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  1. I prefer neither. I believe in the Science the rest, IMO, is mumbo jumbo.
  2. Two points from my perspective Don't care about seasons. Don't have deciduous trees where I live and fly and it doesn't snow. It is fine as far as I'm concerned if there is just clouds and wind. However, having said the above, my current investment in P3D is gathering dust due to changed circumstances so I won't be investing in MF2020.
  3. My wife has been almost inconsolable in regards to obliteration of wildlife and stock. We are also animal lovers and the sight of burned Roos and Koalas is an awful and lasting image. There was one of a juvenile Roo that got to a fence trying to escape the fire and only to perish hanging on to the wires.
  4. Fully agree. I assume he must have been NZ born.
  5. Stopped fitting him a long time ago when his enormous head and ego became too inflated. We have a much better 'spin king' now.
  6. Priority for me would have been my three Mountain Bikes, two Road Bikes, CX Bike and the bike permanently linked to the trainer. Wouldn't have been room for my PC.
  7. In 1974-75 the cost of the bush fires was estimated at $5million, which equated to roughly 117 million hectares. Those bush fires were not nearly as intense as those that are currently underway and clearly the damage caused in the 6.3 million hectares to date is much more. I suspect the 1974-75 fires burned in inaccessible areas and were allowed to burn themselves out rather than commit resources to fight them. I simple case where comparisons are woefully inadequate. In response to the OP, we are wondering what is going on as well. I will avoid the politically obvious but NZ should have a 24 watch on it's PM or she may be abducted a brought over here to replace our Ad Man (or we may just adjust our Constitution to allow NZ to absorb Australia and call it the West Island - not that they would want us ).
  8. Halloween is over until next year - thank goodness. Just gotta get Thanksgiving (for what I don't know) and Christmas out of the the way then clear air until Easter.
  9. Whinge moan whinge moan....... Get over it. AUD$40 is a bargain. The price is what it is .... don't like it, don't buy it.
  10. My wife once asked me if I would ever grow up. My reply - hope not.
  11. Went searching for how much data is in 2 Petabytes. Found this: "2 Petabytes: All US academic research libraries" A fair bit of data!
  12. I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old too but I can give them back to their parents Far better situation IMO.
  13. Looked convincing enough to me. Even got wet from the spray!
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