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  1. My wife once asked me if I would ever grow up. My reply - hope not.
  2. Went searching for how much data is in 2 Petabytes. Found this: "2 Petabytes: All US academic research libraries" A fair bit of data!
  3. I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old too but I can give them back to their parents Far better situation IMO.
  4. Looked convincing enough to me. Even got wet from the spray!
  5. I think the target pricing is US$10 per month and is basically the price of a couple of coffees. Doubt they could run the infrastructure for less and make a profit. I'll have a good look at it when it releases and maybe give it a go but time will tell.
  6. ORBX may have a comment but I doubt LM will as they are operating in a different space. MS is all about entertainment whereas LM is not.
  7. Follow the website link in post #33. The website says it is being developed for XBOX and Windows 10. Windows 10 is for PCs.
  8. A real bonus for those of us who live in Tasmania is that you can't drive here without booking a ferry journey which isn't cheap.
  9. No cars on Macquarie Island - or roads. Come to think of it no drivers either.
  10. You think Victoria is bad. Try living further south.
  11. I do live here (Aust) but will need to be dragged screaming to the checkout. What I have suits me fine. Fly in NZ with the occasional flights across the ditch. NZ scenery is just fine.
  12. I just loaded the Aerosoft Airbus and YBCG in 50 seconds from start of load to ready to fly. The pause at 6% was barely noticeable. I read that the Shaders file should be deleted and it never hurts to ditch the .cfg file however I have to say that I did the Shaders folder but not the .cfg.
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