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  1. Thank you for the kind comments. Most appreciated. I couldn't bring myself to fly around Oregon with the first version of TE but with the update it's so much better from what I've seen. Enjoying it immensely. I'm still fussing with xVision, can't quite get the look I want. Maybe it's xEnviro that just does its own thing.
  2. Took a short flight in my Tomahawk this afternoon along the southern Oregon coast from 4S1 Gold Beach to 5S6 Cape Blanco State. Took a few snaps along the way. I was surprised the weather was clear (xEnviro). Wind from the Northwest at 11 kts. What an enjoyable flight. I drove this coast about 35 years ago. Orbx sure is coming close to capturing it natural beauty. Departing Gold Beach Cape Blanco State Park and it's lighthouse Approaching Cape Blanco State ~
  3. Looking good OND! Thanks for the tip on FSEnhancer.
  4. Around Washington With xEnviro
  5. That's a beautiful shot. Just perfect!
  6. Nice shots Jack! Which plane is that?
  7. Nice shots! You have your sim environment variables set up really well.
  8. I have the Experimental Flight Model turned on. Still it's a handful with a cross wind on the runway. I use xEnviro, maybe that's the reason. I don't know. Thanks Daan.
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