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  1. LOD14 for me - I don't want to fly between different countries: one with seasons and one with summer only
  2. Thanks Misha - looks fantastic and will complement the Adreatic region
  3. Hi Carlo, this tool is from Lorby-SI "P3DV4AddonOrganizer.exe" I will do today Thanks for your feedback Best regards Bernhard
  4. I had nearly the same experience with Aerosoft's LPMA. When choosing LPMA after pressing "Start" P3Dv4 crashed. I made a search and found the culprit in FSDT KJFK2. When deactivating KJFK, LPMA had no problems. It seems - according to Mathijs from Aersoft - that there are bugs in LM's add-on.xmls. FSDT's sceneries are embedded in the addon.xmls, Aerosoft's is in the main P3Dv4 folder - as it is the case with ORBX. When having that hint, i built an "old fashioned scenery.cfg" combining the scenry.cfg and the addon.xml to one scenery.cfg (using a freeware tool) and deleted all sceneries in the
  5. My latest Version of My Traffic X ist 5.4.c with spring 2013 schedule
  6. Just downloaded all 4 files from CDN1 - it took me less than 30 minutes. So it's obvious, that the servers are running.
  7. Gary, I also (69 yrs) have somtimes troubles with downloads. If this happens I am going to clear my Internet cache and delete all temporary Internet files (to do that, you have to work with a "cleaner" - I use the Freeware "CC-cleaner"). you can do it also manually. After that, starting my Internet Connection and then pressing F5 to refresh my connection to be sure, that there is a clean connection. Sometimes it happens, that your old connection and the corrutpted file is still in your cache. pressing F5 means that you now have access to the correct file. In most cases this helps
  8. Hi Gatro - when you downloaded Stark's Twin Oaks from Flightsimstore last Friday, then you already have the latest version 1.5. So there is no need for the 1.5 Patch. You see the Version in your FTX Central (Tools-> Reports -> FTX products installed)
  9. Hi - I think you should contact the store where you bought PNW (I assume it was Flightsimstore ). This I not a case for handling here
  10. I have the Flight1 V814 - after two flights it was stored in my Hangar. Have an eye on the B1900D or the Twin Otter - both great planes for short hauls and flying around PNW and so on
  11. Hi Kiki, there is a fix for this offered by Mistymornings. For me, it works fine. Best regards Bernhard http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/#s
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