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  1. I thought Melb'n is where Mexicans come from and NSW was the home of Cockroaches.
  2. " ......most mainlanders don't know we exist down here..." and I for one am happy to keep it that way.
  3. "Bradley International Airport temporarily closed and the aircraft landed on the main runway landed gear up, meaning on the bottom of the aircraft with no landing gear out, at 1:35 p.m." Love the reporters explanation.
  4. My resolution is to simply put 2020 behind me and hope 2021 is better and if it's not wait for 2022.
  5. No argument with any of this. happy holiday season to you as well.
  6. Brisbane has three waypoints over Moreton Bay - Leaky, Boats and Sinkk.
  7. The only bad trees are those that get dealt with alongside photogrammetry scenery. They look like melted plastic blocks.
  8. Damn clouds interfering with satellite mapping - that is the reason. Shows up nicely in Google Maps.
  9. Tasmania is indeed a beautiful place only the NW is better than the NE. We love our MOAT.
  10. Just avoid anything starting with 'K' and you are good to go.
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