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  1. The migration troubleshooter is redundant and will not help you with objectflow.
  2. Hello, can you try creating a new library and then uninstall objectflow and reinstall it into your new library please?
  3. Thanks, you must close your simulator, as the message would tell you.
  4. Thanks, that is why you need to create a new library. This is an extract from the topic that I linked for you on page one. I guess that you must not have read it. Once the Library has been created, select objectflow from the Misc section of My Products and click on Install. Then select your Orbx Central Library and objectflow will be installed into it.
  5. Thanks, there is no such thing as Orbx Vienna. There is indeed Gaya Simulations Vienna, marketed through Orbx Central. Either way, we don't do these comparisons here.
  6. Hello, you don't seem to have created a new library. Then uninstall objectflow from where it is and reinstall it to the library that you just created. Thanks.
  7. Hello Olivier, can you explain in a bit more detail what this means please? Could it be that you need Orbx Central but you have not yet installed it?
  8. Hello, it seems that it is fine, so long as SCA is also installed and active. Without it, the aircraft is placed underground.
  9. Hello, your answer is in your own topic, here:
  10. Hello, the log file is indicating that the prerequisite software is missing. Please have a look here:
  11. Hello, welcome to the forums. You don't say which simulator you are trying to use. I have taken a look in P3D v4 and do not see anything wrong. I also do not have the local knowledge that you do and have not been able to find where some of your images are.
  12. I will move this to the Orbx Gaka Kos forum and you can take a look around.
  13. If you have the freeware copy, please visit the Gaya site for support.
  14. Hello, which version of P3D v4 are you using and do you have scenery\world\scenery\ADE_FTX_SCA_KPSP_ALT.bgl?
  15. Hello, if you have Vector installed inside your P3D v4 root folder, please attach a copy of your scenery.cfg file. If you do not, please show a screenshot of its scenery library entries. Thanks.
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