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  1. Hello, you wrote which clearly states that you are asking for the products that you own to be updated to work in P3D v5. Orbx have already stated that wherever possible, those products will be updated as you want them to be and that there will be no charge for that.
  2. Hello, I see the two products safely in your Orbx Direct account. They are both for Microsoft Flight Simulator, so you will need to open Orbx Central for that simulator to see them.
  3. Thanks. I am guessing that now this is identified as the problem that it is, a solution can once again be found.
  4. Hello Derek, a temporary glitch, I think. I am in again now.
  5. Hello, If the file is missing, do you log on to your PC as an administrator?
  6. Hello, please visit the Downloader page in Orbx Central and click on Clear. If you made a backup, please move it out of its folder. Then run Verify files again. Thanks.
  7. Hello, Orbx Central looks for: %LOCALAPPDATA%/Packages/Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe/LocalCache/UserCfg.opt or %APPDATA%/Microsoft Flight Simulator/UserCfg.opt - Specific to Steam and then for the location of the simulator folder on your PC. Please make sure you have that file and that it contains the correct location.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forums. In fact the correct place to ask questions of Gaya is at their own website.
  9. Hello, welcome to the forums. Gaya support is done by Gaya at their own website. unfortunately it cannot be linked, a Google search for Gaya Simulations will find it.
  10. Hello, I see the same. I guess that the reason is this: and that in due course, it will be fixed.
  11. Hello, can you say which exact version of P3D v4.5 you are using as well please?
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