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  1. I think perhaps the beginning is the 1st and the end is the 31st, everything else is the middle.
  2. Hello, it's an open LC product and they do not contain airports. If you want to see what is in the simulator for Africa, you can do so now.
  3. Hello, so far, there have been 108 views but no one has answered your questions. The answers from my perspective are 1. No. Orbx very rarely give fixed ETAs 2. No. I do not have it installed 3. No. Orbx very rarely give fixed ETAs and I am not involved in policy decisions. 4. Thanks for asking. None of which are very helpful to you, sorry.
  4. That's going to use a very large amount of printer ink, isn't it?
  5. Hello Howard, it looks like each customer has around 49 MB of space in which to post attachments. If you want to reclaim space there, you should visit your attachments and delete some of them. As Iain points out, this is not an image hosting site and the recommended method of posting screen shots is here:
  6. Hello, this is widely regarded as being the best guide to FSX settings. https://www.simforums.com/forums/nvi-w7810-driver-setup-fsx-fsxse-and-p3d-update_topic59954.html
  7. Hello, these are the minimum specs for the HD version. System Requirements Minimum 16 GB of RAM GTX 1070 GPU or equivalent XP11 v11.35+ 225GB of free space i7 CPU or higher So possibly not. There are none for the SD version but it will be much harder work than default X Plane 11. Mine will do both but I still have to be careful with the settings.
  8. Hello John, I wonder if you could ask this question somewhere else. These are not support forums for anything but Orbx products and general discussion is not intended to be for the discussion of the merits or otherwise of other developers' products. I would think that if you were to ask your question at the Avsim forum, you would receive some useful answers.
  9. Hello, yes, it could have been. It does seem that some of the processes that run out of space, do not report this but instead just stop, leaving the process reported as satisfactory but in fact incomplete.
  10. Hello, all the Australian Orbx airports, both payware and freeware have been updated. If you do as Stewart writes, or you install them with Orbx Central, you will have the latest versions.
  11. Hello, to address the question, the airports are all given a "makeover" which results in them better representing the real life layout. While they do use Orbx Library objects, they do not use bespoke textures and will not therefore fulfill what I believe to be your requirement. This one image of EGLC, taken from an image that can be seen on the product page is typical.
  12. Hello, no, there is not an option to back up the textures before installing the Global Base
  13. Or perhaps you would like to read Nick Cooper's answer again?
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