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  1. ive also noticed same problem being no tower at ybbn as well is there any way i can get the towers back at ybcg & ybbn/? ? i dont know what to do would reinstalling orbx do anything ?
  2. I had this problem a while ago in which i installed i think it was John ross's Coolangatta it was great only problem was something created a large invisible wall like object that you crashed "had to turn the crash thingy off" so i dont install that anymore however i installed the orbx Gold and seem to now be missing my default tower or even a new one i seem to have the worse luck with this game is there a patch anyone knows lol to reinstall a good version of YBCG or something i can do to get a tower back i just feel naked without my tower Kind Regards James
  3. Sorry guys im not sure how to add an image to this reply i can email it guess of anyone is interested i Think i have managed to fix the problem i simply reinstalled FSX again and installed ORBX stuff on a clean Flight sim Seems to be ok i think it was a mixture of a file that contains QLD afcads and QcLandclass i think it is, it seems to shift the area around coolangatta and brisbane airport out to the east into the water so you are left with a black ground around the areas Sydney or YSSY is fine the minute you take of but get about 2 km from the city and the whole Sydney scenery goes under water with just the building roof tops showing, its almost like you have gone through another ground very strange that seemed to fix itself when i applied the Blue SP1 Sorry guys hope i have wasted to much time
  4. Recently installed the Addon Blue For nsw area and noticed alot of the city is under water has any one else had this problem please let me know : /
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