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  1. Hello, strictly speaking, a vintage car is one made between 1919 and 1930.
  2. Hello, as soon as there are preview images available for public view, I am sure that they will be made available. Orbx are as keen to have this delayed product released as the customers are to see it released. However, it is a very large project and cannot be ready "until it is ready".
  3. Where we live, many of the bridges are hundreds of years old. Every time I visit York, I drive over this one that was built 49 years before the founding of the United States.
  4. Hello, welcome to the forums. You cannot install the utility on its own, it is installed along with Global Base now.
  5. The answer to the question asked is not Open LC Africa will be ready ........ Like all other projects, it takes time and as a general rule, the larger the project, the longer the time. It is being worked on, it is now a priority, as already stated but it is not a small project.
  6. Hello, this is true and unfortunate. FTX Central can still be used for the initial installation and seems to be a good idea.
  7. Hello Don. The more that there is in a scenery library, the longer it will take to initially load the simulator. This is why many people choose to use a utility such as the Scenery Config Editor, Simstarter or the Lorby utility to reduce the demand to just the parts of the world where they intend to fly. This is an across the board "problem" and nothing to do with Australia v2, Orbx or indeed any other developer. The 6% problem seems to remain and how long it lasts is also inextricably linked to how much scenery has to be loaded and what type of scenery that is. I think I could knock your record claim into a cocked hat, I have a scenery.cfg file with 1580 entries, including 1.55 TB of photo scenery and I have yet to see either FSX or P3D v4 finish loading it. It's not for use, it is for creating a database for Little NavMap and attempts to load it have only been the result of accidentally leaving it in place. The answer is to manage your scenery collection and also accept that some areas of great detail will take much longer to load than others.
  8. Thanks for your input. If you want to continue this theme, please go to this forum.
  9. Hello, as this is a topic in General Discussion - no support requests please, may I ask you to instead create a topic in the Orbx Central support forum and attach your central.log file to it. Thanks.
  10. Hello, it looks to me as if when a product is available as a part of a bundle, this will be seen.
  11. Hello, mine is tucked away in a garage for the winter, we cannot have salt attacking it underneath. Yours is a beautiful car and also a lovely colour. Is it ironic that we each admire cars from the other's country? Especially now when so many cars seem to look the same.
  12. Hello, it's really just a matter of choice. The existing regions are landclass based, so you see a representation of is there in the real world. A True Earth region is based on photoscenery which is of course a photograph of what was there in the real world. Both products feature POIs, custom autogen, enhanced airports and greater detail in areas of particular interest.
  13. Hello JohnnyJohnJohn, as this has nothing whatsoever to do with flight simulation, this is the forum for it. Also, wonderful though these photographs are, there is no need at all to quote them all again and then add two lines of text. This is my 24 year old.
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