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  1. Hello, I am not sure that I can do so. I have tried the product and for me it simply works as it should. Support for it however, is by its developers: http://mkstudios.pl/support/index.php
  2. Hello, we are aware of that, in this case, the developer is taking a break but he will attend to it upon his return.
  3. Hello, thanks for reporting this. It is a known issue and the developer has said that it will be fixed. As a matter of interest, it was not always like this, this anomaly was introduced by one of the updates to MSFS.
  4. Hello, please go to Update Account - Orbx (orbxdirect.com) where you can fill in your new e mail address and click on "Update Account".
  5. Hello, did you run verify files for the Orbx Libraries and are they installed and active in P3D?
  6. Hello Don, we have three Labradors and our house is littered with their toys. Do you have any for your dogs? They are very intelligent and soon learned which are theirs and which are ours that they are not to touch.
  7. Hell,. thanks. I have tried this with NA Southern California and do not see the double lines, though I do when I use TESCA. May I suggest that you manually disable those four files and see if the problem goes away. I am assuming that the KSBA entry is above that of NA Southern California in your scenery library.
  8. Hello, I did try the airport and saw no missing textures. Australia v2, like all the regions, updates default airports but does not add bespoke textures or scenery items, other than those in the Orbx Libraries.
  9. Hello Don, customer edits have, as far as I go back, been time limited.
  10. Hello, welcome to the forums. Orbx are only too happy to support their products, including those bought using the Microsoft Marketplace. However, we have no control over the installation process used by the Marketplace and to widen the complaint to cover that is neither necessary nor justified. The most common cause of problems with any addon is the presence of another conflicting addon, usually in the Community folder. A simple way to test, if you have any products in your Community folder, is to rename the Community folder to CommunityX and create a new and empty one. Customers have also found that the clearing of the rolling cache can help with unexpected problems after the installation of any new addon and also clearing the contents of the UserCfg.opt file which, in the Microsoft Store installation of MSFS can be found at AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache
  11. Hello, this brief guide applies only to the Microsoft Store version. 1. If you intend to make a clean installation of your operating system, or you intend to install MSFS onto a new PC, this may help. 2. This guide assumes that the MSFS content has been installed on a drive other than the C drive, which will be wiped by a clean installation of Windows, or that you have transferred the drive (other than the C drive) containing the installation of MSFS into your new PC. 3. Log in to the Xbox app, then assuming that you have logged on to your Microsoft account and if you have a new PC, that the PC is registered to that account, open the Microsoft Store. Both of these apps will have been installed by Windows 10. 4. Go to "My Library", select your version of MSFS and click on install. The game files will be downloaded, around 1.75GB at present. MSFS will then start and in the same way that it carries out updates, it will invite you to download the content. 5. At this point, use the "browse" tab to navigate to the folder where your existing installation is and click on OK. 6. MSFS will display the "checking for updates" message but in fact, it is checking the integrity of the existing installation. 7. If the existing installation is in order, nothing further will be downloaded and MSFS will start and run. The whole process, once the game files are downloaded, should take little more than two minutes.
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