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  1. I was simply making the point that I will believe it when new IFR/Airliner airports when I see it. The statement was in relation to his lordships comment that more are in the works for 2019. Frankly I really don't care what is released or when or for that matter if. I am happy on the very limited occasions I bother to fire up the FS to plod around Australia/New Zealand and have no burning desire to fly in Europe hence the lack of sceneries/airports in my FTX3 list for that part of the world and even less to fly in North America or Asia. As for NZAA - that has dropped by ORBX long ago in favour of the anticipated Flightbeam offering which in turn was back burnered while NZAA was redeveloped. Don't expect too much from them anytime soon and don't bother to ask because they will shut you down quickly. They are flagging March for Wellington but they didn't indicate a year so don't hold your breath. A comment on China - they can build a full real world international airport quicker than many flightsim developers manage to churn out a scenery file. They started the new Beijing airport in December 2014 and it opens later this year - 4 runways and a terminal to cater for millions of passengers and the infrastructure to support it whereas in this country we a flat out building an additional runway at YBBN in more than 8 years and Western Sydney will have one runway and a couple of portacabins for a terminal by around 2026 if they ever get around to it.
  2. Airports for IFR/Airliners - I'll believe it when I see it. As far as I can see they are just words.
  3. No, mother nature did a great job of replicating ORBX
  4. " ........trying freeware Taramisia island" Where on Earth is that? If you mean Tasmania - yes it is an island but more importantly it is part of Australia.
  5. Here's a hint. It will have 28 days in it.
  6. No, but you can play a CD in a DVD Player.
  7. I have them all downloaded and stored in a safe place - so safe I cannot find them.
  8. I suspect there may be an NDA on this at present otherwise it would have been mentioned already.
  9. Brisbane! If the world had piles that's where they would be.
  10. I always find it easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. The most recent thing I purchased online was a $4,000 Mountain Bike. Didn't mention it and it arrived by courier a few days later when I wasn't home. The bike, in pieces, was taken out of the packaging and placed on my side of the bed. I was told I had to find somewhere else to sleep because the bike was newer than I. I cooked dinner and all was forgiven.
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