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  1. Just gordeous, super !! And Schiphol of course is so familiar to me, love it ! Cheers Fred
  2. Sundancer

    The end bit first

    Yeah, great shots. I agree with John that XP11 has interesting points of view for taking screenshots, or do you use a tool for that. The trees in #2 need some improvements, don't they?
  3. Sundancer

    Kenai, Alaska

    Good shots, Adam. I like the yellow colours in the sky in nr. 6 The plane's colours look like Brasilian, isn't it? Cheers Fred
  4. Well, I am back in town and do have time again to see all your wonderful screenshots. These shots are really beautiful, Martyn. Especially nr. 4, which made me think when Anthony Fokker flew his plane (De Spin, [Spider]) over St. Bavo church in Haarlem, August 31th 1911
  5. Sundancer

    Where is Shoreham?

    Sussex was the missing county, subject of our next years holiday destination....Beachy Head, Seven Sisters and the Southdowns of course. Thanks Paul for this great tour along the South Coast.
  6. Sundancer

    A Grob Tutor over Welshpool

    Aha...Paul has left the South coast and returned to his homeland. Great set of shots and I like the registration
  7. Sundancer

    Back in Black

    Yep, great livery, Martyn. Of course, Martyn knows it, but just looked it up for all us of who don't know its meaning:
  8. Sundancer

    Diamond Point hot air balloon part 2

    No problems here...maybe check your settings ? Oops....you already checked, I just read. Well..dunno, never met problems with that.
  9. Sundancer

    A Flight over Kent

    Oops, nearly missed this flight. Another great map and flight, Paul. Thanks for the interesting information. You could do well as a travel information guide.... I could not yet find Cantherbury Cathedral on that particular picture, I enlarged it and compared it to Google maps, but no result.....
  10. Sundancer

    Diamond Point hot air balloon part 2

    "Vacuum my carpet"...ha ha... Another great episode, Jack /Martyn. I enjoyed it !
  11. Sundancer

    Rotterdam (Netherlands TrueEarth)

    The Swan, my friend.
  12. Sundancer

    Rotterdam (Netherlands TrueEarth)

    No Jack, don't you remember the bridge in picture # 3.....and how it is called. You even flew underneath it, I think
  13. Sundancer

    A real life addition to one of my last posts

    Thanks Gerold, but this year Xmas trip will be to Algarve in Portugal to pick up some mid winter sunshine.
  14. Sundancer

    A real life addition to one of my last posts

    Beautiful cathedral, Gerold. Never been in Madrid, last year we visited Sevilla in Xmas time.
  15. Sundancer

    On to Leon, and then a ride to Madrid

    Beautiful set Gerold. You met different kind of weather during the flight, according to the variation in clouds. Very nice ! Cheers Fred