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  1. Please post a copy of your X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\scenery_packs.ini file.
  2. FTX Central will do that for you or if you are on a Mac, X plane 11 will add them when you run it.
  3. Hello, welcome to the forums. Here is a topic that will help you. The most common problem that customers find is not enough disk free space.
  4. Hello, if it is to work, the notification takes place immediately when the Install product tab is clicked and will not let you do anything else with V2 until V1 is uninstalled. It does appear that this function is not working for everyone, due no doubt to the vast array of methods that customers find to reorganise their files after FTX Central has installed them. If you don't see the notification, then please uninstall V1, Holgermesh and the Tasmania demo before starting the V2 installation. You can then let it run overnight with no worries that it won't work because of any of those three. I think you can leave the traffic addon as it is but if you wish, after V2 is installed, run Verify Files, for the traffic addon, not V2.
  5. Hello Colin, FTX Central is designed to prevent a customer form installing Version 2 until version 1 is uninstalled. If your installation is still standard, it will do so. If it is not, then AU Australia, Holgermesh and the Tasmania demo must all be uninstalled before Australia v2 is used.
  6. Hello, this is the Orbx statement. You won't mind, I feel sure if I lock this and bring to your attention the long topic that already exists. and the previous topic from where the Orbx statement came.
  7. Hello, yes, the libraries, Global products, then regions and finally airports.
  8. Hello Kylie, welcome to the forums. Once you have installed P3D, run it once and close it. Open FTX Central and it will offer you a start menu. Choose P3D and install all your products. FTX Central will copy most of your files from your FSX installation.
  9. Hello, Discuss the announcement as much as you like but the urge to criticise and point fingers at other developers seems to be irresistible. If it does not stop, this topic will also be closed.
  10. Hello, I have changed the title to something sensible and the topic will stay open unless, like the other one, it descends into personal bickering.
  11. I'll put it back into General discussion, however you will probably still need to be patient, wherever the topic is.
  12. Topics merged. I would imagine that those with the answer will be travelling due to the recent show. Perhaps you can wait a little while for your answer please.
  13. Hello, welcome to the forums. You are quite right, a slip of the mouse I expect. Please find a corrected file attached. Put it into ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY\scenery and let it overwrite. Plkease note, this file is for P3D v4. You forgot to mention which simulator you are using, if you want a file for FSX let me know. Here it is working. ADE_FTX_AUS_YWBN.bgl
  14. Hello, welcome to the forums. I have activated your account. The e mail will have been sent but it may well have been either intercepted or diverted by your e mail client or your ISP.
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