you have Global Vector, that might need the auto configuration to be run.
  2. Hello, by default, I mean all of the scenery that is included in every copy of the simulator. It looks like your True Earth product is correctly installed if you have five entries.
  3. Hello, for the record, I see this too, in both P3D v4 and P3D v5, so it looks like they were overlooked by LM too.
  4. Hello, please attach a copy of your Orbx Central log. You can open it at Orbx Central\Settings\Help\ and save a copy. Please do not copy and paste the text, just attach the file. Thanks.
  5. Hello, this, from the log, is the key: The most likely explanation is that your anti virus has quarantined the exe file. C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\saturn-win\OrbxCentralWorker.exe You will need to either tell it that it is not a virus or exclude it altogether from the attention of the anti virus software. Then reinstall Orbx Central, as advised in the log.
  6. Hello Byron, most likely, objectflow is not installed or not working. Please have a look at this topic.
  7. Hello John, welcome to the forums. Manual downloads have been discontinued but the links and texts have not been removed from the Orbx Direct web pages. Can you clarify if you have installed the aircraft model but that it does not work, or that you cannot install it at all?
  8. It may be a new cause, it is not a new problem.
  9. Hello, can you attach a copy of C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\add-ons.cfg please?
  10. Hello, it looks for a registry entry, perhaps you have changed something recently.
  11. Thanks. There are reviews here https://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/ag/aypy/aypy.htm https://c-aviation.net/review/jacksons-international-airport-Orbx-5-png3/
  12. Hello, as its name suggests, it is a mesh product, so of course it works but is it designed to enhance and complete AYPY Jacksons International Airport and 20 x enhanced regional airports: AYBK, AYCH, AYDU, AYGA, AYGN, AYGR, AYHK, AYKI, AYKV, AYKY, AYMD, AYMH, AYMN, AYMO, AYNZ, AYVN, AYWD, AYWK, AYTA, AYTB . As it states on the product page: If you wish to review an Orbx product, please ensure you are fully aware of that that product is before you start. AYPY and Holgermesh for PNG were released on 30th June 2014. Emo was released on 19th October of that same year.
  13. Hello, it looks like it might be a problem with the way your setup is dealing with alpha masking. Which operating system are you using and what hardware?
  14. Is it active in your add-ons menu and are all the default scenery areas active in your scenery library?
  15. Hello, please clear the contents of your temporary folder, using Orbx Central. If you have made a backup, temporarily move it out of its folder. Then run Verify files again please.
  16. Hello, you probably should be asking at the Lockheed Martin P3D support forum.
  17. Thanks, do you have any other developer's addon products, or is this default P3D v4?
  18. Hello, although it is not the solution, disabling crash detection does not in any way detract from the flight simulator experience. Perhaps a better way to simulate crash detection is to use an aircraft model that simulates the probable consequences of an aircraft crash, rather than simply resetting the simulator to its default flight.
  19. Hello, the initial loading will take longer. The reason that there is no subsequent substantial difference is not that nothing more is loaded but that the speed of an HDD is more than adequate to keep up with the demand.
  20. Hello, normally, if this is required, it is indeed done by the airport installer. Of course, this must take place after the region is in place.
  21. Hello, as Orbx Central is seeing your copy of P3D v4, probably all you need to do is to run Orbx Central\Settings\Help\Sync Simulator.
  22. Hello, if you already have a photo scenery product, then another photo scenery product cannot be installed and used at the same time. You would need to choose one or the other.
  23. Hello, welcome to the forums. Please start here:
  24. Hello, the Emo mission is a gift, as it states, to customers who bought the AYPY product. The PNG Holgermesh is a gift that enhances the elevation of the terrain in the AYPY product. Its use is mandatory. Without it, the airports and their surroundings do not look as intended. If you don't have AYPY, you don't need either PNG Holgermesh or the Emo Mission.
  25. Hello, I think that if you uninstall 4.0.39, you will remove them both. You should then be able to install 4.1.14 and see only one.
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