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  1. The default airports in Africa are, as I am sure you know, not very good. I don't think that is really the fault of Vector, although its own data can be a bit sketchy at times, due to the general lack of real world data.
  2. Hello Kenneth, without coordinates, to check the location show will be very difficult.
  3. Hello, the best I can do is to illustrate the various options, bearing in mind that I do not have the addon mesh product.
  4. Hello, thanks. This message: is telling you that something, almost certainly your anti virus software, has removed the exe file, C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\saturn-win\OrbxCentralWorker.exe. You will need to take steps to either exclude that process or tell your anti virus software that it is not a threat. There have been several similar reports and they relate to the ant virus software virus definitions being updated
  5. Hello, this problem is usually solved by clearing the Temporary Location in Orbx Central and if a local backup has been made, temporarily moving that backup out of its folder and running verify files again.
  6. Hello, welcome to the forums. The log that you attached appears to show that Orbx Central installed ChasePlane.
  7. Hello, it looks like it cannot find the internet. This is the repetitive message: This is what Google has to say on the subject. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=EADDRINUSE
  8. Hello Ken, there is nothing wrong, those are just elevation adjustment files.
  9. Hello, there is provision to create, save and load a profile. The tabs can be seen at the foot of the control panel.
  10. Hello, this post will be useful to you, with thanks to @John Burgess.
  11. Hello, the topic is intended to be informative, it is not a host for opinion. This has been made abundantly clear in these forums. There are plenty of other places where that can be posted.
  12. Thanks, can you give me the location of your screen shot and I'll take a look there later on this evening.
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