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  1. I see. I would wait a little while yet. there is no hurry and even if the control panel was working for the auto-configuration, migrating the files returns the whole Vector installation to default. By all means try Orbx Central but my advice is the same as the developers', there is no need to migrate or update anything at all.
  2. Hello, as far as I am aware, from Skagit onwards you do need Orbx Central. Also as far as I am aware, you can still buy all the other products as Orbx Direct and install them with FTX Central. The answer therefore depends on which products you intend to buy.
  3. Hello, most unlikely, new and potential customers would have nowhere to go. It seems to me that purchases can be made either at the site or using the "app". ( I hate that term) Either way, they both arrive at the same Orbx Direct account.
  4. Hello, welcome to the forums. You need an application to install the products. You can choose Orbx Central but which simulator are you using and which products did you buy?
  5. Hello, welcome to the forums. This question has been asked and the developers have responded that they will be providing a choice in an update.
  6. Hello, each time there is a bunch of releases for one simulator, there are complaints from the users of another simulator of neglect and bias. Here is a list of releases leading up to 1st July this year, today being the 14th August. Frankly these remarks, always unfounded, have become tedious.
  7. Hello, I would think that I drove realistic lorries (trucks) for over 13000 hours in any 7 of my 45 years of being a lorry driver and I agree with Lawrence that they would not have been realistic without me. Probably they would not have moved at all.
  8. Hello, welcome to the forums. You will be getting an 8 year old program which is on version 1.6, last updated in May 2017.
  9. Yes, once they are in your Orbx Direct account, which you have covered, then indeed if compatible, they will install into P3D v4. All you need to do is install P3D v4, run it once to create its registry entries and then Orbx Central will find it and install the products.
  10. I'll put it another way for you. I opened FTX Central and tried to install Skagit regional into X Plane 11 and FTX Central reported that there are no downloads available for this product. I closed FTX Central and opened Orbx Central which is now installing Skagit into X Plane 11. It therefore appears that it is necessary to use Orbx Central. Will it help if I point out that 1. You can use Orbx Central for X Plane 11 and never open it for P3D v4 at all. 2. if you use Orbx Central with an existing FTX Central installation of Orbx products in P3D v4, you will be able to manage them as before and no changes will be made.
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