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  1. The only bad trees are those that get dealt with alongside photogrammetry scenery. They look like melted plastic blocks.
  2. Damn clouds interfering with satellite mapping - that is the reason. Shows up nicely in Google Maps.
  3. Tasmania is indeed a beautiful place only the NW is better than the NE. We love our MOAT.
  4. Just avoid anything starting with 'K' and you are good to go.
  5. The good part is that the sensitivity settings you had before the latest patch are retained and work as before. I made what I thought was the mistake after the 2nd patch of deleting a preset. Fortunately before I did it I copied it to make changes. It was only when I had copied and deleted I found the sensitivity option had been squashed. After a mild falm palming exercise I exited and restarted and happiness was returned.
  6. This topic has been done to death. If you like MSFS2020 - fly it, if not don't. Just stop warbling on about it.
  7. You also need to have Gates, Buffett, Bezos or Zuckerberg as your Family name
  8. My download paused after 2.1gb. I left the site and restarted and it continued to completion.
  9. Orbx staff when talking about products should lead by example and give both options. It's not that hard and readers will soon catch on and start following suit.
  10. Been a while since I last saw you on here. You can have both
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