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  1. Nice Scott, Depending on how you look at it that 3rd shot looks like a humongous aircraft parked on the airport. LOL
  2. Thanks Gerold, I emailed Oisin my purchase info. Awaiting response.
  3. Great shots Gerold. I miss my 530. I'm logged in at the Milviz support forum but can't locate the 530.
  4. No. But awfully close. It darn near got decapitated. Can't say much for the other guy thou. I live near Eagle Creek Park Indianapolis and used to go there a lot. (no hunting allowed there) Some years there's too many and so the Dept. of Natural Resources rounds them up and transports them elsewhere. And of course Eagle Creek Airport is just south of the park. Fortunately the property is fenced in.
  5. Or shall I say Oh Deer! Not one but two!
  6. Great looking set Brad! I assume the 530 works fine in v4?
  7. As title states I noticed in FTX Central the Global Range only now shows regions. The airports are now in their respective regions e.g. KCGX is now under NA Region. Also at https://orbxdirect.com/.
  8. Any sale for the guy who has everything? OH wait! There is something. Thank You!
  9. Crazy! Lucky soul. Now those are the kind of trees Orbx needs to develop.
  10. Zip files on DVD? Doesn't come with an installer? Is it published by Pilots? Otherwise I would request refund. I still use my Next Generation FSGlobal Ultimate on DVD on 9 discs and it installs with an installer.
  11. And everything under the sun is in tune But the sun is eclipsed by the moon. On 8/21/17
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