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  1. Impossible to accurately forecast what improvement if any you'd see (just too many variables) but if you look around x plane forums you'll find loads of people who've been disappointed with performance after an upgrade, be it CPU, GPU RAM etc etc. At best you might see a couple of fps more or perhaps slightly fewer stutters or pauses but you're not going to see massive improvements (unless there was something really wrong with your rig prior to the upgrade). If money is burning a hole in your pocket and/or your current perfomance is driving you nuts then go for it, if not I'd sit tight and wait and see what Vulcan brings - albeit it's likely not going to be with us for a long time yet. If you wait then your money will probably go further anyway!
  2. Very nice, hopefully not too much longer to wait!
  3. After beta 5 came out they posted something to the effect that x plane had changed so much it would require a load of work to get xvision working again so they were likely going to hold off until 11.3 is officially released.
  4. Can I ask if you're using one of the standard Xvision presets or one that you've created yourself please? Also I assume you're still with XP 11.26 and haven't gone down the beta route as I know that has played havoc with xvision!
  5. Might have been my comment that got zapped cos it's not here now - wasn't aware that it had got double posted somehow though. Anyway I commented about xvision. I looked at this when it was free but now see that's its payware only and because it works with shaders there's no guarantee that it'll keep on working, or at least won't stop working for periods as x plane progresses and the xvision developers play catch up. It's not a lot of money so providing it doesn't impact on frame rates I think I'll take the plunge...
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