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  1. Departing Sion

    Early evening departure from Sion LSGS courtesty of FTX Global, Vector and OpenLC.
  2. Virgin Samoa

    I've done this Virgin Samoa flight from NZAA a couple of times now. Such a picturesque approach.
  3. Blown away by the scenery. Virgin Samoa flight from NZAA to NSFA
  4. Some stunners this month for sure. Here's a bit of formation flying out of RAF Valley over Anglesey, North Wales. Good luck everyone.
  5. St Patrick's Day on Monday so what better than a weekend hop and back between Gatwick to Dublin; with Aer Lingus of course.
  6. Just one

    One from my recent tour of Scotland.
  7. Scottish touring

    Scotland is indeed a great place to explore. Thanks for the kind words
  8. Scottish touring

    Thanks to Iain (Dr_Watson) for his flight plan suggestion from North Connel (Oban) (EGEO) . With real world weather on Sunday it was a bit tricky at times. Here's some shots I took along the way.
  9. Engine Out

    Thanks guys, glad you like 'em
  10. Engine Out

    Engine problem over Japan
  11. Morning has broken!

    Very atmospheric. Love the shades of the second shot.
  12. Just one

    You know the scenery is right when camouflage works.
  13. Q400 Cardiff to Edinburgh

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Still getting used to the quirks of the Q400.
  14. Q400 Cardiff to Edinburgh

    Took the Q400 for a test flight over the wonderful Wales, England and Scotland.
  15. Germanwings EDDK - EGCC

    Thanks guys.