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  1. This is so intriguing. Adds a lot to the shots. Keep them coming Kev.
  2. I added the link to the post above at the same time almost at the same time you asked. I was wondering if you saw it.
  3. There's a thread over at the org with a list of compatible add-ons. Looks like most add-ons are compatible Jack. Edit: Here's the thread https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/207345-add-onsplugins-working-in-xplane-1150-beta-1/
  4. Was getting 43fps over Miami when I took this shot with XP 11.50 Beta using Vulcan. Could barely get close to Miami before. I'm a happy camper! The best is yet to come! Cropped and edited to reduce the haze. Texture Quality at Max, Max World Objects, 4x SSAA 4k 8086k@5.0 2080ti
  5. The clarity of those first two, just amazing!
  6. Sweet shots Adam. I like your style.
  7. @RunShotgun Ok, thank you Keven.
  8. I am finally getting around to transferring my licenses for ChasePlane and PrecipitFX to Orbx. I am hesitant because my licenses for these OldProp products are under my old email address which is different from my Orbx account. If I initiate the transfer process will the different email addresses prevent me from completing the process? I don't see a way to update my email address at OldProp.
  9. Your mod looks much better. Any chance you could post it?
  10. I believe it's the same from looking at the screenshot.
  11. There are taxiway lights now with the fix. In the Surround_builds folder there are 64 files, in the fix there are only 55 files. Is that correct? The taxiway lights are actually on the taxiway. There are none on the side of the taxiway near the terminal and and other parking areas even though there are non asphalt areas there between the turnoffs. Seems the taxiway lights should be on both sides and off the taxiway.
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