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  1. This seemed to work just well.. Thanks. Dogs53
  2. OK.. thanks.. I will give it a try and let you know... But one question: . Nick asks if no one has Global Vector Installed. I do have it installed. Should I proceed anyway? Thanks Dogs53
  3. I am using P3Dv4 and have the Global Base, Trees, Vector, OpenLC Europe and OpenLC North America installed. I have flown in and out of KPSP numerous times with no issues. However, today something changed and I seem to have the issue described as airport elevation error with my runway is seemingly below the ground. I tried the Airport Elevation disable fix as described in the Global Vector Configuration Tool and KPSP now appears on the right side of the screen under the column of AEC is disabled. But no change in the vision on the runway... I am still below ground. Then I tried to enable AEC for KPSP airport and still no change. What could the issue be? As I said, I have probably flown out of KPSP over 50 times, but somehow this issue showed up on today's flights. Please let me know what you suggest as I seem to be out of ideas on how to resolve this. Thanks Dogs53
  4. Thanks... I look forward to getting the new version. But how do I get it? I have KSAN ORBX and I fly it almost daily, but when I go to FTX Central, it doesn't show an update available for KSAN. Does that mean that I already have V2? I don't see any way to check this. Please let me know. Thanks
  5. Sounds good to me, I will only open Central if I have changed my installation from the last time, or if I am changing to a different Simulator from last time. Let me know if I am misunderstanding you, and thanks.
  6. Thanks for your quick reply. I don't know what you mean about a "start" menu. When I open FTX, Cental it asks me to select a simulator, then on the left there are two groups.. FTX Global and North America. I don't see a "start" menu. I did update when requested, and it seems that I have Central Version 2.1.5988.3534
  7. I use both FSX and P3Dv2 on my computer and am wondering if I still need to start Central to select the simulator (P3D or FSX) or is this handled automatically? Also, I don't presume that I need to select an Scenery Area (Global or North American) before starting the flight, or is this handled automatically? Thanks for clarifying.
  8. Richard.. Sorry for the delay but I was out for the holidays. And yes, I do have all of the above in my Orbx Vector Folder. Thanks in advance for your help, and I look forward to the resolution of these problems. Bob
  9. Herman.. thanks for your response. I don't think that I want to disable VECTOR_CVX because of the reasons that you mentioned. And I am a virtual novice at this type of stuff, so I don't understand how I can place the exclusions as you suggest. My gut says to just deal with this and hope that ORBX issues some type of a fix. Please let me know if you think that there is something that I can do. Thanks again.
  10. Richard.. Thanks for looking into this. My Vector files (OBJ, APT, CVX, and EXX) were installed directly under the scenery areas (Africa is the last one) and just before Base files (1107 Base is the first one). But I am noticing that the VECTOR_AEC is in the third to last position under 0000 Base and before Default Scenery. This was the position that they were installed into by the installer, and I didn't move anything around. FYI, LIBS is on top, followed by GLOBAL AIRPORTS, followed by FTX_AA_KHQM, followed by FTX_AA_PDX_CITISCAPE, followed by FTX_AA_YOSEMITE, followed by the SCENERY, SVX, MESH, CUSTOM for CRM, then the same for NCA, then the same for PFJ, then the same for PFJ, then the same for PNW, then the same for SAK, then the ORBX OPEN LC for EUROPE1, NAMERICA1, and BASE. then the various scenery areas, then ORBX VECTOR Files mentioned above. Hope that this helps. Let me know if I should move something around here. And thanks again. Bob
  11. It seems to me that I had a similar problem during the installation. I don't have that file either? Could that be the cause of some of my recent problem with trees, etc? In any event, if it is needed, how should I obtain it? Thanks
  12. Thanks.. and I have no third party mesh installed.. It looks like this one can't be solved without a complete uninstall/reinstall of FTX Orbx sceneries. (and I am not sure as to how to even do that (do I just delete in scenery library? Please advise) or if I am up to that task).. But somehow Vector causes this problem to worsen because when I "un-tick" vector in the scenery libraries, it goes away. Hopefully ORBX can resolve this in future updates or postings.
  13. It took me several postings to get them.. but look above. Thanks
  14. Again, I want to thank you for the help. First -- Unckecking "Frozen Water" had no effect. And FTX_VECTOR_EXX in unchecked. And I have no NA Freeware airports anywhere near the ones in question. (in fact, I don't think I have any) I did take screenshots of KHAX, (I am not having this problem at KAYX or at KAHN) but I cannot figure out how to attached them here, so unless I have an email address, I don't know how to send them to you. But this is definitely a VECTOR problem, because if I uncheck all of the Vector Files in the scenery library, then the problem disappears. Hopefully ORBX resolves this soon as this issue is being reported on other forums also. Thanks
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