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  1. Beautiful shots! Love the Spit.
  2. Thanks Mark! I didn't know about that. Way cool. This old man learnt something.
  3. Mark, what is the XP free camera? Yep, I'm new to XP. Excellent shots!
  4. I just love the nose art on these old war birds and you do a great job JK on the paints.
  5. For your first paint, that's an amazing job! You got talent!
  6. Nice shot! Love the landscape and water reflections.
  7. Thanks Jack! Plane is the freeware version, pretty nice.
  8. Thank you for the comments. Loving the Spitfire. Should I get the payware version?
  9. Capt I couldn't have said it better. that's exactly how I feel. All my P3d stuff is in the hangar dust.
  10. Thank you for your comments. Loving the Spitfire and starting to want the payware version.
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