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  1. Hello, the answer seems to be clear. Thanks to you all for contributing.
  2. Hello, no, there are no airports included in the product, so what you are seeing is X Plane 11 default airport textures.
  3. Hello Empire, I fell into the same trap as you have. Instead of setting the sharpening in the Global setting, use the Program Settings tab and set the sharpening for the exe file in question, fsx.exe, Prepar3D.exe, X-Plane.exe and so on. Then the sharpening will be applied to the game only and leave the rest of your software as it was.
  4. Hello Steve, I understand the interest in the new simulator but there is no need for its proponents to try to add a discussion of it to every topic.
  5. Hello Aidan, you can't yet do that I am afraid. You can submit a support ticket with the details of the account that you would like the second copy to go to and Richard might be able to help you out. I had thought that Orbx Direct would not allow you to purchase a copy of a product that you already had?
  6. Hello, welcome to the forums. Please take a look here and see if it answers your question.
  7. Hello, I am no expert in Mac operating systems but have you installed Orbx Central or X Plane 11 yet? The message stating that you need software to open the folder would, if in Windows, be followed by the user directing the OS to the relevant software, in this case, Orbx Central.
  8. Hello, it is hosted here. You may well need to be a member and to log on first.
  9. Hello, 1. as I am sure you already know, all FSX and P3D scenery consists of mesh, vector, landclass or photo scenery, points of interest and airports. All of the regions are self sufficient, including all of the above elements and excluding all of the pre-existing default elements, so that only the region is seen. As to England: a) Global Base provides only replacement textures for the whole world. b) EU England adds all the elements above to all of England. You will see a great enhancement compared to Global Base. c) True Earth Great Britain South adds photo scenery. You will see no landclass, but photo scenery instead. It does not cover all of England. 2. If you choose to install two addon products for the same place, from different developers, there will almost always be compromises to be made. As Stewart points out, there is a forum specifically to help with this task. I do not think that it would really be realistic to expect a commercial developer to include a list of competitors products on a product page.
  10. Hello, the larger discount applies. You do not get a 40% discount over and above a sale price.
  11. Hello Nico, there is no time limit, you can install the products whenever you wish to.
  12. Hello, the main difference is that True Earth Britain South is based on photo imagery, whereas EU England is based on landclass. This means that using TEGB, you will see on the ground images of what was there in the real world when the image was acquired. Using EU England, you will see a representation of what is there, limited by the relatively small number of textures available to the simulator.
  13. Hello, a C4 archive is designed to be installed with Orbx Central. If you take a look at the User Guide, it will tell you how to use it and you should be able to install your product. If you have trouble, there are certain prerequisites that must be installed first. You can read the user Guide here: https://orbx.to/central-guide
  14. Hello, welcome to the forums. Can you tell us how you are trying to install this product?
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