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  1. I wonder what level of streaming he was using. Was it basic downloaded scenery to facilitate the video recording of the aircraft or was he streaming to the max?
  2. What advantage is there, other than being one of the first kids on the block to have it, to pre-ordering? I normally wait a few months and see what the YouTube gurus have to say before dipping my toe.
  3. Well I did think that Queenstown looked remarkably familiar.
  4. Speculating as much as the next person but given the announcements of partners and looking at many of their airport offerings it is not a frequent occurrence to find them on the MS list. To me this would suggest the partners will provide from their stables the quality airports like Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Singapore etc. for MS. We'll see but I suspect as 18/8 approaches announcements will come thick and fast from the third party providers.
  5. Two passes over Sydney Harbour and the Bridge then down to Wollongong to pass over the HARS Museum then farewell. Couple of Fedex Freighters and Qantas 737-800 in a holding pattern while all this happened.
  6. If it is bug free it will be the first MS product to achieve that status. I'll be waiting until until V1.5 or later - if I bother at all. I like what I have woth p3d. It was version 3 of p3d before I moved across from FSX.
  7. The 35 are those which have been given a good work over by the developers. Interestingly every airport I'm aware of that has been developed as a standalone for p3d i.e. all the Orbx airports and other companies are not featured on the list suggesting they will be developed by third parties.
  8. I installed it and it is bug ridden. Hyd Press and Hyd Qty gauges jiggle and bobble around as does the Oil Pressure gauges for both engines. Master Caution light cannot be extinguished and the warning 'ding' is really annoying Same issue in P3dV4 and V5. Uninstalled and reinstalled with same out come. Uninstalled finally and will remain so until they fix it. Have notified them.
  9. This may help https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?page_id=2
  10. I was wrong on both counts but happy to be. As one who only flies in Australia/NZ I look forward to it.
  11. I'm sure you will get a free upgrade if it were to happen but it won't.
  12. How times have changed. Now all the 'shoddy' goods come from the UK
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