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  1. Hello, no you don't. Once you have installed P3D v5, Orbx Central will recognise it and you can install all your products.
  2. Hello, if you moved your installation in the recommended way, then Orbx Central should just find it. It uses the entry at the foot of the UserCfg.opt file.
  3. Hello, the choice of Orbx Central Library folder is yours, and it looks to have been mis-indentified. Each library will have inside it a separate folder for each simulator that can use it, named after that simulator, so that one library can be used for all four simulators if required. The target should not be that folder, or indeed any folder inside it, as you appear to have set it. If your installation was correct, then Accufeel would be installed into D:\Orbx\Orbx_Library\p3dv5\Orbx Libraries\p3dv5 and if it is not, then it will not work.
  4. Hello, it seems clear from the reply above yours that the error is in the simulator.
  5. Hello, there is not. It is a recognised issue and on a list of things to do.
  6. Hello, no, the utility is only for FSX. To see P3D v5, Orbx Central requires that this registry entry is present: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\AppPath and that it points to the correct location of the P3D v5 root folder. That location must also contain Prepar3D.exe. An unimpeded installation of P3D v5 will add both of these requirements but the registry entry is not written until P3D v5 is run once.
  7. Hello, start P3D and from the Scenario screen, go to the Options World menu where you will see a tick box for "Dynamic 3D autogen vegetation" Remove the tick, close P3D and when you restart it, the odd looking trees should be gone.
  8. Hello, sometimes this type of crash can be the result of a combination of causes, rather than an individual cause. I would ask you to try to replicate the crash with only the LOWI addon active.
  9. Hello, welcome to the forums. This is an anomaly introduced by Asobo in the latest update. In fact, it does not matter. If a third party addon appears in the Content Manager as "Not installed" this means that it is installed. If an addon is truly not installed, it does not appear in the list at all. Rex Weather Force does not appear in the Content Manager because it is not a content item in MSFS.
  10. Hello, my apologies, I had assumed that there would be a control panel like the London Landmarks but it appears that I was not correct.
  11. Hello, we only have the files that we are sent by external developers.
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