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  1. Free up hard drive space

    Hello, welcome to the forums. If you take a look at the post linked above, you will see an explanation of a way to do this.
  2. Is FSX Acceleraton Required

    If , as was the original question, Acceleration is not installed, then there will be numerous anomalies, some of which are clearly illustrated in the topic that Doug linked in his post. If Acceleration is not installed, then service packs 1 and 2 must be installed instead. I don't understand why this should be contentious and it appears to be a discussion that is going nowhere.
  3. ORBX file storage location

  4. Is FSX Acceleraton Required

    Features that require that Acceleration is installed will not work. If you wish to test this and have Acceleration installed, please uninstall it and see what is missing.
  5. ORBX file storage location

    Hello, yes you can but you will need to replace the ORBX folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X with a symbolic link.
  6. Just wondering

    Thanks Graham, I'm wrong again. Sorry Stewart and Terry.
  7. Just wondering

    Hello Terry, I think that there have been some very significant changes, have a read of Graham's topic. As far as I am aware, you can enjoy these in all the simulator versions.
  8. Hello, welcome to the forums. The update is for Open LC North America, which is the whole product that includes and eventually replaced Open LC North America Alaska\Canada. If you place the attached text file into your ORBX\User documents\Versions folder, the update message should go away. FTX_OLC_NA.TXT
  9. I finally did it.....all 667GB of it..........

    Hello. I do wish that there were no posts like this. FSX is far from finished and P3D v4 is far from perfect. I will not be removing FSX any time soon, it looks good, performs well and runs around 500 dollars worth of aircraft that I would have to buy again at the full price to see in P3D v4. Not to mention the excellent ones that will never be P3D v4 ready because there is no more development going on.
  10. problems

    Hello, If you look for and install a Google translate extension to your browser, you should be able to view the topics in your own language. Despite its imperfections, it must be easier than trying to understand a language that is not your own. this is what I do. Google translate: Hola, Si busca e instala una extensión de Google Traductor en su navegador, debería poder para ver los temas en su propio idioma. A pesar de sus imperfecciones, debe ser más fácil que intentar comprender un idioma que no es el tuyo. Esto es lo que hago.
  11. Weird scenery at Gander NFLD CYQX

    Hello, welcome to the forums. If you have FTX Vector, try disabling AEC for CYQX EDIT: I visited this apparently vital airport for the first time in response to your support request. Indeed it was a mess and is indeed cured by the method I recommend.
  12. Pula Airport

    If you opt in to the Open beta, this airport and all other FTX airports do indeed work. If you prefer not to, then you will have to wait until the release of the RTM version of objectflow 2. For all but a tiny minority of customers who did opt in, the opt in is working perfectly. For those who choose not to, their airports are not visible to them in FTX Central. Because objectflow 2 is still a beta, the airports are not yet marked as P3D v4 ready, though they all work in P3D v4.
  13. LDPL My Final Shots.

    Yes, it has no objectflow except the windsocks.
  14. LDPL My Final Shots.

    Like anyone else, you can opt in to the Open beta and use this and all other airports in P3D v4. until the final release, none of them will be described as ready for P3D v4.
  15. Hello, unfortunately, I cannot check this, as the product has been available to me for testing for quite some time already.