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  1. Hello, I see nothing in the support ticket system that resembles your assertion. Perhaps you could supply a ticket number.
  2. Hello, welcome to the forums. I expect that the cause of your problem is that you have added the P3D v4 version of Orbx Vector to P3D v5. Try uninstalling that first and see if your airports then look as they should. If they do, you can buy the P3D v5 version of Vector for 0.00 AUD, as you already own the P3D v4 version.
  3. Hello, welcome to the forums. There is now a control panel, have you set that yet?
  4. Thanks. If I was asked to guess, I would say that is a photogrammetry addon that has excluded the Asobo version of the airport. It certainly is no part of the Orbx product, all of which is made up of models that do not melt in that way. This is the default, gate A3: and the Orbx version.
  5. Hello, this is all true, however following the latest update, it is widely reported and in my experience, that MSFS silently reinstalls Asobo airports removed in that way.
  6. Hello, this is a side effect of the latest MSFS update and is already on a list of things to do. Many thanks.
  7. Hello, there should be only one, it's already noted, many thanks.
  8. Many thanks indeed. @himmelhorse I can see written: "Excludes products released in the last 90 days and Partner products" The Brisbane Landmarks packs was released yesterday.
  9. Hello Tony, as I don't receive these e mails, could you copy and paste the text please? Also, I would expect that a special discount would only be seen if the customer has logged on to Orbx Direct or Central.
  10. Hello, I cannot replicate this at all. Can you show a screen shot of what you do see please?
  11. Hello, whose version of LIRN are you using please?
  12. Hello, welcome to the forums. Your product is indeed marketed by Orbx but it is not an Orbx product. If you require support, please visit the developer's site.
  13. Hello, the time at which the lights and the splashes appear and disappear seems to vary. I have not seen another report of this and I think it is unlikely that there is an easy solution.
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