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  1. Fantastic scenery! There's not much left for me as a harbour builder to do anymore.
  2. Very well done Alex. Phantastic work for a phantastic destination.
  3. Hi Frank, congratulations these buildings look very authentic for North German houses in the countryside.
  4. The same goes for me. FTXC tells me "there is no download available for this product."
  5. Hello Mohamed, you are right but it is for users who are not registered for the Open Beta and now looking in FTX Central for the airport and the patch nevertheless confusing. An indication in the release announcement of the patch would be very helpful.
  6. Have I overlooked something? Why a patch release for ESSA Dynamic Lightning for P3D V4, if ESSA is not yet capable of P3D V4? It's a little confusing if a patch is released for a software that is not yet officially available.
  7. The scenery looks very good. Very good work of developers and designers. But I would have a small point of criticism. The illumination of the Ulm Cathedral is too violent. It looks if the dome glows from the inside (almost like a volcano). I think it would be better (if possible) to illuminate it with Dynamic Lights from the outside for P3D V4 and for the earlier versions of P3D and FSX to reduce the luminosity in the LM file .
  8. This will certainly be a big hit for ORBX. Thank you for the first pictures Ian. I'm looking forward to your next picture series.
  9. Absolutely fantastic work and incredibly to build a whole city so detailed.
  10. The DA 42 is definitely not the right aircraft for wind speeds of 80 nm/h and above. Whether the S3 Viking could handle such weather conditions I do not know. PMDG I do not possess, since I am rather the bush pilot type than a sky bus driver In P3D V3 I use for the test flights the P-3C Orion and even with this special storm aircraft you must be infernal careful not to be blown from the runway and out of the sky. For P3D V4, I do not know an aircraft that would meet the requirements.
  11. Hi Ripcod, this project is currently frozen because I have no aircraft in P3D V4 wich can handel the hard weather conditions. So I can´t test in in the V4. For p3D V3 it is ready but I have not written the manuals yet, because I wanted publish it with the V4.
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