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  1. Nick Cooper


    Hello, welcome to the forums. The control panel has settings to allow for compatibility with either FTX Southern California or Global Base (with or without Open LC NA).
  2. Hello, are you seeing any roads at Southampton that need a control panel?
  3. "au2" is a landclass product and as such will not work except in FSX and P3D. Wait and see would be a good tactic.
  4. Hello, the aircraft section of FTX Central was activated to allow for "Bob" to be added. None of the aircraft are compatible with P3D v4, two of them could perhaps be made compatible, one definitely not. None of the developers are still with Orbx.
  5. Hello, welcome to the forums. Please try again now.
  6. Hello, the last few posts appear to have been made without reading any of the existing support topics. They are either asking questions that are already answered or making suggestions that have already been made in this topic.
  7. Nick Cooper

    Tom's Chevy Volt

    I do indeed and you will notice that I am not advocating a horse and cart, a Ford or a Chevy Volt.
  8. Hello, I have no idea where the images are, the site seems to be up. Nothing wrong with the video though.
  9. Nick Cooper

    My beolved Dakota

    I really don't want to be too pedantic but this is at the top of the forum.
  10. Nick Cooper

    Hardware upgrade - ORBX license?

    Hello, nothing needs to be done at all. If your extra GPU is for FSX or P3D, it will make no difference.
  11. Nick Cooper

    My beolved Dakota

    Hmm, very nice but so far, there is no True Earth Spain.
  12. Hello David, EU England is a landclass based product which means that the scenery is made up of landclass textures designed to represent what is there in real life. TEGB is a photoscenery based product which uses photographs to display the ground textures, so they look exactly like what was there when the photograph was taken. You don't need both, choose one or the other. Note that TEGB South is the first of three parts and the other two will not be ready for some time.
  13. Nick Cooper

    FTX AUS v2

    not to mention that February 2020 has 29 days in it. Now that would have been a clue.