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  1. Evening arrival at Santa Barbara Over Moss Landing, Monterey Bay
  2. Thank you for your nice comments. I'm in love with this Spitfire by FlyingIron and TE England of course. Just love cruising and taking in the scenery that at my age I'll never see in real life. Can't wait for Washington.
  3. North of Liverpool late afternoon
  4. Love the fire in the exhaust stack. Excellent Spitfire by FlyingIron
  5. Nice shots Adam! I also picked up the FlyingIron MkIXc Spitfire this weekend. Looks good.
  6. Nice shots Jack! Where did you get the Jeppesen charts from?
  7. So close to London yet so rural. Damyns Hall Aerodrome
  8. Beautiful shots! Love the Spit.
  9. Thanks Mark! I didn't know about that. Way cool. This old man learnt something.
  10. Mark, what is the XP free camera? Yep, I'm new to XP. Excellent shots!
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