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  1. Yeah, I thought so. But there are no cpp1 files on my computer. All presets consist of json files.
  2. OK, CP works again. Helped to completely reboot the PC. If you don't do that the new CP version won't recognize the running simulator. But I still have a question: What are cpp1 files?
  3. Oops - sometimes you are struck blind. Little Moment I start P3D V5 and generate the log after starting.
  4. How do I do that? I cannot find a function for it in the interface.
  5. I have the same problem after updating to version 1.2.36 I have 303 presets in my CP folder but none of them are loaded (see picture 1). Also an Import of the data into the library is not possible, because the preset data are json files, but in the new version data in "cpp1" format is expected. The selection of json files is not possible (see picture 2).
  6. Hello John, you're right! In the default scenery the arm is missing too. I got irritated by a photorealistic scene of Egypt which I have too. Besides, it would be a problem for Vector and not LC. Sorry
  7. I noticed something about the Suez Canal. North of the large Bitter Lake near Abu Suwayr airfield (HE35) the channel has an arm running west and an arm running east. But only the western arm is present. The eastern one is completely missing (see red marking in the picture). Thus all ships (both from Henrik and me) using the eastern arm get stuck in the desert.
  8. Hi, Doug, thank you for the information and Merry Christmas for you and the whole ORBX team.
  9. Hi, Doug, thank you for the information. It's working, even though I'm not quite sure why I MUST create a new ORBX directory now. All other ORBX sceneries and data are in: DriveX\P3D V4\ORBX\. I thought the ORBX directory is a CAN but not a MUST
  10. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D V4.5 Screenshot: Issue: Hi, since this morning I also have a problem with ORBX-Central. I was just updating Great Britain South and Southampton. Unfortunately I always get the error message: Libary path does not exist. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the libaries but the error message remains with both scenarios. I then uninstalled Great Britain South to reinstall it from scratch but I still get the error message. All ORBX data is installed in my P3D directory and everyth
  11. Asturias released - downloaded and installed. I like the scenery very much - thanks to Mischa. I only noticed a few elevation problems in the harbour of San Esteban. The houses along the harbour and on the slope partly disappear half or completely into the ground. The altitude correction of Vector unfortunately did not help. This is not a bad thing and doesn't affect the airport either, so it's just "for the back of your head", so you might have to think about it during an update or patch.
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