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  1. Arghhh....you are right, I overlooked it. Although I must say that it was absolutely not my intention to look for faults, not at all. Who am I to judge a profi who worked the avionics in Boeing planes
  2. Great shots, Jack. I enjoyed every single one, including the instruments of course, thanks
  3. Happy birthday Stewart from a white winterly Netherlands. Many happy returns and have a nice day. Cheers Fred
  4. I see, no problem Jack. I do like cockpit and instrument shots, there are always things to learn from.
  5. Nice set of shots, Jack! Next flight more cockpit and instrument shots, please ;-)
  6. I did some research too and searched for three masts barks and lists of tall ships, but coudn't find a good candidate. I think it is a developer's fantasy flag.....
  7. Hi Lars, You might be true about the Gorch Fock. The sailplan (rigging), shape and colour look like the GF indeed. I only have my doubts about the German flag... Cheers Fred
  8. A wonderful plane, Cyberpilot. When I am not flying the B737 PMDG, I always use this bird for a ride.... I also don't use the Bendix GPS. Cheers Fred
  9. Nice set Jack. I bought PAKT during last sale, but I never fly in a winter scenery. I always switch to spring or summer. Why did you set autobrake to MAX? Was the rwy too short?
  10. Needless to say that these shots are stunning, Renault ! You can oversee the complete Solent, a sailor's paradise.... Strong currents can occur around the Needles, so when sailing by you must be very careful. Cheers Fred
  11. Beautiful Jack, Historical and modern technics meet each other !
  12. Happy Birthday from your Northern neighbour country. I hope you have a nice day and many happy returns. Cheers Fred
  13. Especially the following shot is so familiar to me.... Sundancer's berth within the red circle, EHAM rwy 36C ahead, the Northsea far to the left (West) and Amsterdam to the right in the background. The village at the righthandside nearby is called Aalsmeer and famous for flower export all over the world. Cheers Fred
  14. As far as I remember (from sailing by), there is only a lighthouse at the Westerly end, but no water tower. Fred
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