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  1. Hello, no, trying to attract the attention of the Orbx Central developers is proving to be something of a challenge.
  2. Hello, the London Pack is a collection of buildings. The greater likelihood is that your Bing Imagery has been disabled.
  3. Hello, in this case, you can use one set of files for both simulator versions.
  4. Hello, it's a good idea but many of the bespoke airports do not use the ADE method of numbering runways. If your quest is to approximate real life as closely as possible, landing on runway 10 numbered as 11 or 09 isn't going to help the cause. Add to that the real world habit of changing taxiway layouts and naming and it should soon become clear why the airports need to be a snapshot in time. The Orbx freeware airports are offered "as is", in response to customer requests. To update them all would be beyond either the scope or the remit of their developers, s
  5. Hello, I looked at the product in isolation, with neither Australia product, as Ken does not mention either of them.
  6. Hello, as far as I can see, the openLC product adds to the default files and is now doing so with files that are no longer compatible. I am not sure who added them, I received no answer from openLC developer, so perhaps we could ask @Holger Sandmann instead.
  7. Hello, it may after all not be relevant. You do have the Orbx Libraries installed and working? Please try verify files for ESSA as well.
  8. Hello, my own unscientific view is that the results of most overclocking is really not discernible in a flight simulator and a benchmark is required to see the difference. To use overclocking to chase a benchmark, or a high frame rate, very often results in a very small return in exchange for a high degree of stress on the PC hardware. Much of the folklore around this subject is based on historical problems, from the days when the simulator demanded more from the hardware than even the best hardware could provide. This is n
  9. I was lucky enough to be taught by this remarkable man, though not at that school. He was one of the very best teachers who could inspire interest in any subject. He taught me History but more importantly, he taught us how to learn and how to apply the knowledge gained.
  10. Hello Karl, some addon scenery library entries are simply files that replace default files. That is what the top three entries are and it does not matter where they are in the scenery library order. A similar thing applies to those at the bottom of your library, which are elevation adjustment files. You must have created the entries 4 to 6, Orbx Central does not do that to Orbx freeware. Although, to the eye of someone used to the use of a scenery library, rather than a set of add-ons, it does look unusual, the test is whether or not the products are
  11. Hello, the customer who detected a problem with his, found that the aircraft in question was being used by MSFS as a static or AI at the airport that he was blaming for his CTD. The quickest way to test would be to remove the addon liveries from the Community folder, which is the only place that they should be found.
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