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  1. Every month has 28 days in it.
  2. Here's a hint. It will have 28 days in it.
  3. No, but you can play a CD in a DVD Player.
  4. The whole lot looks like Legoland.
  5. I have them all downloaded and stored in a safe place - so safe I cannot find them.
  6. I suspect there may be an NDA on this at present otherwise it would have been mentioned already.
  7. Brisbane! If the world had piles that's where they would be.
  8. I always find it easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. The most recent thing I purchased online was a $4,000 Mountain Bike. Didn't mention it and it arrived by courier a few days later when I wasn't home. The bike, in pieces, was taken out of the packaging and placed on my side of the bed. I was told I had to find somewhere else to sleep because the bike was newer than I. I cooked dinner and all was forgiven.
  9. When my computer ceases to cope I will stop. I will follow my other passions - mountain biking, road cycling and photography. Not sinking any more money into hardware for something I barely have time to do.
  10. Knowing Frank - probably Windows 11
  11. Let's just have the new tech and better textures and forget all this superfluous piffle. If Brumby herds are included let's have have some Kangeroos and shooters picking them off.
  12. The moggie is called Ayesha.